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Oscar Peterson
We Get Requests Again [ Best Of ]

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          Oscar Peterson Piano  
  We Get Requests Again [ Best Of ]   (1959-68Recording)/2004Universal[Japan]  
          プリーズ・リクエスト・アゲイン Bass-Ray Brown, Sam Jones, Drums-Ed Thigpen, Bobby Durham, Louis Hayes  
          JCK77fYS JBF74S- JKB>KC74S!- JBK74fS- JBC71qS- JFC69YYS- JKN><KC65S- JBF80fyLcs JKR><BF75LS! JFC><B67S-  
          JB77- JBR>RF77S- JBF80cs JKB>KC74LS- JFC75YLS/ JFB75yS JBKN><B71q        
   1959〜1968年のアルバムから選曲されたベスト盤。 リズミカルなピアノタッチでクールな曲や軽快な曲など。  
    1 Fly Me To The Moon        
    2 Satin Doll        
    3 The Shadow Of Your Smile      
    4 Stella By Starlight        
    5 Night Train        
    6 Liza          
    7 Maidens Of Cadiz        
    8 Alice In Wonderland        
    9 Girl Talk          
    10 Something's Coming        
    11 Wheatland        
    12 Waltz For Debby        
    13 The Days Of Wine And Roses      
    14 Autumn Leaves        
    15 Billy Boy        
    16 Take The "A" Train        
    17 Hymn To Freedom        
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after