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          Wayne Shorter TenorSax            
          Speak No Evil     1965/1999Blue Note  
          in>JBC80 JKC80 JKR><BC80 JBC85f JKB80N JB>BC85f 3r        
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  U       Ulf Wakenius Guitar  
      Forever You
  Forever You     Piano-Karsten Dahl, Bass-Lars Danielsson, Drums-Morten Lund  
          in>IRK75NS KC65 IBR75S! IBK74NS IKB65S! IRK74N! IKB71S IKB74Ns IKR69NS    
  Notes from the Heart : Music of Keith Jarrett 2006ACT. Piano&Bass&Cello-Lars Danielsson, Drums-Morten Lund  
      Love Is Real
  Love is Real     2008ACT . Music of [ e.s.t ] . Piano-Lars Jansson, Bass&Cello-Lars Danielsson  
                Drums-Morten Lund, Violin-Bernie Mallinger, etc, Trumpet-Till Bronner(1), Paolo Fresu(11), etc  
          B71S BC>CB65tS RK75NS IB74S IB77S IRK71NS in>IBF63S ICR>RK67S IC63>75yS IRK65NS  
          Ulf Wakenius & Eric Wakenius Guitar-Ulf Wakenius / Guitar-Eric Wakenius  
          ウルフ・ワケーニウス  & エリック・ワケーニウス    
  Father And Son   2017ActMusic. Duo Album  
          FB65s// CK65y IK69NS CB61m IBR71Ncs ICB69Y IRK65NS ICK65yS IKC65s B67Ms  
          BF69fs CB65Ms                  
          Ulysses Owens Jr Drums  
  Unanimous   2012CrissCross. Trumpet-Nicholas Payton(1-5), Bass-Christian McBride(9Compose)  
                        Trombone-Michael Dease(1,2)(1Compose), Sax-Jaleel Shaw(1,2,5,6), etc  
          JBC74f in>JB74S in>JCK>CF69S JRB>B74s JKC74qS JCK><CB63 JBF71S JFC65yS>Y JBC69q    
          Umberto Napolitano Trio Piano  
  Eos       2005YVP . Bass-Toni Armetta, Drums-Francesco De Rubeis  
          JBC74fy JCB75 JB>RF80 JBF75f JBR75S JBC74f JBK74N JCB74Y      
          Upper Left Trio Piano Trio  
  Sell Your Soul Side     2006Origin . Piano-Clay Giberson(1,3,4,5,8Compose), Bass-Jeff Leonard(6,7,9Compose)  
                            Drums-Charlie Doggett  
          JC77y JBR80s JCy><BK80 JRK>KC><CB80 JRKN><B75q JRK80 JBC><CB75f JBKN>BF>CB77 JKR77N    
  Three       2007Origin . Piano-Clay Giberson(1,2,5,10,11,13Compose), Bass-Jeff Leonard(3,9,12Compose)  
                            Drums-Charlie Doggett  
          JBK>CK80y JRC74/ JCK>CB74f JCK>CB71qS JKC>CB>CF69 JB61/ JB><BC63S JKC><CB59 JRK>CB71 JCB>CF77y  
          JRC>CB75y JRC>BC80 JRK77N                
          Uri Gurvich Alto Sax & Soprano Sax  
  Kinship     2017JazzFamily . Piano-Leo Genovese, Bass-Peter Slavov, Drums-Francisco Mela  
  mp3              Vocal-Bernardo Palombo(3)  
        JCK71 JCK65f JK61M JCB69Y JB74mS JCK65myS JRK65N JCB65dy in>JCK65y in  
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          植田典子トリオ [Japan] . Bass  
          Noriko Ueda    
  Debut   2015Terasima[Japan] . Piano-Ted Rosenthal, Drums-Quincy Davis  
          JCF77S JK75S JFB80S JCK80>Y JK>KC77S JFC75YYS JRF85S JKR80NS JFC80yS    
          上原ひろみ / Hiromi     [Japan] . Piano  
          Uehara Hiromi    
  Another Mind     2003Telarc . Jacket Design <UK>≠<Japan> . Sax-Jim Odgren, Guitar-Dave Fiuczynski  
          アナザー・マインド (Hybrid SACD) (Hybrid SACD)                     Bass-Mitch Cohn, Anthony Jackson, Drums-Dave DiCenso  
          CF69dYY CF><C><CR65dY CB74 JB>BC74q DC><Y><JCB67 JKF><RK><CF74 JCF75y><Y in>CB><RC><C69Y JFC><BK71    
  Brain       2004Universal Music[Japan] . Bass-Anthony Jackson, Tony Grey, Drums-Martin Valihora  
          ブレイン   (Hybrid SACD)                                         09-BonusTrack[Another Mind(Live)]  
          DC>CF71>Y JBK><KC><CB74 JBC>B75 ICC><JKB><CB74 JCB><B74yt JRK77N CK49><BC><CB61 JKB><KC75 in>CB><CR><CF71L    
  Spiral       2005Telarc/UniversalClassics&Jazz[Japan] . Bass-Tony Grey, Drums-Martin Valihora  
          スパイラル       8,9-BonusTrack  
          in>BC77 RBN>B77 IB><BC74 CB><B74 CF><B71 in>JBC><B74 in>BF74 in>DCF><BC74f JBC77    
  Place To Be     2009Telarc/Universal Music[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          プレイス・トゥ・ビー   (+DVD)              
          JCC71fy JFC74 JB><KB74 JCK74YYS JKR80N JCF74fy JBF77 JB74ls JCK71fy>Y JKR74N  
          in>JCFY><BC71 JKB80N KR77Wj                
    Voice       2011Telarc . BassGuitar-Anthony Jackson, Drums-Simon Phillips  
          ヴォイス   CD+DVD      
          JK><CF90Y JCF90YY CB77fdy JB><BC80 JCB>CF85Y JCB>CF80dY JRB>B80 JBC><CB85Y JKR77ls    
    Move       2012Telarc . BassGuitar-Anthony Jackson, Drums-Simon Phillips  
          ムーヴ   CD+DVD                
          C>CF77fY JBC80f BC65><JBC80f JBC>CF80 JCF80Y KR77 JCB><BC80Y JC77fy JBK><CB77y    
  Alive     2014Telarc . BassGuitar-Anthony Jackson, Drums-Simon Phillips  
          Alive   (CD+DVD)      
          in>CF77Y KC><CB77y BK><CK75y B><BC75 CF74fy><Y K>CFY><CK75 IRK69N JB>BC74q C77fdy    
  Spark     2016Universal[Japan] . BassGuitar-Anthony Jackson, Drums-Simon Phillips  
              ( CD + DVD ) SHM-CD      
          in>CB80dY JCF80YY JBK>CB><BC80 JCF80Y JKC>CK77q JCFYY><KB80 JCK77d><Y IKR77 JC>BC75fdy    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          上原ひろみ Hiromi's Sonicbloom [Japan] . Piano  
  Time Control     2007Telarc/UniversalClassics&Jazz[Japan] .  ElectricGuitar-Dave Fiuczynski  
          タイム・コントロール     10-JapanBonusTrack                   Bass-Tony Grey, Drums-Martin Valihora  
          CB75y C71fdy in>CF71y BK><CB77 CBdy><BF67 CR><C><B65d CFdY><B74 RK>B>BC74 in! KBN><CK71  
  Beyond Standard     2008Telarc/IniversalClassics&Jazz[Japan] . Guitar-Dave Fiuczynski, Bass-Tony Grey  
          ビヨンド・スタンダード (CD+DVD)                     Drums-Martin Valihora  
          in JBC74S JBC77fls JCB71yS BF69s JBK71S CB69fys CB67Y JBF>FC74S CF71fYL  
          Chick & Hiromi Piano-Chick Corea, Piano-上原ひろみ  
  Duet   [ Disc 1] 2008UniversalClassics&Jazz[Japan] . Duo Album  
          デュエット (+DVD)   Jacket Design <Japan>≠<US>  
          JB>BF80LS JKB77Lbs JC>BC80fL in>JB80Ls JBC><FC74><Y JBC63fS!          
