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Bud Powell
The Bud Powell Trio (パド・パウエルの芸術)

全曲点数評価 [ 曲調記号 + 点数 ]
          Bud Powell Piano  
  The Bud Powell Trio     1947,1953Roost . 1947Recording(1-8): Bass-Curly Russell, Drums-Max Roach  
          パド・パウエルの芸術                          1953Recording(9-16): Bass-George Duvivier, Drums-Art Taylor  
          JBF65S-- JFC65yS!-- JBF65S!-- JBR65S-- JFC65YY!-- JCB65yS--/ JFC65YYS--/ JKR65S-- JBK65NS-- JCB65--  
          JBC65fS-- JKB65S-- JCK65S/-- JKR65NS-- JKR65S--/ JFC65yS!--          
    音質が悪過ぎ。 蓄音機から鳴っているよう。 前半の8曲目までの40年代録音は明るい曲が中心でノリノリで活きよい良く弾いてるのは分かる。  
    絶好調といった感じ。 9曲目以降の53年録音も音質悪し。  
    1. I'll Remember April (De Paul, Johnston, Raye)       
    2. Indiana (Hanley, MacDonald)         
    3. Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin, MacDonald, De Sylva)     
    4. I Should Care (Stordahl, Weston, Cahn)       
    5. Bud's Bubble (Bud Powell)        
    6. Off Minor (Monk)          
    7. Nice Work If You Can Get It (Gershwin, Gershwin)     
    8. Everything Happens to Me (Dennis, Adair)      
    9. Embraceable You (Gershwin, Gershwin)       
    10. Burt Covers Bud (Bud Powell)        
    11. My Heart Stood Still (Rodgers, Hart)       
    12. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (Porter)       
    13. Bags' Groove (Jackson)        
    14. My Devotion (Hillman, Napton)         
    15. Stella by Starlight (Young)        
    16. Woody'n You (Gillespie)         
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after