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          Wayne Shorter TenorSax            
          Speak No Evil     1965/1999Blue Note  
          in>JBC80 JKC80 JKR><BC80 JBC85f JKB80N JB>BC85f 3r        
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  E       Earl Hines Piano  
  Here Comes     1966/2006BMG . Bass-Richard Davis, Drums-Elvin Jones  
          JBF71S- JFB77S JB74S- JFB>FC71yS- JCK71Y- JCK74YS- JB71S-        
          Eddie Allen Quintet Trumpet  
  Remembrance     1994Venus[Japan] . Sax-Donald Harrison(5Compose), Piano-Kenny Barron  
          回想 〜リメンバランス                                 Bass-Rufus Reid(4,8Compose), Drums-Carl Allen  
          JFC80y JKB80 JRF80 JKR80 JCB77y JBR80S JCF77y JBR80 JCB77y in>JCB75fy  
          Eddie Costa Piano  
  Vinnie Burke Trio     1956/2011Jubilee . Piano&Vibraphone(3)-Eddie Costa  
                                           Bass-Vinnie Burke(2Compose), Drums-Nick Stabulas  
          JCB67S- JCB69f- JFB74S JBF74fS- JCB69YS- JCF67fy- JK67S- JCF67YS- JFB71S-    
  The House Of Blue Lights   1959/2003MCA . Bass-Wendell Marshall, Drums-Paul Motian  
          in>JCK71S JBK><KC69S JFC><FB71S JFB77 JBN>B69S JB>CB74fy          
          Eddie Daniels Clarinet & Flute  
  Real Time       1994Chesky . Guitar-Chuck Loeb, Bass-Ned Mann, Drums-Adam Nussbaum  
          BK67 JBK71S JFB69yS JBK67 JBK74S KB67 JFC71yS JKB74NS JFB71yS JBF67S  
  Beautiful Love     1997Shanachie . Flute-Lawrence Feldman, BassClarinet-Ron Odrich, Piano-Bob James  
                        Guitar-Chuck Loeb, Bass-David Finck, Tim LeFebvre, Drums-Wolfgang Haffner, etc  
          JBF71ls IKB61S IBR75ls JBF75 JB>BF75 IBR77 IBF71f JKR77Ns IRF74 IKB65  
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Gomez Bass  
    Street Smart
    Street Smart     1989Sony . Keyboard-Richard Tee, Kenny Werner, Sax-Dick Oatts  
            Trombone-Barry Rogers, Guitar-Hugh McRacken, Drums-Steve Gadd, etc  
          CB65dY KR77 CB69fb KR80hN JBC69 FB71b KR80hN C69y IK61s    
  Next Future     1993Stretch/GRP . Sax-Rick Margitza, Flute-Jaremy Steig  
                  Piano-James Williams, Chick Corea, Drums-Lenny White,   
          KBN>JBC74 JBC75s JCB74 JKB69 JKR>FB75S JCF75y JK75N JCB74 JK75whN    
  Uptown Music     1998King[Japan] . Piano-Stefan Karlsson, Drums-Jimmy Cobb, Flute-Jeremy Steig  
          JBC69! JFC71!y JKB74NS JBF75f! JB65S JKB65N JCB55S! JKB71NS JKR80N CR45!  