              [ Disc 2]    
          JRB><BC80fL JRC>BC74yL in>JCK69yLS JKR77L JCR>CC><BC65yL JCR>K>BC77yL          
          上原ひろみ & エドマール・カスタネーダ Piano-上原ひろみ(3,5-8Compose) , Harp-Edmar Castaneda(1,2Compose)  
          Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda    
  Live In Montreal     2017UniversalMusic  
          in>JCK75yL JC>CF71yL IBR77L ICF75fLcs IRF>JCB77L JCB77yL in>IBR>RF75L JCF75YYL JCK75LS    
          矢野顕子 × 上原ひろみ Vocal & Piano-矢野顕子 , Piano-上原ひろみ  
          Akiko Yano / Hiromi Uehara    
  ラーメンな女たち : Live In Tokyo 2017UniversalMusic . Duo Album  
              (CD+DVD盤)   j = 日本語ボーカル  
          BC74WLj BC65wfLSj CK71WLs(j) FC71WLj>Y BC><CB75WfLj BR75WLj FB><B74WYLssj CB65WfdYLj      
          Stanley Clarke Trio with Hiromi & Lenny White Bass  
          スタンリー・クラーク・トリオ, 上原ひろみ, レニー・ホワイト    
      Jazz in the Garden
  Jazz In The Garden   mp3 2009HeadsUp . 13-JapanBonusTrack . Piano-上原ひろみ(3,11Compose),   
          ジャズ・イン・ザ・ガーデン                  Drums-Lenny White (13compose)  
          in>JBR>BC75 JBK74S JK71 JCB69S JFB77 JBR74NS JFC71S JRC65N JCC><BC65y JFC77yS!  
          in>JFC65'#' JBF67s JFC80                
          Stanley Clarke Band BassGuitar  
  The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi with Ruslan & Ronald Bruner, Jr 2010RoxboroEntertainment . Synthesizer&ElectricPiano-Ruslan(1,2,3,6,8) (1Compose), etc  
          スタンリー・クラーク・バンド フィーチャリング 上原ひろみ 12-BonusTrack, AcousticPiano-上原ひろみ(6,7,8,9,10,12)(9,12Compose), Drums-Ronald Bruner  
          in>CK><CB77>vv CB69my BR77 C71mfd BK><BC71y CB74fdS>Y CFY><CB69m^ CF74Y BK><KF80Y in>JFC74wy  
          BK74N JRK75N                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          上野香織 [Japan] . Piano  
          Kaori Ueno    
  Lucky Strike   2014KaoriMusic[Japan] . Bass-井島正雄(8Compose), Drums-YAS岡山  
          JFB77S JBF77S JCK77yS JBR77S JCF77fy JBF80S JCK74fd JKB75      
          浦島正裕 [Japan] . Piano  
          Masahiro Urashima    
  The Palm Of A Bear  2018LilyJazz[Japan] .  Bass-楠井五月, Drums-山田 玲  
          JCF75yLS>Y- JCK77YLS- JKR77LS- JBC>CB74fLS- JBR75NLS/- JCB>FC77YLS-          
          海野俊輔  [Japan] . Drums  
          Shunsuke Umino    
  Mirage     2016Somethin'Cool . Trumpet-黒田卓也, Sax-西口明宏(4Compose), Organ-宮川純  
          JCF74Y JC71dy JBK74 JBF74f JBF74S JKR74NS JCB74dy        
          海野雅威 [Japan] . Piano  
          Unno Tadataka    
  Pee Ka Boo     2004What'sNewRecords[Japan] . Bass-吉田豊, Drums-海野俊輔  
          JCB74fy JBR77S JB77bs JFC85YS JB77S JKC>BC80S in>JB80 JKR80NS JB>BF80S JBK77S  
    My Romance     2008VillageMusic[Japan] . Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JCF85fYS JCK80S JKR80NS JB80 JFC80y JBF85S JBF85S JFC80S JBR80S    
    As Time Goes By     2010HappinetCorporation[Japan] . Bass-Hassan J.J. Shakur, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          アズ・タイム・ゴーズ・バイ          Flute-Frank Wess(6), Sax-Frank Wess(10)  
          JKN>B77SS JFC85S JBR85 JCF77f JKR80s JBF80S JKR80NS JBR80 JB80S JKR80NS  
  Plays Jazz Standards : Solo Piano 2011Happinet[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          プレイズ・ジャズ・スタンダード 〜ソロ・ピアノ〜       
          JBF75fS JRF77S JRK75NS JBR77S JRB77S JBF80fS JBR77NS JBC75fqS JKR75NS JKC75qS  
          JRK75qS JBK74qNSS JBK75NqS JKN>CK74yS JRB75NS            
          海野雅威 & 吉田豊 [Japan] . Piano-海野雅威(6Compose) , Bass-吉田豊(4Compose)  
          Tadataka Unno & Yutaka Yoshida    
  Danro   2016Somethin'cool[Japan] . Duo Album  
          JBF75yLS>Y-- JB74LS-- JBF74LS-- JCB69yL-- JB71yLS-- JBR71NL-- JB>FB74LS-- JBR74LS--      
  V       Vakeneco [Japan] . Piano . Yoshiko Tajika  
  Phantasmagoria   mp3 2010RasaPoint[Japan] . Bass-岩見継吾, Drums-中島道博  
          JCB85y in>JBK85 in>JCB85y JKC80 JBK>CK90 JFB><CF85S JKC77 JCB85y JKR80 JBK77S  
          Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Big Band  
  Monday Night Live At The Village Vanguard 2008PlanetArts . Sax-Dick Oatts, Billy Drewes, Ralph Lalama, Rich Perry, Gary Smulyan  
                [ Disc 1 ]    Trumpet-Nick Marchione, Scott Wendholt, Terell, Piano-Jim McNeely(Disc2 01Compose)  
          J>JJBF77LS JJB><BC77LS JJBK65q><CF
JJKR74LS JJFC75yLS            
                [ Disc 2 ]    
          JJCB69fyL JJBKq><FC69LS JJBC74Ls JJKR74LS JJFC75LS JJBF>FB74LS          
          Varga Gabor Jazz Trio Electric Piano  
  Old School Mission 2017Hunnia . Bass-Tibor Csuhaj Barna, Drums-Gyorgy Jeszenszky  
