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Jazz Review A

Art Blakey / Holiday For Skins Volume 1
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / A Night At Birdland, Vol 1
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / A Night At Birdland, Vol 2
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Moanin'
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Au Club Saint-Germain 1958
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Au Club Saint-Germain Vol. 2
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Au Club Saint-Germain Vol. 3
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / The Big Beat
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / A Night In Tunisia
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / The Freedom Rider
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers ( Impulse )
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Mosaic
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Free for All
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Indestructible
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers / Blue Night
Art Blakey & The Afro-Drum Ensemble / The African Beat

Art Farmer / Early Art
Art Farmer / Farmer's Market
Art Farmer / Portrait of Art Farmer
Art Farmer / Modern Art
Art Farmer / Art
Art Farmer / On the Road
Art Farmer / The Summer Knows
Art Farmer Quartet featuring Jim Hall / To Sweden With Love
Art Farmer , Gigi Gryce / When Farmer Met Gryce
Art Farmer & Tommy Flanagan / Stablemates

Art Pepper / Modern Art
Art Pepper / Return of Art Pepper
Art Pepper / Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section
Art Pepper / Art Pepper + Eleven
Art Pepper / Gettin' Together
Art Pepper / Intensity
Art Pepper / Straight Life
Art Pepper / A Night in Tunisia
Art Pepper / Among Friends
Art Pepper / The Summer Knows
Art Pepper / Winter Moon

Jazz Review B

Barney Kessel / To Swing Or Not To Swing
Barney Kessel / On Fire
Barney Kessel / Guitarra (Kessel's Kit)
Barney Kessel / Live At Sometime
Barney Kessel with Sherry Manne and Ray Brown / The Poll Winners
Barney Kessel with Sherry Manne and Ray Brown / The Poll Winners Ride Again!

Bill Evans / Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Bill Evans / On Green Dolphin Street
Bill Evans / Portrait In Jazz
Bill Evans / Explorations
Bill Evans / Waltz for Debby
Bill Evans / How My Heart Sings!
Bill Evans / Interplay
Bill Evans / Empathy
Bill Evans / Time Remembered
Bill Evans / At Shelly's Manne Hole
Bill Evans / Trio 64
Bill Evans / Trio 65
Bill Evans / Bill Evans with Symphony Orchestra
Bill Evans / A Simple Matter of Conviction
Bill Evans / California, Here I Come
Bill Evans / Alone
Bill Evans / At The Montreux Jazz Festival
Bill Evans / The Bill Evans Album
Bill Evans / Serenity
Bill Evans / Symbiosis
Bill Evans / Re: Person I Knew
Bill Evans / Alone (Again)
Bill Evans / Since We Met
Bill Evans / Quintessence
Bill Evans / Crosscurrents
Bill Evans / I Will Say Goodbye
Bill Evans / You Must Believe In Spring
Bill Evans / The Paris Concert 1
Bill Evans / The Paris Concert 2
Bill Evans / Live at Lulu White's 1979
Bill Evans / We Will Meet Again
Bill Evans / Turn Out The Stars
Bill Evans / Consecration
Bill Evans Trio featuring Stan Getz / But Beautiful
Bill Evans with Jeremy Steig / What's New
Bill Evans , Jim Holl / Undercurrent
Bill Evans , Jim Holl / Intermodulation
Bill Evans , Toots Thielemans / Affinity

Bob Acri / Timeless - The Music Of Bob Acri
Bob Acri / Bob Acri

Brad Mehldau / Introducing Brad Mehldau
Brad Mehldau / The Art Of The Trio, Vol. 1
Brad Mehldau / Live At The Village Vanguard : Art of the Trio 2
Brad Mehldau / Songs : Art of the Trio 3
Brad Mehldau / Elegiac Cycle
Brad Mehldau / Back At The Vanguard : Art of the Trio 4
Brad Mehldau / Places
Brad Mehldau / Largo
Brad Mehldau / Highway Rider
Brad Mehldau Trio / Progression : Art of the Trio Vol. 5
Brad Mehldau Trio / Anything Goes
Brad Mehldau Trio / Day Is Done
Brad Mehldau Trio / House on Hill
Brad Mehldau Trio / Ode
Brad Mehldau Trio / Where Do You Start
Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau / Metheny Mehldau
Brad Mehldau & Kevin Hays / Mordern Music
Brad Mehldau / 10 Years Solo Live

Bud Powell / The Bud Powell Trio
Bud Powell / Jazz Giant
Bud Powell / The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1
Bud Powell / The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 2
Bud Powell / The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 3 : Bud!
Bud Powell / Strictly Powell
Bud Powell / Bud Plays Bird
Bud Powell / The Scene Changes
Bud Powell / Time Waits
Bud Powell / Blue Note Cafe, Paris
Bud Powell / Bud Powell in Paris

