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Easter Parade イースター・パレード

全曲点数評価 [ 曲調記号 + 点数 ]
          松尾明トリオ [Japan] . Drums  
          Akira Matsuo Trio    
  Easter Parade     2013Terashima[Japan] . Piano-安井さち子, Bass-高瀬裕  
          JCK90YS JCK85fyS><Y JCB><CF85yS JBF80S JCF80yS JCK80 JBF85fS JFC80yS JCB><CF85YS JBR80S  
          JCK80fS JKB85S 2rJCK85fyS                
    1. Modal Mood (Kenny Drew)         
    2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Sigmund Romberg)     
    3. Blues On The Edge  (Lafayette Harris Jr.)       
    4. Easter Parade (Irving Berlin)         
    5. Green Chimneys (Thelonious Monk)       
    6. Gray Lady (松尾明)           
    7. When You Are Smiling (Larry Shay)       
    8. Coincidence Calypso (Tim Richards)       
    9. Taken By Force (Eric Byrd)         
    10. Lilacs In The Rain (Peter DeRose)       
    11. Lack Of Intelligence (Igor Prochazka)       
    12. I'm Free Again (Michel Sardaby)         
    13. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Sigmund Romberg)     
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