  Dedication       1998Evidence/King . Flute-Jeremy Steig, Piano-Stefan Karlsson, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JBC74!f JCF71!S JK85NS JBC80f! JBR77Ncs JKR85S JB80fS JCB74S JCK65    
          Eddie Green Piano  
  This One's For You     1995/2006M&I[Japan] . Bass-Tyron Brown, Drums-Jim Miller  
          ジス・ワンズ・フォー・ユー                                           Jacket Design 2 Type  
          JCB80fy JKR85N JCF80Y JB77fS JCB85fYS JBK77S JBC>CB80fyq        
          Eddie Harris Trio Sax & Trumpet & Piano & Vocal  
  Eddie Who ?     1986TimelessHolland . Bass&Vocal-Ralphe Armstrong, Drums&Vocals-Sherman Ferguson,   
          BC61Mfq JBK67q JCB57mfd JBC59MfdS JCB>CF65 JCF74 JKC55MS JBK><CK69 JBC74q    
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Henderson Trumpet  
      Oasis [from UK] [Import]
  Oasis       2001Sirocco . Piano-Kevin Hays, Vibraphone-Joe Locke, Bass-Ed Howerd  
                              Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JBC71 JCR65N JCF74Y JCR><BC77S JCR59N JCR><BR69S JBC69S JKB71NS JCR><C61Y    
  Be Cool     2018SmokeSessions . Sax-Donald Harrison(8Compose), Bass-Essiet Essiet  
            Piano-Kenny Barron(1Compose), Drums-Mike Clark(4Compose)  
          JCB74f JCK74 JBR75NS JFC69yq JBF74S JCF77fyS JRF>BF75S JCB74y JBK74S JBC74S  
          JBR75S JKB74S                  
          Eddie Henderson Quintet Trumpet  
    Manhattan In Blue     1994Key'stone/Videoarts[Japan] . Piano-Kevin Hays, Vibraphone-Joe Locke, Bass-Ed Howard  
          黄昏色のマンハッタン      Drums-Lewis Nash, SopranoSax-Grover Washington Jr(4), Producer: 木全信(Kimata Makoto)  
          JBF85S JKR85NS JCB75yS JBC80yS JBR85Ncs JKC65S JB85S JBR95NS JCB80yS    
  Dreams Of Gershwin     1998Key'stone/Videoarts[Japan] . Piano-Kevin Hays, Vibraphone-Joe Rocke  
          ドリームス・オブ・ガーシュイン            Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JCK75S JKR85NS JKC71S JBR85NS JKR85NS JKC74N JK><KR71N        
          Eddie Heywood Piano  
  Heywood's Bounce     1995EmArcy/2002Universal[Japan] . Bass-Wendell Marshall, Drums-Jimmy Crawford  
          JBR80S JBR80S JBC77S JKR80NS JKR80N JBF77S/ JB77S JBF77S/ JB77 JRF77  
          JBF77S JBF80fS                  
          Eddie Higgins Piano  
  By Request     1993SoloArt . Bass-Milt Hinton, Drums-Bobby Rosengarden  
          in>JCBf>FC77YYS JBR80qS JKR77S JFC75yqS>Y JBR80NS JFB77q/ JBR77S JBR80S JBR80NS in>JFC77yS  
          JKR80NS JFC75y JBR77NS JKC>FC75Yxs JBC77qS JFC77YS/          
  Sweet Lorraine     1980/2004Toshiba-EMI[Japan] . Bass-河内修, Drums-ジミー・竹内  
          JB77fS JB77S JBR77NS JFB77S JKR>B77cs JBF>FB77S JBF77S JBF>FB77S JB75S JBF77S  
          JFB>FC77S JKR75NS                  
  In Chicago       1995SoloArtRecords . Bass-John Bany, Drums-Marshall Thompson  
          JBR80S/ JKB><CB><BF77S JBF><BR80S JKR85N JKR80NS in>JCB><RK><BF74cs JBR85S AKR77ls JKR80S JRK77S  
          IBK80S JKB><FB><KC75SS                  
      Portrait in Black and White [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Portrait in Black and White   1996Sunnyside/2000Venus[Japan] . Bass-Don Wilner, Drums-James Martin  
          黒と白の肖像   (Paper Jacket)                
          JKC74S JKR77S in>JCB75yS JBK><BR77S JKB77bs JKR>KB><KC75ls JBF75yS JKB75S JKR>BR80bs JBR80S  
      Speaking of Jobim [from US] [Import]
  Speaking Of Jobim     2000SunnySideCommunications . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Terry Clarke  
          JBC65bs JRK80Nbs JBF85fbs JKB71Nbs JBF74fybs JBKN>BK71bs JFB85bs JKB><B69S JBK><RF75bs JRF80bs  
          JBR80bs JRK80Nbs/                  
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          Eddie Higgins with Strings Piano  
  Moonlight Becomes You 2003Venus[Japan] . Vibes-Joe Locke, Guitar-Joe Cohn, Bass-Jay Leonhart  
          ムーンライト・ビカムズ・ユー (PaperJacket) (PaperJacket) Drums-Joe Ascione, Conductor-Dick Lieb . Producer: Tetsuo Hara & Todd Barkan  
          JBR80hS JB80hS JBR80hS JBC77hS JBC77hS JBF77hS JBR80hS JKR80hS JBF77hS JBR77  
          Eddie Higgins Trio Piano  
    Soulero       1965/2012Atlantic . Bass-Richard Evans(4,5Compose), Drums-Marshall Thompson  
          in>JBC75q>Y JBR>FC77S JRF77S JB>BF><FC71 JBC74fy JK><KC71S in>JBF74fS JKR><Y><FC74S      
    I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 1990/2005SunnySideCommunications/Venus[Japan]  
          恋のためいき         Guitar-Kevin Eubanks(4compose), Bass-Rufus Reid  
          in>JBF74yS JKB77S JBF77 IBR77 JFC75yS IKR77S JBC71q IBR74 JFC77yS IBC75  
          JFB77S JBR80b                  
    Haunted Heart     1997Venus[Japan] . Bass-Ray Drummond, Drums-Ben Riley  