          JC74 JC74dy JCK74fd JKB74q JKC>CK74 KC74d JK74N BC74q      
          Vein Group  
  Vein Plays Ravel   2017DoubleMoon . Piano-Michael Arbenz, Bass-Thomas Lahns  
                  Drums-Florian Arbenz, Sax-Andy Sheppard(5,7)  
          in>JCB65ls JK65Nls JBC63fyls JCR61ls IB65ls IRK65Nks JBC63qls JC65yls      
          Vermilion Field [Japan] . Group  
  Feira   2015Victor[Japan] . Piano-朱 恵仁, Sax-栗田洋輔, Guitar-湯田大道  
                    Bass-長谷川 晃, Drums-松田GORI広士  
          CF77y CK71y KB>KC67 CB59 B>BF69 CK61 JBC69fy JCB>CF67y BRN>RF74    
          Vernau Mier Alto Sax  
  Frisson Sextet     2018FreshSound . Trumpet-Pol Omedes, Sax-Albert Carrique  
            Trombone-Joan Codina, Bass-Manel Fortia, Drums-Andreu Pitarch  
          JJBC>CB65f JJBF69S JJB>CC>BF59 JJCF65f JJCB65 JJRK61N JJCF65f in>JJCB>CC59      
          Viacheslav Preobrazhenski Tenor Sax  
    Nightfall     2002DolphinMusic . Piano-Bo Skuba, Bass-Ivar Lindell, Drums-Patrik Jansson  
  Union       JCF80 JKB80N JBK77q JCF77 JCK77 JBC75fyq JKB85 JB85 JCB80fy    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vic Juris Guitar  
  Eye Contact     2018SteepleChase . Bass-Jay Anderson, Drums-Adam Nussbaum  
          JBC65fS- JRF65S- JK65NS- JBF>FB65S- JKC67 JCF65yS- JCB65fyS- JCF61y- JCK61S- JKB65-  
          Victor Gould Piano  
  Earthlings 2018CrissCross . Bass-Dezron Douglas, Drums-Eric McPherson  
            Sax-Tim Warfield(1,3,7), Godwin Louis(5,7,9), Percussion-Kahlil Kwame Bell  
          JBK74S JBK80S JCF77S JCK67 JCK61yq JKB77S JFC59 JFC77yS JBC74S JBK75  
          Victor Noriega Trio +2 Piano  
  Fenceless       2009PonyBoy . Sax-Mark Taylor, Trumpet&SopranoSax-Jay Thomas  
                                Bass-Willie Blair, Drums-Eric Eagle  
          JCF65y><Y JCB><CF69y JRC><KC67 JBC65fY JBF><BC61 JKR65N JCF65y        
          Victor Sabas Quartet Bass  
  A Pou Zot       1986/2009ProductionDessinee[Japan] . Piano-Mario Canonge, Drums-Serge Marne  
          ア・プー・ゾット     Percussion-Dousty Dos Santos, Sax&Flute-Allen Hoist  
          in>JCB85fy JBC80 FC80b JBC77 BC77            
          Videobrother [Japan] . Group  
  百喜夜好 2018Solid . Sax-山田宣人, Ruppa, 山中ヒデ之, Trumpet-チャンケン  
            Trombone-鈴木ストライク, Guitar-コウノハイジ, Bass-山本ケイイチ, Drums-田嶋トモスケ  
          JJFC71Y JJFC71 JJBF74fd JJCF74y JJBC65fdYq~ JJKR74 JJCF65fYYq JJC65fdYq JJCK65dyq/ JJFC65YY/  
          Vigleik Storaas Trio Piano  
    Andre Bilder     1997CurlingLegs[Norway] . Bass-Johannes Eick(4compose)  
  HMV                             Drums-Per Oddvar Johansen(6compose)  
        JBC75 JBR75 JBC74 JRK74 JFC80 JBC75 JBC74 in>JKB75N in>JKC77 JRK74N  
  Subsonic       2002CurlingLegs[Norway] . Bass-Johannes Eick(5Compose)  
                                                               Drums&Percussion-Per Oddvar Johansen(4Compose)  
          JRF><BF80 JRC57N JKB><KF80 JCF>CK69y …>JRC45N JBC85f          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vijay Iyer Piano  
  Memorophilia     1995AsianImprov . Sax-Steve Coleman(1,7), Francis Wong(4,9), Trombone–George Lewis(4,9)  
            Bass-Jeff Brock, Drums–Brad Hargreaves, Elliot Humberto Kavee, Guitar-Liberty Ellman(5)  
          JCB><CF71 JCK69 JRK67 JCF45fy JBC57fd JCK>CB61 JCB63fy JKC><CK57 JRC>RK><BC65    
  Architextures     1998RedGiant . Sax-Rudresh Mahanthappa, Aaron Stewart, Eric Crystal  
            Guitar-Liberty Ellman, Bass-Kevin Ellington Mingus, Jeff Brock, Drums-Brad Hargreaves  
          JCR61 JKC>CF59y JCK57 JCF63fy JRC59 JBC57y JCK61 JBC51Y JCB65y JBK55  
          JBC57q JRK59N/                  
  Panoptic Modes     2000RedGiant . Sax-Rudresh Mahanthappa, Bass-Stephan Crump, Drums-Derrek Phillips  
          JCR>CF63Y JCB59Y JBC><CF59 JCB>BC61 JBC55q JCK55 JRK61/ JBC>CB59y JCB63fy JCF57y  
  Bloodsutra     2003Artisthouse . Sax-Rudresh Mahanthappa, Bass-Stephan Crump, Drums-Tyshawn Sorey  
          JRC61/ JCF61Y JCF59y>Y JRK67N/ JKC67 JCB>CF55Y JBC55q JCF57YY JCR>CC57 JCF59Y  
          JBK>CK61>Y JRC61                  
  In What Language     2003PiRecordings . Vocal-Mike Ladd, Latasha Diggs, Alison Easter, Ajay Naidu  
            Cello-Dana Leong, Guitar-Liberty Ellman, Bass-Stephan Crump, Drums-Trevor Holder, etc  
          JBC~fy>CF61 ^ >DBC>65WUy DCR65MUy/ DBC61MU KC63WUg KC>DCK61y~ DBC59MUfy DBC59WUfy><Y DCF55MU/ DC57MU  
          RB61WU BC59MUdy HRC55WU CBd>CR>CF57MU CR><CK55~ CF59MUdy>R B59MU        
