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Magnus Hjorth Trio
Gershwin with Strings

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          Magnus Hjorth Trio Piano  
  Gershwin with Strings     2011Cloud・バウンディ[Japan] . Bass-Petter Eldh, Drums-Snorre Kirk  
          ガーシュイン       Violin-Annasara Lundgren, Tove Wadenius, Viola-Daniel Eklund, Cello-Karin Vettefors  
          JBR85hS JCB><FB80yS JCK><BF77hS JKR77hNS JKB75hS JCB><BR75S in>JBC77fS in>JB77hS JBF>C77fhS    
    1. Bess, You Is My Woman Now      
    2. I Got Rhythm        
    3. It Ain’t Necessarily So      
    4. Someone To Watch Over Me      
    5. My Man’s Gone Now        
    6. Swanee          
    7. Fascinating Rhythm        
    8. They Can’t Take That Away From Me    
    9. Nice Work If You Can Get It      
    Composed by George Gershwin      
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