          魅せられし心   紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JK69S JKR>BR85S JKC74S JBR><FB85S JKR85S JKR85S JBF85S JBK85S JBR85NS    
    Again       1999Venus[Japan] . Bass-Ray Drummond, Drums-Ben Riley  
          アゲイン 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JB85s JK74bs IKRs><JCK69 JRF85S JBR85NS JBF85fS JBR85S JKB77S JK75S JBR85NS  
          JBF85fS JFC77y                  
  Speaking of Love "Music of Jobim"   1999Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Terry Clarke  
          愛の語らい〜ジョビン作品集 紙ジャケ\1500盤    
          JBC75fybs JBR80bs JFB85bs JBK77bs JBF85fbs JKB75bs JBF85fbs JKB75bs in>JB85bs JB80bs  
          JKR85bs JRK80bs                  
    Don't Smoke In Bed     2000Venus[Japan] . Guitar-John Pizzarelli, Bass-Jay Leonhart  
          ベッドで煙草はよくないわ 紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JKC75S JBR77S JKR77NS JFB77S JKR85NS JBF75!S JBR77NS JBR><BF75 JBC75S JCK74yS  
          JCK71S JFB77!S                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Bewiched       2001Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          魅惑のとりこ   紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JB77fS! JBR85S JRF77S JK><BK69S JCK69YS JBR77cs JKB><KR69S JBF77 JKC77fS JK69S  
          JKC>CB71fyS JKR80NS JCK75fyS!                
    Dear Old Stockholm     2002Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          懐かしのストックホルム 紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JBR85S JBK>KR><BR80S JBC><CB85S JKR80cs JKC77S JKR80S JBK><CK80S JBR85S JBF80fS JBR><KR85S  
          JBF><FB85S JKR85S JKR>BF80yS JKR85S              
    Tenderly : The Bset Of Eddie Higgins   2003Venus[Japan] . Selection Album . 7,9,13-New Song  
          テンダリー : ザ・ベスト・オブ・エディ・ヒギンズ                
          JKR80cs JB77fS! JKR80S JBR85S JKR80NS JKR77NS JKR80S JB85s JKR><BF80S JK75S  
          JK><KR67S JKR85S JK74NS                
  You Don't Know What Love Is   2003Venus[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          あなたは恋を知らない 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JK74NS JKR77NS                  
  If Dreams Come True     2004Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          イフ・ドリームス・カム・トゥルー 紙ジャケ\1500盤      
          JKR>B77S JK><CK74S JKC75fS JBK80bS JCK74S JK>KC74S JBF77S IKR80NS JCB><FC71y>YS in>JBK74  
          JFB77S JBK71tS JCB><FC74yS JBF77cs              
  Christmas Songs [ X'mas Album ]   2004Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          クリスマス・ソングス 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JFB77xs JBR77Nxs JBR80xs JKB71xs JFB80xs JKR75xs JKR77xs JRF80xs JBR80xs JBF80xs  
          JBR75xs in>JFB77xs                  
           Amor       2006Venus[Japan] . Bass-Sean Smith, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          アモール   紙ジャケ\1500盤      
          JBR80S JKC74S JKB75S JBF77S JKB74S JBC><BR74S JBR77S JBR80S JRF77S JCK75S  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Christmas Songs II     2006Venus[Japan] . Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Ben Riley  
          クリスマス・ソングス II 紙ジャケ\1500盤         Sax-Scott Hamilton(11,12)  
          JBF80xs JBR85xs JB85xs JBK80xs JB80xs JCK80xs JBF85xs JBF85xs JB80 JB80xs  
          JBR80xs JBF90xs                  
    A Fine Romance     2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Mark Taylor  
          素敵なロマンス 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JRF85S JB80S JBF85S JB80S JBF85S JBK80S JFC80S JKR85S JB85S JBF85fS  
          JB80S JFB85S JB80S                
    A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Mark Taylor  
          恋に過ごせし宵 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JBF95S! JBR85S JBF85S JKR80S JBF85S JB80S JBF90S JKR80S JFB80S JB80S  
          JFB85S! JBR85NS JBF85fS                
    You Are Too Beautiful   2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Mark Taylor  
          美しすぎるあなた 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JKR85NS in>JBC85fS JKR85NS JB85S JBK80S JBF85S JKR80NS JBF90fS JKR80NS JKC80fS  
          JKR85S JRF85S                  
  Portraits Of Love     2009Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          ポートレイト・オブ・ラブ 紙ジャケ\1500盤         All Original Song  
          JB85q! JB80 JBF85 JKR85N JBF80 JKR85 JBR85 JKB80 JB85 JKB80  
          JK77 JK80 JFB80y                
          Eddie Higgins Quartet Piano  
    When Your Lover Has Gone ( = Zoot's Hymns ) 1994/2005SunnySideCommunications/Venus[Japan] . Sax-John Doughten(1,3,5,7,9,11)  
          恋去りしとき           Bass-Phil Flannigan, Drums-Danny Burger  
          JBF80fS JB80S JKC74 JBK75bs JB75qS JKR77 JB77fS JBF77S JKR77S JFC75bs!  
