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New York Trio

全曲点数評価 [ 曲調記号 + 点数 ]
          New York Trio Piano Trio  
  Always     2008Venus[Japan] . Piano-Bill Charlap, Bass-Jay Leonhart  
          オールウェイズ 紙ジャケ\1500盤           Drums-Bill Stewart,  Music Of "Irving Berlin"  
          JKR85NS JFB80S JBR85S JB80S JCB77S JBF80S JKR80S in>JBF80S JBF80S! JBK77S/  
    1. Always          
    2. To Cheek        
    3. They Say It’s Wonderful      
    4. I Got The Sun In The Morning      
    5. How Deep Is The Ocean      
    6. Change Partners        
    7. What’ll I Do        
    8. Isn’t This A Lovely Day      
    9. The Song Is Ended        
    10. Russian Lullaby        
    Compose by Irving Berlin        
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after