  Reimagining   2004Savoy .  Sax–Rudresh Mahanthappa(1,3,4,5,7,9), Bass–Stephan Crump  
              Drums–Marcus Gilmore   
          JC>CF69dY JCR59 JKC61q JCK61d JKC><CK61 JC>CF65Y JCK69fd>Y JCR>CK><CF61 JCF67Y JCK61s  
  Still Life with Commentator   2007SavoyJazz . Vocal-Mike Ladd, Pamela Z, Palina Jonsdottir, Guillermo E. Brown  
              Vocal-Masayasu Nakanishi, Guitar-Liberty Ellman, Cello-Okkyung Lee  
          B59MUw DBC59MUy CK>CF55WwY KC>BC59MUw RC65~ CK61MUd~ BK61M>CC BC45MUfdYj ~ j >CC55 ~ //  
          KC61MU><CC BR67W B>BC65M C>CK>CF55MUw CR55/ IB69 CR>BC55~        
  Far From Over   2017ECM . Cornet&Flugelhorn-Graham Haynes, Sax-Steve Lehman, Mark Shim  
              Bass-Stephan Crump, Drums-Tyshawn Sorey  
          in>JC55Y JC55Y in>JCK55 JCR55 JC>CF57y JCR55N JC59Y HCR55 JJCF55y HCR57N  
          Vijay Iyer Trio Piano  
  Historicity       2009ActMusic+Vision . Bass-Stephan Crump, Drums-Marcus Gilmore  
          JBC>C75 JB><BC74S CB71ds JRK>BC74 JBC>CB74fyS JCB67ys JCK55s JBC67S in>JBC><C67y JCR61N  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vince Benedetti Trio Piano  
  Vince Benedetti Trio     2008JHM Records . Bass-Reggie Johnson, Drums-Alvin Queen  
          JCB80YS JBC80fyS JBR80S JFC77y JB77S JBF80fS JCK69 in>JRF80bs JBF80fS JKR80S  
          Vince Guaraldi Trio Piano  
          ヴィンス・ガラルディ スヌーピーのアニメのBGMなども手がける  
  Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus   1962/2003Fantasy . Bass-Monte Budwig, Drums-Colin Bailey  
          JBC74>FB77cs IK><JK71Ncs JBF>FB75cs JB><FB77S JBF75 JKR77cs JFB77 JKR><BR77S      
      A Boy Named Charlie Brown: The Original Sound Track Recording Of The CBS Television Special
  A Boy Named Charlie Brown   1964Fantasy/1989/1990Victor[Japan] . Bass-Monty Budwing, Drums-Colin Bailey  
          チャーリー・ブラウン オリジナル・サウンドトラック    
          JBF80- JBF85- JKR85N- JBR80/- JB80- JFB85- JB80q- JBF><FB85- JB77- JK>KC77fyS-  
  A Charlie Brown Christmas   1965/1990Fantasy/Victor[Japan] . Bass-Fred Marchall, Monty Budwig(12)  
                (SACD)       Drums-Jerry Granelli, Colin Bailey(12)  
          JBR>RF77xs  JKB74xs IBR74v JFB77 JBR80xs  IBR75Vvxs JBF77  IBR74Vvxs JBF77y  AKB71ls/  
          JBR80xs  JKB74xs                  
          Vince Mendoza Composer  
  Epiphany       1999Zebra . London Symphony Orchestra, Sax-Michael Brecker, Joe Lovano  
            Trumpet-Kenny Wheeler, Guitar-John Abercrombie, Piano-John Taylor, Bass-Marc Johnson  
          IKR85hN IKRN>RF80h FB>FC80h IKR80h IB80h IBK77h ICF><BF75hY        
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vincent Herring Alto & Soprano Sax  
  Scene One       1989Somethin'Else(Toshiba-EMI)/1997Evidence . Piano-Daryl Grant, Bass-Bob Hurst  
                Drums-Jack DeJohnette  
          JCF75YY JCB69fy JCF67YYS JKR80N JCF75fY JBC80f BF><CF65fy        
  American Experience     1990MusicMaster/2008WyastoneEstate . Trumpet-Dave Douglas, Piano-Bruce Barth  
            Bass-James Genus, Drums-Mark Johnson, Guitar-Rodney Jones, Vibraphone-Monte Croft  
          JCF80fYY JFC80yS in>JRF80b JBC>CF75Y JCR>BC75 JFC75YYS JKB85NS JCB85fY JCF77YY JB77WS  
    Vincent Herring - Evidence
    Evidence       1991Landmark . Piano-Mulgrew Miller, Trumpet-Wallace Roney, Drums-Carl Allen  
              Bass-Ira Coleman  
          JCF80y JBK77S JKR77S JCB74YS JBC><BF67fS JBC75 JCF75fyS JBC75f      
    Secret Love
    Secret Love     1993MusicMasters . Piano-Renee Rosnes, Bass-Ira Coleman, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JBF80S JB77S JFB80S JBR77S JKB><KC75S JKR80S JFC75yS JKR74NS JFC77YS    
  The Days Of Wine And Roses   1994Alfa[Japan] /1996MusicMasters . Piano-Cyrus Chestnut, Bass-Jesse Yusef Murphy  
                                                                        Drums-Billy Drummond, Percussion-Daniel Sadownick  
          JBC77fS JKR85S JFC75S JB77S JKR85S JCF75YS JKR><B85fS JBF85fbs JKR85NS    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Don't Let It Go     1995MusicMasters . Trumpet-Scott Wendholt(6,8compose), Piano-Cyrus Chestnut(2compose)  
                   Bass-Jesse Yusef Murphy, Drums-Carl Allen  
          JBC85 JCF85Y JRF85S JCB85f JCF75YS JB><FB85 JKR85S JBC75y      
  Jobin For Lovers     1999MusicMasters . Bosanova Jazz Album . Music of "Antonio Carlos Jobim"  
            Guitar-Romero Lubambo, Piano-Gary Fisher, Bass-Nilson Matta, Drums-Duduka Da Fonseca  
          JBF95bs JBF95bs JK75bs JFB85bs JKR95Nbs JRF95bs JKBN><BK80bs JRF85bs      