Jazz Review D

David Hazeltine / The Classic Trio
David Hazeltine / After Hours
David Hazeltine / How It Is
David Hazeltine / A World For Her
David Hazeltine / Blues Quarters Vol. 1
David Hazeltine / The Classic Trio Volume U
David Hazeltine / Senor Blues
David Hazeltine / Good Hearted People
David Hazeltine / The Classic Trio Meets Eric Alexander
David Hazeltine / Manhattan Autumn
David Hazeltine / Close To You
David Hazeltine / Alice In Wonderland
David Hazeltine / Modern Standards
David Hazeltine / Perambulation
David Hazeltine / Blues Quarters Vol.2
David Hazeltine / The Inspiration Suite
David Hazeltine / Inversions
David Hazeltine / The New Classic Trio
David Hazeltine Trio / Waltz for Debby
David Hazeltine Trio / Pearls
David Hazeltine Trio / Cleopatra's Dream
David Hazeltine Trio / Alfie
David Hazeltine , George Mraz Trio / Manhattan

Dexter Gordon / Daddy Plays the Horn
Dexter Gordon / Dexter Blows Hot and Cool
Dexter Gordon / Doin' Allright
Dexter Gordon / Dexter Calling
Dexter Gordon / Go!
Dexter Gordon / A Swingin' Affair
Dexter Gordon / Our Man in Paris
Dexter Gordon / One Flight Up
Dexter Gordon / Gettin' Around
Dexter Gordon / Biting The Apple
Dexter Gordon / Manhattan Symphonie

Donald Byrd / Off To The Races
Donald Byrd / Byrd in Hand
Donald Byrd / Fuego
Donald Byrd / The Cat Walk
Donald Byrd / Royal Flush
Donald Byrd / Free Form
Donald Byrd / Groovin' for Nat
Donald Byrd / A New Perspective
Donald Byrd / Mustang!
Donald Byrd / Blackjack
Donald Byrd / Slow Drag
Donald Byrd / Fancy Free
Donald Byrd / Electric Byrd
Donald Byrd / Ethiopian Knights
Donald Byrd / Street Lady
Donald Byrd / Black Byrd
Donald Byrd / Stepping into Tomorrow
Donald Byrd / Places and Spaces
Donald Byrd / Caricatures
Donald Byrd / Thank You...For F.U.M.L.

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

Duke Jordan / Trio And Quintet
Duke Jordan / Flight To Jordan
Duke Jordan / Flight To Denmark
Duke Jordan / Jealousy

Jazz Review E

Eddie Higgins / By Request
Eddie Higgins / Sweet Lorraine
Eddie Higgins / In Chicago
Eddie Higgins / Portrait in Black and White
Eddie Higgins with Strings / Moonlight Becomes You
Eddie Higgins Trio / Soulero
Eddie Higgins Trio / I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
Eddie Higgins Trio / Haunted Heart
Eddie Higgins Trio / Again
Eddie Higgins Trio / Don't Smoke In Bed
Eddie Higgins Trio / Bewiched
Eddie Higgins Trio / Dear Old Stockholm
Eddie Higgins Trio / You Don't Know What Love Is
Eddie Higgins Trio / If Dreams Come True
Eddie Higgins Trio / Christmas Songs
Eddie Higgins Trio / Amor
Eddie Higgins Trio / Christmas Songs II
Eddie Higgins Trio / A Fine Romance
Eddie Higgins Trio / A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
Eddie Higgins Trio / You Are Too Beautiful
Eddie Higgins Trio / Portraits Of Love
Eddie Higgins Quartet / When Your Lover Has Gone
Eddie Higgins Quartet / My Funny Valentine
Eddie Higgins Quintet / It's Magic
Eddie Higgins Quintet / A Handful Of Stars
Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton / My Foolish Heart

Eric Alexander / Up, Over & Out
Eric Alexander / In Europe
Eric Alexander / Man With A Horn
Eric Alexander / Mode For Mabes
Eric Alexander / The First Milestone
Eric Alexander / Alexander The Great
Eric Alexander / The Second Milestone
Eric Alexander / Summit Meeting
Eric Alexander / Nightlife in Tokyo
Eric Alexander / Dead Center
Eric Alexander / Its All In The Game
Eric Alexander / Temple of Olympic Zeus
Eric Alexander / Revival Of The Fittest
Eric Alexander / Don't Follow the Crowd
Eric Alexander / Touching
Eric Alexander Quartet / Heavy Hitters
Eric Alexander Quartet / Extra Innings
Eric Alexander Quartet / Gentle Ballads
Eric Alexander Quartet / Sunday In New York
Eric Alexander Quartet / Gentle Ballads II
Eric Alexander Quartet / My Favorite Things
Eric Alexander Quartet / Gentle Ballads III
Eric Alexander Quartet / Prime Time
Eric Alexander Quartet / Lazy Afternoon: Gentle Ballads W
Eric Alexander Quartet / Chim Chim Cheree
Eric Alexander Quartet / Blues At Midnight
Eric Alexander Quintet / New York Calling
Eric Alexander Quartet Quintet / Two Of A Kind
Eric Alexander Sextet / Full Range
Eric Alexander & Lin Halliday / Stablemates
Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring / The Battle : Live At Smoke
Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring / Friendly Fire : Live at Smoke

Eric Dolphy / Far Cry
Eric Dolphy / Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 1
Eric Dolphy / Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 2
Eric Dolphy / The Illinois Concert
Eric Dolphy / Out To Lunch

