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Fox Capture Plan

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          Fox Capture Plan [Japan] . Club Jazz Piano Trio  
  Butterfly 2015Playwright . Piano-岸本亮, Bass-カワイヒデヒロ, Drums-井上司  
          バタフライ 3曲目のプロモーション・ビデオ YouTube Violin-雨宮麻未子, 須原杏(1-3), Viola-角谷奈緒子(1-3), Cello-松尾佳奈, Sax-菊地成孔(4)  
          in JBC85fdyh JCB90fdhy JCF80d JCB85 JBC85f JKC80 JC>BC80f JKC>CB80f JBK77  
    1. the beginning of …    
    2. the last story of the myth  
    3. Butterfly Effect    
    4. 混沌と創造の幾何学    
    5. …with wind    
    6. inchoate      
    7. Plug In Baby    
    8. Kaleidoscope    
    9. In the darkness    
    10. Christmas comes to our place  
    11. Supersonic    
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after