  Simple Pleasure     2001Highnote . Trumpet-Wallace Roney, Piano-Mulgrew Miller, Bass-Richie Goods  
              Drums-E. J. Strickland  
          JCF74YS JBC74fS JFC77S JCK67 JFC74yS JKR80S JCF80yS JRF80s JCF77fS    
    All Too Real,Mr.wizard
    All Too Real     2003Highnote . Trumpet-Jeremy Pelt, Piano-Anthony Wonsey, Bass-Richie Goods  
                    Drums-E.J. Strickland, Vocal-Jill Seifers(8)  
          JBC77f JCB85yS JCK80fS JB80 JCF80 JBR77 JFC77yS JK74W      
          Mr. Wizard     2004Highnote . Trumpet-Jeremy Pelt(7,8compose), Piano-Danny Grissett  
                    Bass-Richie Goods, Drums-E.J. Strickland  
          JFB85S JBC71 JFC77y JB80S JCF77fyS JBC75 JBC85f JB85 JCF85y    
    Ends and Means
    Ends And Means     2005Highnote . Trumpet-Jeremy Pelt, Piano-Danny Grissett, Bass-Essiet Essiet  
                    Drums-Joris Dudu  
          JBC80fS JBC80S JBC80S JBC85S JBF80fs JFC85yS JBC85S JBC77S      
          Hard Times     2017SmokeSessions . Piano-Cyrus Chestnut, Bass-中村恭士, Drums-Carl Allen  
            Vocal-Nicolas Bearde(2,3,5), Guitar-Russell Malone(7), Trumpet-Brad Mason, etc  
          JCK74 CK71Mqs JKC71MS JBF74S JB74MS JCK74S JRF75 JCK74 JBK75S JBC75S  
          Vincent Herring & Earth Jazz Alto & Soprano Sax-Vincent Herring  
  Morning Star     2010Challenge . Piano-Anthony Wonsey(1,3,6Compose), Bass-Richie Goods(8Compose)  
               Drums-Joris Dudli(4,10Compose)  
          JBC75 JBCfdS><CB80 in>JBC77f JBC75f JB61>BC67qS JCB69y JKC75 JBC77 JB77S JKR80q  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Alto Summit featuring Phil Woods, Vincent Herring, Antonio Hart  
                  << Please Look "A" >>  
          Vincent Nilsson Trombone  
  Jazz Trombone Spirituals   2000StoryvilleRecords . Piano&FenderRhodes-Jan Lundgren, Bass-Bo Stief, Mads Vinding  
                             Drums-Ed Thigpen  
          JBK63S JBF74S JCB69yS JKR74NS JBF74S JBK69S JBF80S JKR74NS JBR71NS JBC71fyS  
          Vinnie Ruggieri Piano  
  Soul Eyes   mp3 2001Norma . Bass-Bill Morning, Drums-Tim Horner  
  Union       JFC80yS JBC80fqS JRKN><B><BC80S JFC80YS JBR><RF80bs JBR85S JB>FC80S        
          Vinnie Sperrazza / Jacob Sacks / Masa Kamaguchi          
            Drums-Vinnie Sperrazza, Piano-Jacob Sacks, Bass-Masa Kamaguchi  
  Play Benny Golson 2018FreshSound . Piano Trio  
          JBC69S JCF65fyS JKC61qS JCF61fS JBF74S JCB65fyS JKC65qS JKB74NS JKC74fS CF><JBF61S  
          Viola Hammer Trio Piano  
  Close Up   2014Unit . Bass-Lukas Raumberger, Drums-Mathias Ruppnig  
          JBC77fy JCBy><RK80 JBC77 JCB80 JKC><CF75 JCB>CF77y JCK><CF77        
          Vito Price Tenor Sax  
  Swingin' The Loop   1958/2011Argo . Trumpet-John Howell, Bill Hanley, Trombone-Paul Crumbagh, Barrett O'Hara  
          スウィンギン・ザ・ループ BaritoneSax-Bill Calkins, Piano-Lou Levy, Guitar-Remo Biondi, Bass-Max Bennett, etc  
          JJFC85y JJBF85f JB80S JJBF80 JJBF80fS JFC85y JKR80S JCK77fyS JBK75S JBF85S  
          Vitor Goncalves Piano  
  Vitor Goncalves Quartet   2017Sunnyside . Guitar-Todd Neufeld, Bass-Thomas Morgan, Drums-Dan Weiss  
          JRK65><CB71 JCK61d JKC69yS JCB69Y JCR><CK71 JRK69bs JCF69Y JRK67N      
          Vit Svec Trio Bass  
    Keporkak     2004Arta . Piano-Matej Benko(1,2,4-7,9-11Compose), Drums-Jan Linhart  
          JRC65><CB75Y JRK>CK77 JFB80 JKR>BC74 JCF75y JRK71 JCK>CF69Y JBF71q JCR><BK61 JBR77  
          Vittorio Gennari Alto Sax  
  Melodies       2008Red . Piano-Roberto Bachi(13Compose), Bass-Massimiliano Tonelli(11Compose)  
                          Drums-Joe Pagnoni  
          JK75S JFB80S JBK77S JB75fS JKC75S JBR74S JK77S JBC77qS JB74S JKF77S  
          JK75N JKC75 JRK77                
          Vittorio Sicbaldi Four More Quintet Drums-Vittorio Sicbaldi  
  The Way     mp3 2006VittorioSicbaldi/2009AlboreJazz[Japan] . Trumpet-Andy Gravish, Sax-Danilo Pala  
          ザ・ウエイ                             Piano-Luca Mannutza, Bass-Nikola Muresu  
          JFC85yS JBC><CB71qS in>JCF85yS JBF85fS JFC90YS JBC67qS JKB80NS JBF80S      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vladimir Shafranov Trio Piano  
    White Nights
    White Nights     1999Sawano[Japan] Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Al Foster  
          JBF85S JKR80NS JFB80yS JKB77 JFB77q JKC75S JK74NS JCF77yS JB>BF80S JK71S  
          JBF74S JK><KC71S JBF75 JFC80yS              
    Movin Vova
