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Harry Allen
I Love Mancini アイ・ラヴ・マンシーニ

全曲点数評価 [ 曲調記号 + 点数 ]
          Harry Allen Tenor Sax  
  I Love Mancini     2002BMG Funhouse[Japan] . 映画音楽家のHenry Mancini 曲集  
          JRF80hcs JKC69fhycs JRF85hcs JB77hcs JK69hcs JBF69cs JBR80hcs JBR85hcs JKB69hcs JFC75hycs  
          JKR85hcs JBK77hcs                  
    1. Breakfast at Tiffany's      
    2. Charade        
    3. Dear Heart      
    4. Days of Wine and Roses    
    5. Shadow of Paris      
    6. Send a Little Love My Way    
    7. Moon River      
    8. Too Little Time      
    9. Whistling Away the Dark    
    10. Mr. Lucky      
    11. Dreamsville      
    12. Two for the Road       
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after