  My Funny Valentine ( featuring Scott Hamilton ) 2005Venus[Japan] . TenorSax-Scott Hamilton, Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          マイ・ファニー・バレンタイン 紙ジャケ\1500盤      
          JBK><KC77S JK77S JKR80S JKC77S JK75NS JCK77fS! JKR77S JB77S JK75S JBF77S  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Higgins Quintet (featuring Scott Hamilton, Ken Peplowski) Piano-Eddie Higgins  
          エディ・ヒギンズ&スコット・ハミルトン&ケン・ペプロフスキー                       TenorSax-Scott Hamilton,  Clarinet&Sax-Ken Peplowski  
    It's Magic       2006Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック 紙ジャケット   Web Site            
          JBR95S JBR95S JBR95S JBR90S JFB95S JBR90S JCB85S JBR85S JBF90S 7rJKF85S!  
          It's Magic Ghost Of A Chance I Got It Bad Mood Indigo I Never Knew A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square Autumn Leaves I I'll Never Be The Same The Touch Of Your Lips Autumn Leaves II  
    It's Magic (完全盤) Vol.1     2006/2010Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック Vol.1   LP vol.1  ( 紙ジャケット仕様。  3曲追加して、Vol. 1とVol. 2に分けたアルバム。  水色文字が追加曲 )  
          JBR95S JBR95S JBR95S JBR90S JFB95S JCB85S JBF90        
          It's Magic Ghost Of A Chance I Got It Bad Mood Indigo I Never Knew Autumn Leaves I Suddenly        
    It's Magic (完全盤) Vol.2     2006/2010Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック Vol.2   LP vol.2  ( 紙ジャケット仕様。  3曲追加して、Vol. 1とVol. 2に分けたアルバム。  水色文字が追加曲 )  
          JBR90S JBR85S JBF90S rJKF85S! JK80S JBF85fS          
          A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square I'll Never Be The Same The Touch Of Your Lips Autumn Leaves II Round Midnight I'll Close My Eyes          
    It's Magic  Vol.1& Vol.2 [ Disc 1 ]   2006/2013Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック Vol.1 & Vol.2  ( Vol. 1 と Vol. 2 が 普通サイズのプラスチック・ケースに収められています。 )  
          JBR95S JBR95S JBR95S JBR90S JFB95S JCB85S JBF90        
            [ Disc 2 ]      
          JBR90S JBR85S JBF90S rJKF85S! JK80S JBF85fS          
    A Handful Of Stars     2009Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
          ハンドフル・オブ・スターズ 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JBR85S JRF85S JBR85S JB80S JBK80 JBF95S JKR85NS JB90S JKR85NS JKC80S  
          Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton (Eddie Higgins Quartet featuaring Scott Hamilton)  
          エディ・ヒギンズ & スコット・ハミルトン        Piano-Eddie Higgins,  TenorSax-Scott Hamilton  
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes   2002Venus[Japan] . Bass-Steve Gilmore, Drums-Bill Goodwin  
          煙が目にしみる 紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JBR75S JKC67S JK><KR67S JBF74S JKR80S JCK69S JBK74S JFB77S JKR74Ncs JB80S  
    My Foolish Heart     2003Venus[Japan] . Bass-Steve Gilmore, Drums-Bill Goodwin  
          マイ・フーリッシュ・ハート 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JKR85NS JCK><CB67fyS! JBR80S JFC77yS JKR80S! JBF80S! JB80S! JBF77fS JKR77S JBF75S  