    Movin' Vova!     2000Sawano[Japan] Bass-Per Ola Gadd, Drums-Jukkis Uotila  
          in>JBF85S JCK77yS JKR85NS JBC85S JCB80Y JBF80 JKR80NS JFC77yS      
    Portrait In Music
    Portrait in Music     2002Sawano[Japan] Bass-Pekka Sarmanto, Drums-Jukkis Uotila  
  HMV                 Jacket Design 2 Type  
        JCF77y>YS JKB><KF77S JKR85S JBF>FC80yS JBF85S JKR80S JFB85S JB><BF80S JKR80S    
    Russian Lullaby
    Russian Lullaby 2003Sawano[Japan] Bass-Pekka Sarmanto, Drums-Jukkis Uotila  
          JRF80bs JCB71yS JCF67fytS JRK80S JBC>CB75S JFC>CF69fyS JBF77S JRB77ls JFC71yS JFC77S  
          JRF80S JCF69fyS                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Kids Are Pretty People
    Kids Are Pretty People     2005Sawano[Japan] Bass-Pekka Sarmanto, Drums-Jukkis Uotila  
        in>JBK80S JB>BC77S JCF74YS JBF80S JKB80cs in>JKB74S JFC85YS JBF>FB85bs JBF85S JFC90yS  
          JB80S JK74S JKR77NS                
    New York Revisited
    New York Revisited     2005Sawano[Japan] Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Billy Hart  
          JBK80S JBF85S JBR85NS in>JRF85bs JFC80yS JKRN><B80S JKN><KF77S JCK77S IBR80ls    
    East To Love     2007Sawano[Japan] Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Billy Hart  
          JBF><FC85S JBC80fS JRF85S JBC80fyS JB85S ABR><RF80ls JB>BF85S JKRN>BR80S JCF77fyS    
      I'll Close My Eyes
  I'll Close My Eyes     2010Sawano[Japan] Bass-Jesper Lundgaard, Drums-Jukkis Uotila  
          JBF85fS JBF85fS JK77S JCF85fyS JK><KC77S JKB><KC80S JFB85S JFC80yS JKR80S    
  Whisper Not     2012Venus[Japan] . Bass-Peter Washington, Drums-Victor Lewis  
          in>JCB80YS JCK80S><Y JBK80S JKC80S in>JCK80S JKB><CK77S JKR77NS JFC77YYS JBR80S JBF85fS  
  From Russia With Love   2015Venus[Japan] . Bass-Hans Backenroth, Drums-Bengt Stark  
          JK><KC77ls JK>CB77yls JKB74S JKC74S JCK80fYS JB>BF77fS JBR><BF80S JK74NS JKF77S in>JCB77fYS  
          Vladimir Shafranov meets Harry Allen Piano-Vladimir Shafranovpiano , Tenor Sax-Harry Allentenor  
          ウラジミール・シャフラノフ & ハリー・アレン・カルテット    
  Dear Old Stockholm   2016Venus[Japan] . Bass-Hans Backenroth, Drums-Bengt Stark  
          JKB80S 1rJKB80S JKC80S JBR85S JCK77yS JCK80fYS JKB80qS JRF80bs JKB80qS JCK80yS  
          JK80S JFC80yS JK77NS JK77S JBR77S            
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vojtech Prochazka Trio Piano  
  Amoeba's Dance     2010AnimalMusic . Bass-Adrian Fiskum Myhr, Drums-Tore T. Sandbakken  
          JC65fy JRK80 JRC><CR61 JCF67YS JBK><KF77S JRC74S JCF74fyS JCR63 JCFY><C71S    
          V.S.O.P. The Quintet << Please Look "Herbie Hancock" >>  
  W       Wallace Roney Trumpet  
  The Standard Bearer     1990MuseRecords[Japan] . Sax-Gary Thomas, Piano-Mulgrew Miller, Bass-Charnett Moffett  
                             Drums-Cindy Blackman, Percussion-Steve Berrios  
          in>JFC77yS JBK><KF75S JKR75NS JKR><BC77S JCF85fYS JKR80S JCF67y        
  Misterios       1994Warner . Piano–Geri Allen, Bass–Clarence Seay, Drums–Eric Allen  
            Keyboards–Gil Goldstein(4), Percussion–Steve Berrios, Steve Thornton, Valtinho Anastacio  
          JBK>BC80S JB80hs JKN>KC74hs JBC71S JKR>B80S JBC74ys JKB>KF75hS JBC74s JBK><CR><CB71S JB74s  
  The Wallace Roney Quintet   1996Warner . Sax-Antoine Roney, Piano-Carlos Mckinney, Bass-Clarence Seay  
                             Drums-Eric Allen  
          JCy><BC74 JCF45YY JKC69 JBF74f JC74y JCB74 JCF74 JCF74Y JCR61 JCF74Y  
  Village       1997Warner . Piano-Chick Corea, Geri Allen, Bass-Clarence Seay, Drums-Lenny White  
                             Sax-Michael Brecker(2,3), Antoine Roney(2, 5-9), Pharoah Sanders(4,8), etc  
          JB><BC80 JCF74Y JBC75Y JCB75y JCB69 JCF75Y JB85 JCB74 JCF77y    
  Home       2012Highnote . Sax-Antoine Roney Keyboards-Aruan Ortiz, FenderRhodes-George Burton(4)  
                       Organ-Doug Carn(5), Bass-Rashaan Carter, Drums-Kush Abadey, Bobby Ward, etc  
          JCK77YS JCR77 JCK77dS JB><BC77S JBC75 JB>BC74 JK75NS JCF65y      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Wallin & Johansson / Wallin & Janson Piano- Per Henrik Wallin  
  [ Disc 1 ] Proklamation I / Fan Vet   2002HatHut . Piano-Per Henrik Wallin, Drums-Sven Ake Johansson  
          JCC55y> >JCC>CR55/> >JRC>CC><CB55 >JCR55//> >JRC>CC45y> >JCC45><Y >JCC35>Y JB><CC45 JCC>BC45 in>JCR>CC>B35  
          [ Disc 2 ] Farewell To Sweden   Piano-Per Henrik Wallin, Bass-Peter Janson, Drums-Leif Wennerstrom  
