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Duke Jordan

全曲点数評価 [ 曲調記号 + 点数 ]
          Duke Jordan Piano  
  Jealousy       (1983Recording)/2000M&I[Japan] . Bass-Jesper Lundgaard, Drums-Ed Thingpen  
          ジェラシー                                                         Violin-Christian Jorgensen(10)  
          JKC69S JKC><RF65S JBR77S JCK67y JCK><BF59! IKC53 JB77 JBK74S JCK69S JFC71fS  
    1. Lullaby of the Leaves          
    2. Jealousy - Kiss of Spain        
    3. Don't Blame Me          
    4. Call Me to Your Arms          
    5. Night Train from Snekkersten        
    6. Belly Roll Blues          
    7. Annelise            
    8. How Deep Is the Ocean        
    9. Chocolate Shake          
    10. Au Privave          
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after