Erroll Garner / Erroll Garner Plays Misty
Erroll Garner / Concert By The Sea

Jazz Review F

Fernando Merlino Trio / 夜カフェ 〜 ジャズ

Fox Capture Plan / Trinity トリニティ
Fox Capture Plan / Bridge ブリッジ
Fox Capture Plan / Wall
Fox Capture Plan / Underground
Fox Capture Plan / Covermind
Fox Capture Plan / Butterfly

Franck Avitabile / In Tradition
Franck Avitabile / Right Time
Franck Avitabile / Bemsha Swing
Franck Avitabile / Short Stories
Franck Avitabile / Paris Sketches

福井亜実 ( 福井アミ ) / Urban Clutter
福井アミ ( 福井亜実 ) / Amizm
福井アミ ( 福井亜実 ) / New Journey

Jazz Review G

Georges Paczynski Trio / Generations
Georges Paczynski Trio / Presences
Georges Paczynski Trio / Le Carnet Inacheve

Gerry Mulligan / Gerry Mulligan Quartet
Gerry Mulligan / At Storyville
Gerry Mulligan / Mainstream Of Jazz
Gerry Mulligan / Night Lights
Gerry Mulligan , Paul Desmond / Blues In Time

Giovanni Mirabassi / Avanti!
Giovanni Mirabassi / Dal Vivo!
Giovanni Mirabassi / Prima o Poi
Giovanni Mirabassi / Cantopiano
Giovanni Mirabassi / Terra Furiosa
Giovanni Mirabassi / Out Of Track
Giovanni Mirabassi / Adelante
Giovanni Mirabassi , Flavio Boltro , Glenn Ferris / Air
Giovanni Mirabassi & Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio
Giovanni Mirabassi & Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio / C minor

Grant Green / Grant's First Stand
Grant Green / Green Street
Grant Green / Sunday Mornin'
Grant Green / Grantstand
Grant Green / Goin' West
Grant Green / Feelin' the Spirit
Grant Green / Am I Blue
Grant Green / Idle Moments
Grant Green / Talkin' About
Grant Green / Street Of Dreams
Grant Green / I Want to Hold Your Hand
Grant Green / Green is Beautiful

後藤浩二 / Reminiscence レミニッセンス
後藤浩二 / Hope ホープ
後藤浩二 / Ontology
後藤浩二トリオ / Azul

Jazz Review H

Hank Mobley / Hank Mobley Quartet
Hank Mobley / Hank Mobley Quintet
Hank Mobley / Hank
Hank Mobley / Hank Mobley
Hank Mobley / Poppin'
Hank Mobley / Peckin' Time
Hank Mobley / Soul Station
Hank Mobley / The Roll Call
Hank Mobley / Workout
Hank Mobley / Another Workout
Hank Mobley / No Room For Squares
Hank Mobley / Straight No Filter
Hank Mobley / Dippin'
Hank Mobley / A Caddy for Daddy
Hank Mobley / A Slice of the Top
Hank Mobley / Hi Voltage
Hank Mobley / Third Season
Hank Mobley / Reach Out
Hank Mobley / The Flip
Hank Mobley / Thinking of Home

Harry Allen / How Long Has This Been Going On
Harry Allen / Harry Allen Meets John Pizzarelli Trio
Harry Allen / Tenors Anyone
Harry Allen / Here's To Zoot
Harry Allen / I Won't Dance
Harry Allen / Day Dream
Harry Allen / Once Upon A Summertime
Harry Allen / Harry Allen plays Ellington Songs
Harry Allen / When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Harry Allen / Christmas In Swingtime
Harry Allen / Dreamer
Harry Allen / Cole Porter Songbook
Harry Allen / I Love Mancini
Harry Allen / I Can See Forever
Harry Allen / If Ever You Were Mine
Harry Allen / Plays The Hits Of Stage & Screen
Harry Allen / Isn't This A Lovely Day
Harry Allen / Recado Bossa Nova
Harry Allen / Viva! Bossa Nova
Harry Allen / New York State Of Mind
Harry Allen / 007 Songs
Harry Allen / Rhythm On The River
Harry Allen / Blue Bossa
Harry Allen Quartet / A Little Touch Of Harry
Harry Allen Quartet / For The King Of Swing
Harry Allen Quartet / I'll Remember April
Harry Allen Quartet / Blues For Pres And Teddy
Harry Allen Quintet / Down For The Count
Harry Allen featuring Scott Hamilton / Just You Just Me
Harry Allen featuring Scott Hamilton / Swing Brothers
Harry Allen & Scott Hamilton / Round Midnight
Harry Allen & Rossano Sportiello / Conversations
Harry Allen , Rossano Sportiello & Joel Forbes / I Walk With Music
Harry Allen, Keith Ingham Quintet / A Celebration Of Billy Strayhorn's Music, Vol 2