          Walter Bishop, Jr Piano  
  Milestones       1961/1989BlackLion . Bass-Jimmy Garrison, Drums-Wilbert G.T. Hogan  
          JBC75fS- 2r JFC74YS- 3r JBF77S- JKB><KC74S- JCB77yS- JBF75S- 8r    
  Summertime     1963//1989FreshSound . Bass-Butch Warren, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JB74fS- JBR74S- JFC74yq- JFB77yS- JKC74qS- JFB77yS- JCK74S- JFC77yS- JBC74fq/- JCB75fyS-  
          JB74S- JCF74Y/-                  
    Old Folks       1976/2007UniversalMusic . Bass-Sam Jones, Drums-Billy Higgins  
          JKF80bs JB77S JBF80fS in>JFC75YS JB>BC75S JFC80yS JBR77S        
  Midnight Blue     1991RedDistribution . Bass-Reggie Johnson, Drums-Doug Sides  
          JBC74fqS JCB77fyS JKB74S JCB74fyq JB75S JBF77fS JBR77xs JFC75y JB>RF75S JKR75S  
          JCF74YS JBC75q                  
          Walter Bishop Jr. Trio Piano  
    Speak Low [ Type 1 ]   1961/1991BlackLion . Bass-Jimmy Garrison, Drums-G.T. Horgan  
          JBF77fqS- JFC77YS- JB>FB77S- JKB>KC69S- JCF80fS- JBF75S- 1rJBF77fqS- 2rJFC77YS- 3rJBF75S-    
          Sometimes I'm Happy Blues In The Closet Green Dolphin Street Alone Together Milestones Speak Low Sometimes I'm Happy Blues In The Closet Speak Low    
          Speak Low [ Type 2 ]   1961/1991BlackLion . Bass-Jimmy Garrison, Drums-G.T. Horgan  
          JBF77fqS- 1rJBF77fqS- JFC77YS- 3rJFC77YS- JB>FB77S- JKB>KC69S- JCF80fS- JBF75S- 8rJBF75S-    
          Sometimes I'm Happy (alt.take) Sometimes I'm Happy Blues In The Closet (alt.take) Blues In The Closet Green Dolphin Street Alone Together Milestones Speak Low (alt.take) Speak Low    
  Speak Low Again     1993Venus[Japan] . Bass-Paul Brown, Drums-Al Harewood  
          JB>FC77YS JCK75fY JBF75fyq JKR75S JCF75y JBF77fS JFB77qS        
          Walter Davis Jr Piano  
  Davis Cup     1959/2007BlueNote . Sax-Jackie Mclean, Trumpet-Donald Byrd, Bass-Sam Jones  
          デイヴィス・カップ              Drums-Art Taylor  
          JFB80y JBF77f JKR77 JFB77b JCB75 JFC77y          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Walter Lampe Piano  
    Walzone       2006Walzone . Bass-Jonathan Zwartz, Drums-Danny Fischer  
  Union       in>JCB74 JRK67L JRK>CB65L JBC65 JCB74Y JRC65 JCB55 JBC61f JCF65Y/    
          Walter Lang Piano  
  Tales Of 2 Cities   mp3 2001DoubleMoon . Trumpet-Peter Tuscher, Sax-Ekkehard Rossle  
                     Bass-Karoline Hofler, Drums-Rick Hollander  
          JRB85 JCK><K65 JKR75N JBF75 JCB74fY JRK74N JBK>BC74 JBF80f JKR77N JBC77fy  
          Walter Lang Trio Piano  
  Across The Universe - Beatles Song Book 2002M&I[Japan] . Bass-Nicolas Thys, Drums-Rick Hollander  
          アクロス・ザ・ユニバース 〜 ビートルズ・ソング・ブック               
          in>JBF75s JCR65s JBF65fs JRK75Ns JBK74Ns JB74s JRK63Ns JKR74N JKR74s in>JFB75s  
  Smile - The Music Of Charlie Chaplin 2002M&I[Japan] . Bass-Nicolas Thys, Drums-Rick Hollander  
          スマイル 〜 ザ・ミュージック・オブ・チャップリン              
          JBR><RF80cs! JBR77cs JBR>BF74cs#' JBR71Ncs in>JBF>BR75fYL.S IBK>JBK69cs in>JKR75cs JRF80cs JBR75Ncs JB69qcs  
  The Sound of a Rainbow   2005M&I[Japan] . Bass-Nicolas Thys, Drums-Rick Hollander  
          JB77S IBC75S JB80S HRK>CR>ICR69 JB77 IK69S JBF71><75 JKC74S JBK>RF>FB74 JKB74NS  
    Eurasia     2009M&I[Japan] . Bass-Thomas Markusson, Drums-Sebastian Merk  
          in>JRF80s JK>KC77S JKB><CK77S JKN><CB71S JRF>BF75S JK71NS in>JCK75fy JKN>KC67s JK69NS JRF77  
  Starlight Reflections     2013Sawano[Japan] Bass-Thomas Markusson, Drums-Sebastian Merk  
          JBK85 JBF80S JKC80 JKR80NS JBC77fyS JK75N JBF85 JKB75N JKB69 JBR77  
          JKB75S JFB80S                  
    Moonlight Echoes   2015Sawano[Japan] Bass-Thomas Markusson, Drums-Sebastian Merk  
          JRF85S JCK80fS JKR80NS JBF80 JCB80S JBC80 in>JRF80 JCB85 JKB80N JBF85S  
          JCK80fy JBF85fS JKR80N                
  Full Circle     2016Sawano[Japan] Bass-Thomas Markusson, Drums-Sebastian Merk  
          JCB77fys JK75NS JBF75fy JFB77d in>JRF75S JBC75fy JCF75y JKR80S JCF75fy JKB75N  
          JK75N JCF74y JBK75Nq                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Walter Smith III Tenor Sax  
  Casually Introducing   2005Fsnt . Piano-Aaron Parks, Bass-Reuben Rogers, etc, Drums-Eric Harland, etc  
                Trumpet-Ambrose Akinmusire(1,4,7), Guitar-Lionel Loueke(2,4)(4Compose), etc  
          JCB>CF65yS JBC71 JBC>CB59 JBC69 JBR69S JKC><CB65 JBC61S JB65 JCF59y    