Herbie Hancock / Takin' Off
Herbie Hancock / My Point Of View
Herbie Hancock / Inventions And Dimensions
Herbie Hancock / Empyrean Isles
Herbie Hancock / Maiden Voyage
Herbie Hancock / Cantaloupe Island
Herbie Hancock / Speak Like A Child
Herbie Hancock / The Prisoner
Herbie Hancock / Fat Albert Rotunda
Herbie Hancock / Crossings
Herbie Hancock / Sextant
Herbie Hancock / Head Hunters
Herbie Hancock / Thrust
Herbie Hancock / Dedication
Herbie Hancock / Man-Child
Herbie Hancock / Flood
Herbie Hancock / Secrets
Herbie Hancock / The Herbie Hancock Trio 77
Herbie Hancock / V.S.O.P
Herbie Hancock / The Piano
Herbie Hancock / Sunlight
Herbie Hancock / Feets Don't Fail Me Now
Herbie Hancock / Directstep
Herbie Hancock / Monster
Herbie Hancock / Mr.Hands
Herbie Hancock / Herbie Hancock Trio 81
Herbie Hancock / Quartet
Herbie Hancock / Lite Me Up
Herbie Hancock / Future Shock
Herbie Hancock / Sound System
Herbie Hancock / Perfect Machine
Herbie Hancock / Live In New York
Herbie Hancock / Dis Is Da Drum
Herbie Hancock / The New Standard
Herbie Hancock / Gershwin's World
Herbie Hancock / Night Walker
Herbie Hancock / Future 2 Future
Herbie Hancock / Possibilities
Herbie Hancock / River : The Joni Letters
Herbie Hancock / The Imagine Project
Herbie Hancock / V.S.O.P. The Quintet
Herbie Hancock / A Tribute To Miles
Herbie Hancock / 1+ 1
Herbie Hancock , Michael Brecker , Roy Hargrove / Directions in Music

Horace Silver / Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers
Horace Silver / Horace Silver Trio
Horace Silver / 6 Pieces of Silver
Horace Silver / Silver's Blue
Horace Silver / The Stylings of Silver
Horace Silver / Further Explorations
Horace Silver / Finger Poppin'
Horace Silver / Blowin' the Blues Away
Horace Silver / Doin' The Thing
Horace Silver / The Tokyo Blues
Horace Silver / Paris Blues
Horace Silver / Silver's Serenade
Horace Silver / Song for My Father
Horace Silver / The Cape Verdean Blues
Horace Silver / The Jody Grind
Horace Silver / Serenade to a Soul Sister
Horace Silver / You Gotta Take a Little Love
Horace Silver / In Pursuit of the 27th Man
Horace Silver / The Hardbop Grandpop
Horace Silver Quintet / Horace-Scope

Jazz Review J

Jimmy Smith / Sermon
Jimmy Smith / Cool Blues
Jimmy Smith / Home Cookin
Jimmy Smith / Midnight Special
Jimmy Smith / The Cat
Jimmy Smith / Live at the Club Baby Grand vol.1
Jimmy Smith / Root Down

John Coltrane / Coltrane (Prestige 7105)
John Coltrane / Blue Train
John Coltrane / Lush Life
John Coltrane / Soultrane
John Coltrane / Bahia
John Coltrane / Settin' The Pace
John Coltrane / Last Trane
John Coltrane / Standard Coltrane
John Coltrane / Coltrane Time ( = Cecil Taylor [Hard Driving Jazz] )
John Coltrane / Giant Steps
John Coltrane / My Favorite Things
John Coltrane / Coltrane's Sound
John Coltrane / Live at The VillageVanguard
John Coltrane / Coltrane (Impulse)
John Coltrane / Ballads
John Coltrane / A Love Supreme
John Coltrane / Ascension
John Coltrane / Sun Ship
John Coltrane / Selflessness
John Coltrane / Crescent
John Coltrane With The Red Garland Trio / Traneing In
Kenny Burrell , John Coltrane / Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane
John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman

John Nakayama Trio / JNT
John Nakayama Trio / Forest of Darkness

Jazz Review K

Karel Boehlee Trio / Romeo and Juliet
Karel Boehlee Trio / Silent Nocturne
Karel Boehlee Trio / Dear Old Stockholm
Karel Boehlee Trio / Blue Prelude
Karel Boehlee Trio / Last Tango In Paris
Karel Boehlee Trio / Midnght Blue
Karel Boehlee Trio / Love Dance
Karel Boehlee Trio / Secret Life
Karel Boehlee Trio / Luiza

Kazumi Tateishi Trio ( 立石一海 ) / GHIBLI meets Jazz 〜 Beautiful Songs
Kazumi Tateishi Trio ( 立石一海 ) / GHIBLI meets Jazz 〜 Memorable Songs
Kazumi Tateishi Trio ( 立石一海 ) / Smile 〜Beautiful Songs in Jazz 〜
Kazumi Tateishi Trio ( 立石一海 ) / ANIME meets JAZZ
Kazumi Tateishi Trio ( 立石一海 ) / CINEMA meets JAZZ ひこうき雲

Kenny Burrell / Introducing Kenny Burrell
Kenny Burrell / Kenny Burrell Vol.2 (BlueNote 1543)
Kenny Burrell / Jazzmen Detroit
Kenny Burrell / Blue Lights Volume 1
Kenny Burrell / Blue Lights Volume 2
Kenny Burrell / On View At The Five Spot Cafe
Kenny Burrell / Midnight Blue
Kenny Burrell / Soul Call
Kenny Burrell / Guitar Forms
Kenny Burrell / Blues The Common Ground
Kenny Burrell / Round Midnight
Kenny Burrell / Handcrafted
Kenny Burrell / Listen To the Dawn
Kenny Burrell / Lotus Blossom
Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith / Blue Bash!

Kenny Dorham / Kenny Dorham Quintet
Kenny Dorham / Afro-Cuban
Kenny Dorham / Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia
Kenny Dorham / Jazz Contrasts
Kenny Dorham / 2 Horns , 2 Rhythm
Kenny Dorham / This Is the Moment!
Kenny Dorham / Blue Spring
Kenny Dorham / Quiet Kenny
Kenny Dorham / Jazz Contemporary
Kenny Dorham / Showboat
Kenny Dorham / Whistle Stop
Kenny Dorham / Inta Somethin'
Kenny Dorham / Matador
Kenny Dorham / Una Mas
Kenny Dorham / Trompeta Toccata

桑原あい トリオ・プロジェクト / From Here To There
桑原あい トリオ・プロジェクト / The Sixth Sense
桑原あい トリオ・プロジェクト / The Window
桑原あい トリオ・プロジェクト / Love Theme

纐纈歩美 / Struttin'
纐纈歩美 / Daybreak
纐纈歩美 / Rainbow Tales
纐纈歩美 / Brooklyn Purple
纐纈歩美 / Balladist
纐纈歩美 / Art

Jazz Review L

Lee Morgan / Lee Morgan Indeed!
Lee Morgan / Introducing Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan / Vol. 2
Lee Morgan / Vol. 3
Lee Morgan / City Lights
Lee Morgan / Cooker
Lee Morgan / Candy
Lee Morgan / Here's Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan / The Young Lions
Lee Morgan / Expoobident
Lee Morgan / Lee-Way
Lee Morgan / Take Twelve
Lee Morgan / The Sidewinder
Lee Morgan / Search For The New Land
Lee Morgan / Tom Cat
Lee Morgan / The Rumproller
Lee Morgan / The Gigolo
Lee Morgan / Cornbread
Lee Morgan / Infinity
Lee Morgan / Delightfulee
Lee Morgan / Charisma
Lee Morgan / Standards
Lee Morgan / Sonic Boom
Lee Morgan / The Procrastinator
Lee Morgan / The Sixth Sense
Lee Morgan / Taru
Lee Morgan / Caramba
Lee Morgan / Live at the Lighthouse
Lee Morgan / The Last Session

Logan Richardson / Cerebral Flow

Jazz Review M

Magnus Hjorth / Plastic Moon
Magnus Hjorth Trio / Logo Motif
Magnus Hjorth Trio / Old New Borrowed Blue
Magnus Hjorth Trio / Gershwin with Strings
Magnus Hjorth Trio / Blue Interval

Manami Morita / Colors
Manami Morita / For You
Manami Morita / I am
Manami Morita / When Skies Are Grey
Manami Morita / Naked Conversation

Massimo Farao Trio / Jazz Lounge: Cinematic 1
Massimo Farao Trio / Jazz Lounge: Cinematic 2
Massimo Farao Trio / Romantic Melody
Massimo Farao Trio / Cartoons In Jazz
Massimo Farao Trio / Italian Barista
Massimo Farao Trio / Luiza

Michel Petrucciani / Michel Petrucciani
Michel Petrucciani / Estate
Michel Petrucciani / Oracle's Destiny
Michel Petrucciani / Live at the Village Vanguard
Michel Petrucciani / Power Of Three
Michel Petrucciani / Michel Plays Petrucciani
Michel Petrucciani / Music
Michel Petrucciani / Playground
Michel Petrucciani / Promenade With Duke
Michel Petrucciani / Marvellous
Michel Petrucciani / Both Worlds
Michel Petrucciani, Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson / Trio in Tokyo
Michel Petrucciani , Ron McClure / Cold Blues
Petrucciani Trio / Darn That Dream

Miles Davis / [ Discography ]

Moonlight Jazz Blue / カフェで流れるジャズピアノ Best40

松尾明 / I Didn't Know About You
松尾明トリオ / Alone Together
松尾明トリオ / Besame Mucho
松尾明トリオ / Meet Me In Paris
松尾明トリオ / Easter Parade
松尾明ニュー・フロンティア・クインテット / The Snapper

宮川 純 / いつか王子様が
宮川 純 / I Think So
宮川 純 / The Way

宮下博行トリオ / Looking For The Stars
宮下博行トリオ / Horizon

Jazz Review N

New York Trio / Blues In The Night
New York Trio / The Things We Did Last Summer
New York Trio / Love You Madly
New York Trio / Stairway To The Stars
New York Trio / Begin The Beguine
New York Trio / Thou Swell
New York Trio / Always