  Live in Paris   2009Spacetime . Trumpet-Ambrose Akinmusire(3Compose), Drums-Marcus Gilmore  
               Piano-Aaron Goldberg(6Compose), Bass-Matt Brewer(2Compose)  
          JBC>CF69L JB61L JBC69L JCF69L JBC><CF61LS JKC>CK><CF65L JCB61yLS        
  III   2010CrissCross . Trumpet-Ambrose Akinmusire(7Compose), Piano-Jason Moran  
                           Bass-Joe Sanders, Drums-Eric Harland, AltoSax-Logan Richardson(4)  
          JB>CF74 JB>BC74 JCB69 JCF74fy JBK74S JCB74fy JKB69 JB>BC69 JKR><B69    
          Walter Strerath Trio Piano  
  Fly To Brazil     1975/2001Sawano[Japan] . Bass-Dieter Petereit, Drums-Peter A Schmidt  
          JCF77fY JCB><BK77S JCK77Y JKB75 JCF75fy JBC77fyS JCF80YS JBK75 1rJCF77fy 8rJKR75  
          3rJCK77Y 4rJKB75                  
          Walter Wolff Piano  
  Tomorrow       2013Challenge . Bass-Francesco Angiuli(9Compose, 1,8 with Compose)  
               Drums-Andreas Fryland(3,6Compose)  
          JCK77>y JRK><BK80 JCK75 JBK>CK75 JRK75N JCB>CF74Y JCK71g>Y JRC77 JKB77 JRK80S  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Walt Weiskopf Tenor Sax & Flute  
  Simplicity   1992CrissCross . AltoSax-Andy Fusco, Trombone-Conrad Herwig  
                            Piano-Joel Weiskopf, Bass-Peter Washington, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JFC74Y JBK74S JCF71y JBK74S JBK><KC75 JCF74YY JBC74q JB><BC75 JCF74f    
  A World Away   1993CrissCross . Organ-Larry Goldings, Guitar-Peter Bernstein, Drums-Bill Stewart  
          in>JCB74fy JBC71y JBC67q JCF69y JBR75S JKC74 JCB71fy JBC75 JCB74fY    
  Song For My Mother   1995CrissCross . Flute-Anders Bostrom, AltoSax&Flute-Jim Snidero  
                   BaritoneSax-Scott Robinson, Tumpet-Joe Magnarelli, Trombone-Conrad Herwig, etc  
          JJBC77 JJBC74y>Y JJCF74y JBK74 JKB>CK75 JJBC75 JJBF>FB77S JBK75NS JJCF74YY    
  Night Lights   1995DoubleTime . Piano-Joel Weskopf, Bass-Drew Gress, Drums-Steve Davis  
          JBC><BF74fS JRF>FB74S JRF><BF74S JBR75S JBF><FC75S JBC69 JBC74fyS JCB71f JKB69N JBF><FB71S  
  Sleepless Nights   1996CrissCross . AltoSax-Andy Fusco, Trombone-Conrad Herwig  
                Piano-Joel Weiskopf, Bass-James Genus, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JJCF71YY JBK71S JJKC71f JCB>CF74fy JBC67 JCB74f JKB74N JBC71f      
  Anytown   1998CrissCross . Vibraphone-Joe Locke, Piano-Renee Rosnes, Bass-Doug Weiss  
                Drums-Tony Reedus  
          JCF67YY JBK71 JCB67fy JRK67 JBF>FC69S JCB71fy JBC67 JCF67fYY      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Siren   1999CrissCross . Flute-Anders Bostrom, AltoSax&Flute-Jim Snidero(3Compose), etc  
                Trumpet-Joe Magnarelli, etc, Piano-Joel Weiskopf(5Compose), etc  
          JBC65/ JJB>BC71 JCB74fy JBK74S JCF74fy JBK><KC74 JJCF67YY JBR75NS/ JBC75    
  Man Of Many Colors   2002CrissCross . Piano-Brad Mehldau, Bass-John Patitucci, Drums-Clarence Penn  
          JCF67y>Y JBF>FC74S JBK74 JCF65fY JBK74S JCF65YY JBC><CB65 JRK65      
  Sight To Sound   2004CrissCross . Trombone-John Mosca, AltoSax-Andy Fusco  
                Piano-Joel Weiskopf, Bass-Doug Weiss, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JCR>CK67y JCK65f JBC>CF69fy JJRK69 JBC67 JKB><KC65 JCR>CB65 JBC><CB65fy JKB>KC65 JBC>CF67Y  
  Day In Night Out   2008CrissCross . Sax&Flute-Andy Fusco, BaritoneSax-Gary Smulyan  
                       Trumpet-Michael Leonhart, Trombone-John Mosca, Piano-Peter Zak, etc  
          JJFC77Y JBK><KC75y JBK74 JJCK74 JKC71 JKB69 JJCF74Y JBF>FB80S JJBC74y JBR80NS  
  See The Pyramid   2010CrissCross . Piano-Peter Zak, Bass-Doug Weiss, Drums-Quincy Davis  
          JCF69y JBC74fy JCB74fy JKC>CK74fy JFB74yS JKC77 JFB77bs JBC>CB77fyS JKR75NS JFB80S  
  Fountain Of Youth   2017Positone . Vibraphone-Behn Gillece(11Compose), Piano-Peter Zak,   
                Bass-Mike Karn, Drums-Steve Fidyk  
          JBC59fy JKB74S JCK69y JBR74S JCF65y JKC69q JFB74S in>JBR75S JCF61Y JCB69y  
          Walt Weiskopf  / Andy Fusco Tenor Sax-Walt Weiskopf , Alto Sax-Andy Fusco  
  Tea For Two   2005CrissCross . Piano-Joel Weiskopf, Bass-Paul Gill, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JBF77fS JFC75yS JKC><CK75fS JK75S JBF75 JBC74f JCF74yS JBK74 JFC75y    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Wanderlust Group  
    Border Crossing
    Border Crossing     1995Rufus/1997Laika  
          JC65f JCF69y JBC>C59 JBC74f CK40 CF61dY RF80Wb CF80f CK49 CF51