Jazz Review O

Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Plays Pretty
Oscar Peterson / In a Romantic Mood
Oscar Peterson / The Jazz Soul Of Oscar Peterson
Oscar Peterson / Plays The Jerome Kern Song Book
Oscar Peterson / Plays the Cole Porter Song Book
Oscar Peterson / Plays the Harold Arlen Song Book
Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Plays Porgy & Bess
Oscar Peterson / Plays the George Gershwin Songbook
Oscar Peterson / Girl Talk
Oscar Peterson / Soul Espanol
Oscar Peterson / The Way I Really Play
Oscar Peterson / My Favorite Instrument
Oscar Peterson / Motions & Emotions
Oscar Peterson / Tracks
Oscar Peterson / We Get Requests Again [ Best Of ]
Oscar Peterson Trio / Night Train
Oscar Peterson Trio / We Get Requests
Oscar Peterson Trio with Herb Ellis / Hello Herbie
Oscar Peterson / The Trio オスカーピーターソン・トリオの真髄
Oscar Peterson Trio with Milt Jackson / Very Tall
Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle
Oscar Peterson & Joe Pass / Porgy And Bess

大石学 / Tosca
大石学 / Water Mirror
大石学トリオ / Tears Rained Down 〜雨〜
大石学トリオ / Painted Desert
大石学トリオ / Half Step
大石学トリオ / Nebula
大石学トリオ / Seasons Return くり返されること
大石学トリオ / Voyager
大石学トリオ / Wish
大石学トリオ / Gift
大石学トリオ / Eternal

大林武司トリオ / Manhattan

小曽根 真 / Ozone
小曽根 真 / After
小曽根 真 / Now You Know
小曽根 真 / Spring Is Here
小曽根 真 / Starlight
小曽根 真 / Paradise Wings
小曽根 真 / Walk Alone
小曽根 真 / Breakout
小曽根 真 / Nature Boys
小曽根 真 / Falling In Love Again
小曽根 真 / Ballads
小曽根 真 / Road To Chopin
小曽根 真 トリオ / The Trio
小曽根 真 トリオ / Three Wishes
小曽根 真 トリオ / Dear Oscar
小曽根 真 トリオ / No Strings Attached
小曽根 真 トリオ / Pandora
小曽根 真 トリオ / So Many Colors
小曽根 真 トリオ / Treasure
小曽根 真 トリオ / Reborn
小曽根 真 トリオ / New Spirit 新世界
小曽根 真 トリオ / Real
小曽根 真 トリオ / My Witch's Blue
The Trio 小曽根 真, James Genus, Clarence Penn / First Decade
小曽根真 フィーチャリング No Name Horses / Jungle
小曽根真 & ゲイリー・バートン / Time Thread

Jazz Review P

Philippe Baden Powell Trio / 夜カフェ 〜 メロウ・ボッサ

Phineas Newborn Jr / Here Is Phineas
Phineas Newborn Jr / A World of Piano!
Phineas Newborn Jr / Harlem Blues
Phineas Newborn Jr / Solo Piano

Jazz Review R

Rasmus Faber / プラチナ・ジャズ 〜アニメ・スタンダード Vol.1
Rasmus Faber / プラチナ・ジャズ 〜アニメ・スタンダード Vol.2
Rasmus Faber / プラチナ・ジャズ アニメ・スタンダード Vol.3

Red Garland / A Garland of Red
Red Garland / Red Garland's Piano
Red Garland / The P.C. Blues
Red Garland / Groovy
Red Garland / It's a Blue World
Red Garland / Manteca
Red Garland / Can't See For Lookin'
Red Garland / All Kinds of Weather
Red Garland / The Nearness of You
Red Garland / When There Are Grey Skies

Robert Glasper / Canvas
Robert Glasper / In My Element
Robert Glasper / Double Booked
Robert Glasper Trio / Mood
Robert Glasper / Covered

Robert Lakatos Trio / So In Love
Robert Lakatos Trio / Never Let Me
Robert Lakatos Trio / You And The Night And The Music
Robert Lakatos Trio / But Not For Me
Robert Lakatos Trio / Bumerang
Robert Lakatos Trio / Robithology
Robert Lakatos Trio / Sepia

Jazz Review S

Serge Delaite Trio / Lookin'Up
Serge Delaite Trio / Brazilian Like
Serge Delaite Trio / French Cookin'
Serge Delaite Trio / Swingin' Three
Serge Delaite Trio / Comme Bach …
Serge Delaite Trio / Time After Time
Serge Delaite Trio / Little Peace
Serge Delaite Trio / Macaron Jazz
Serge Delaite Trio / Bien Sur
Serge Delaite Trio invite Marcel Azzola / Paris
Serge Delaite with Alain Bruel / D'accord
Serge Delaite & Tony Petrucciani / Avec Plaisir

Sonny Clark / Dial S For Sonny
Sonny Clark / Sonny's Crib
Sonny Clark / Cool Struttin'
Sonny Clark / My Conception
Sonny Clark / Leapin' and Lopin'
Sonny Clark Trio / Sonny Clark Trio [ Blue Note ]
Sonny Clark Trio / Sonny Clark Trio [ Time ]

Sonny Rollins / Moving Out
Sonny Rollins / Worktime
Sonny Rollins / Plus Four
Sonny Rollins / Tenor Madness
Sonny Rollins / Saxophone Colossus
Sonny Rollins / Rollins Plays For Bird
Sonny Rollins / Sonny Boy
Sonny Rollins / Vol. 1
Sonny Rollins / Way Out West
Sonny Rollins / Vol. 2
Sonny Rollins / The Sound Of Sonny
Sonny Rollins / Newk's Time
Sonny Rollins / A Night At The Village Vanguard
Sonny Rollins / Freedom Suite
Sonny Rollins / Sonny Rollins and The Contemporary Leaders
Sonny Rollins / The Bridge
Sonny Rollins / What's New
Sonny Rollins / The Quartets Featuring Jim Hall
Sonny Rollins / The Standard Sonny Rollins
Sonny Rollins / Sonny Rollins on Impulse!
Sonny Rollins / Alfie
Sonny Rollins / East Broadway Run Down
Sonny Rollins / Next Album
Sonny Rollins / Horn Culture
Sonny Rollins / The Cutting Edge
Sonny Rollins / Nucleus
Sonny Rollins / The Way I Feel
Sonny Rollins / Easy Living
Sonny Rollins / Don't Stop The Carnival
Sonny Rollins / Don't Ask
Sonny Rollins / Love At First Sight
Sonny Rollins / No Problem
Sonny Rollins / Sunny Days, Starry Nights
Sonny Rollins / G-Man
Sonny Rollins / Dancing In The Dark
Sonny Rollins / Falling In Love With Jazz
Sonny Rollins / Here's To The People
Sonny Rollins / Old Flames
Sonny Rollins / +3
Sonny Rollins / Global Warming
Sonny Rollins / This Is What I Do
Sonny Rollins / Without a Song
Sonny Rollins / Sonny, Please
Sonny Rollins , Coleman Hawkins / Sonny Meets Hawk!

The Spheres / ライヴ・イン・大阪

Stan Getz / Stan Getz Quartets
Stan Getz / Stan Getz Plays
Stan Getz / Captain Marvel
Stan Getz , Joao Gilberto / Getz , Gilberto
Stan Getz & Kenny Barron / People Time

Steve Kuhn / Watch What Happens
Steve Kuhn / Ecstasy
Steve Kuhn / Trance
Steve Kuhn / The Vanguard Date
Steve Kuhn / Mostly Ballads
Steve Kuhn / Year's Later
Steve Kuhn / Seasons Of Romance
Steve Kuhn / Remembering Tomorrow
Steve Kuhn / In Cafe
Steve Kuhn / Porgy
Steve Kuhn / Oceans In The Sky
Steve Kuhn / Dedication
Steve Kuhn / Countdown
Steve Kuhn / The Best Thing
Steve Kuhn / Pastorale = Album [Waltz Red Side]
Steve Kuhn Trio / Three Waves
Steve Kuhn Trio / Life's Magic
Steve Kuhn Trio / Looking Back
Steve Kuhn Trio / Sing Me Softly Of The Blues
Steve Kuhn Trio / Love Walked In
Steve Kuhn Trio / Quiereme Mucho
Steve Kuhn Trio / Temptation
Steve Kuhn Trio / Waltz Red Side
Steve Kuhn Trio / Waltz Blue Side
Steve Kuhn Trio / Easy To Love
Steve Kuhn Trio / Pavane For A Dead Princess
Steve Kuhn Trio / Live at Birdland
Steve Kuhn Trio / Plays Standards
Steve Kuhn Trio / Baubles, Bangles And Beads
Steve Kuhn Trio / Mostly Coltrane
Steve Kuhn Trio / I Will Wait For You
Steve Kuhn Trio / Wisteria
Steve Kuhn with Strings / Promises Kept
Steve Kuhn & Gary McFarland / October Suite
Steve Kuhn, Aldo Romano, Steve Swallow/ Childhood is Forever
Steve Kuhn , Steve Swallow / Two by Two
Steve Kuhn / At This Time

佐伯真梨 / Annabelle
佐伯真梨トリオ / Rain Grass

妹尾美里 / Rosebud ローズバッド
妹尾美里 / LaVie ラヴィ
妹尾美里 / HANA ハナ 〜シャット・トリコール〜
妹尾美里 / Avec U アヴェック・ユー

Jazz Review T

Terence Blanchard / Terence Blanchard
Terence Blanchard / The Billie Holiday Songbook
Terence Blanchard / The Heart Speaks
Terence Blanchard / Jazz in Film
Terence Blanchard / Bounce
Terence Blanchard / Let's Get Lost: The Songs Of Jimmy McHugh
Terence Blanchard / Flow
Terence Blanchard / A Tale Of God's Will
Terence Blanchard / Choices
Terence Blanchard, etc / Monterey Jazz Festival 50th Anniversary All-Stars

Thelonious Monk / Unique Thelonious Monk
Thelonious Monk / Brilliant Corners
Thelonious Monk / Monk's Music
Thelonious Monk / Thelonious Alone in San Francisco
Thelonious Monk / Solo Monk
Thelonious Monk Quartet / Monk's Dream

Thierry Lang / Child's Memories
Thierry Lang / Private Garden
Thierry Lang / Echoes Of Silence
Thierry Lang / Thierry Lang (ティエリー・ラングの世界)
Thierry Lang / Nan
Thierry Lang / Guide Me Home
Thierry Lang / La Part Des Anges
Thierry Lang / Dedicated to You
Thierry Lang / Lyoba
Thierry Lang / Lyoba 2
Thierry Lang / Lyoba Revisited
Thierry Lang / Night Wind
Thierry Lang / Serenity
Thierry Lang Trio / Between A Smile And Tears
Thierry Lang Trio / The Blue Peach
Thierry Lang Trio / Reflections I
Thierry Lang Trio / Reflections U
Thierry Lang Trio / Reflections III
Thierry Lang featuring David Linx / Colors Of Time

Thomas Fink Trio / My Romance
Thomas Fink Trio / Time To Smile

Tizian Jost Trio / Our Reflections
Tizian Jost Trio / Plays Jobim
Tizian Jost Trio / The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Tizian Jost Trio / We Will Meet Again
Tizian Jost Trio / United In The Big Blue さよならの記憶

Tonu Naissoo Trio / With A Song In My Heart
Tonu Naissoo Trio / You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Tonu Naissoo Trio / Estonian Wind
Tonu Naissoo Trio / For Now And Forever
Tonu Naissoo Trio / Relaxin' At The Viru
Tonu Naissoo Trio / Blue Pearl
Tonu Naissoo Trio / My Back Pages
Tonu Naissoo Trio / Fire
Tonu Naissoo Piano Solo / Alone

Triosence / First Enchantment
Triosence / Away For A While
Triosence / When You Come Home
Triosence / Turning Points

田窪寛之トリオ / Tone Painting
田窪寛之トリオ / Waltz For Debby

外山安樹子 / Lilac Songbook
外山安樹子トリオ / All Is In The Sky
外山安樹子トリオ / Ambition
外山安樹子トリオ / Nobody Goes Away

Jazz Review U

上原ひろみ / Another Mind アナザー・マインド
上原ひろみ / Brain ブレイン
上原ひろみ / Spiral スパイラル
上原ひろみ / Place To Be プレイス・トゥ・ビー
上原ひろみ / Voice ヴォイス
上原ひろみ / Move ムーヴ
上原ひろみ / Alive
上原ひろみ / Spark
上原ひろみ Hiromi's Sonicbloom / Time Control タイム・コントロール
上原ひろみ Hiromi's Sonicbloom / Beyond Standard ビヨンド・スタンダード
Chick Corea & 上原ひろみ / Duet デュエット
Stanley Clarke Trio with Hiromi(上原ひろみ) & Lenny White / Jazz In The Garden
Stanley Clarke / The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi(上原ひろみ) with Ruslan & Ronald Bruner Jr

Jazz Review V

Vladimir Shafranov Trio / White Nights
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / Movin' Vova!
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / Portrait in Music
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / Russian Lullaby
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / Kids Are Pretty People
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / New York Revisited
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / East To Love
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / I'll Close My Eyes
Vladimir Shafranov Trio / Whisper Not

Jazz Review W

Wes Montgomery / Incredible Jazz Guitar
Wes Montgomery / Full House
Wes Montgomery / California Dreaming
Wes Montgomery / A Day in the Life
Wes Montgomery / Road Song

Wynton Kelly / Piano
Wynton Kelly / Kelly Great
Wynton Kelly / Kelly at Midnight
Wynton Kelly / Wynton Kelly 枯葉
Wynton Kelly / Someday My Prince Will Come
Wynton Kelly / It's All Right!
Wynton Kelly / Undiluted , It's All Right
Wynton Kelly Trio / Full View
Wynton Kelly Trio & Sextet / Kelly Blue
Wynton Kelly Trio & Wes Montgomery / Smokin' at the Half Note

Jazz Review Y

山中千尋 / Outside By The Swing
山中千尋 / Lach Doch Mal
山中千尋 / Abyss
山中千尋 / After Hours
山中千尋 / Bravogue
山中千尋 / Runnin' Wild
山中千尋 / Forever Begins
山中千尋 / Reminiscence
山中千尋 / Still Working
山中千尋 / Because
山中千尋 / After Hours 2
山中千尋 / Molto Cantabile
山中千尋 / Somethin' Blue
山中千尋トリオ / Living Without Friday
山中千尋トリオ / When October Goes
山中千尋トリオ / Madrigal

Jazz Review Vocal

Diana Krall / Stepping Out
Diana Krall / Only Trust Your Heart
Diana Krall / All For You
Diana Krall / Love Scenes
Diana Krall / When I Look In Your Eyes
Diana Krall / The Look Of Love
Diana Krall / Live In Paris
Diana Krall / The Girl In The Other Room
Diana Krall / Christmas Songs
Diana Krall / From This Moment On
Diana Krall / Quiet Nights
Diana Krall / Wallflower

Halie Loren / 青い影 They Oughta Write a Song
Halie Loren / Stages
Halie Loren / After Dark アフター・ダーク
Halie Loren / Heart First ハート・ファースト
Halie Loren / Simply Love シンプリー・ラヴ
Halie Loren & Matt Treder / Many Times, Many Ways クリスマス・コレクション
Halie Loren / Butterfly Blue バタフライ・ブルー

Norah Jones / Come Away With Me
Norah Jones / Feels Like Home
Norah Jones / Not Too Late
Norah Jones / The Fall
Norah Jones / Featuring Norah Jones ノラ・ジョーンズの自由時間
Norah Jones / Little Broken Hearts