          JFC80yS JB80S                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Mendenhall Piano  
  Cosine Meets Tangent     2011MilesHigh . Vibraphone-Mark Sherman(8Compose), Bass-John Schifflett  
              Drums-Akira Tana  
          JFB77 JB77 JBF80 JBC77fy JBR80S JCF77fy JBR>B75f JCB75fy JKR74N JCF59  
          Eddie Palmieri Piano  
  Listen Here     2005Concord . Trumpet-Blian Lynch, Trombone-Conrad Herwig, Doug Beavers  
          リッスン・ヒア     Sax-Donald Harrison, Michael Brecker, Bass-John Benitez, Congas-Giovanni Hidalgo, etc  
          JJCB75fY JBC>CB74fyt in>JJCB75Y JB><BF74 JJKC74yS JJCB74fS JK71 JJBC77fYS in>JCK74 in>JJCF74fy  
  Sabiduria   2017Ropeadope . Violin-Alfredo De La Fe:(1,4), Conga-Little Johnny Rivero  
            Bongo-Anthony Carrillo, Sax-Jeremy Powell, Ronnie Cuber, Tumpet-Jonathan Walsh, etc  
          JCB69fyb in>JCB67fyb JCB65fy JBF65b JBC>CB59fb JK61! JBC71bs JJBF69fyb JBC61Mfyb JBC59fyb  
          JCB65fb IKC>JKC61q                  
          Eddie Thompson Piano  
  Piano Mood     1971/2011Universal . Bass-Tony Archer, Drums-Terry Jenkins  
          JFC80YS JBC71q JRF>BF77yqS JFC80YS JFC85YYS JBK74S in>JBF69fyS JB><FC77yS      
          Eddie Thompson Trio Piano  
      Ain't She Sweet
  Ain't She Sweet     1978/1998HepJazz . Bass-Len Skeat, Drums-Martin Drew  
          JBC74fqS JFC75S JB75qS JBK><BC77qS JBF75qS in>JBF80S JKR85NS JB80S JFC80yS JKR77S  
          JKR80bs JCK67S JRF77S                
      Memories of You: Eddie Thompson Plays Ellington, Monk, Garner & Blake [from UK] [Import]
  Memories Of You     1983/1995SoundHill[Japan] . Bass-Len Skeat, Drums-Jim Hall  
          JB85S JBF85fS JKR95S JBR80fS JFC80yqS JKC67S JBR95S JFC77yS 3rJKB85fS 6rJKC67S  
          Eddy Louiss [ France ] . Organ & Keyboard  
  Recit Proche     2001DreyfusJazz[France] . Bass–Julio Rakotonanahary, Guitar–Jean Marie Ecay   
            Drums-Paco Sery, TenorSax&Flute–Xavier Cobo, AltoSax–Daniel Huck   
          IBR69 in>CK69d>Y in>BC74Y JRF77 JCK74y JKC69fyq JK69NS in>IKC69 IBC61Wfb    
          Ed Kroger Quintett Trombone  
  In The Moment     2017Laika . Sax-Ignaz Dinne, Piano-VIncent Bourgeys, Bass-Tom Berkmann  
              Drums-Rick Hollander  
          JB74 JCB74fy JKR71N JFC69 JKB65 JBF69fy JB61Nq JCF61f      
          Edouard Ferlet Piano  
    Fligrane     2009MelisseMusic . Trumpet&Vocal-Arielle Besson(8Compose) . 13-BonusTrack  
  Disk         Sax&Vocal-Alexandra Grimal(9Compose), Drums&Vocal-Fabrice Moreau(12Compose)  
  Union       Ivv>JRC69 ICR65 JBC63f IKC>RC>JBC65 JRC67 IBC>CR65 in>JCB74Y IRB65 IRC65 ICR>CK59  
          IKC>CR65 IKM>JRC65 3rIBC61                
  Think Bach     2012RueStendhal . Solo Piano  
          JBC74ls JBK74Nls ABK74ls JCB69Yls ARK69Nls HRC65Nls ARC><JCB69ls JCB65Yls ARK65ls ACB71fyls  
          AKB67Nls ABR74ls AK67Nls                
          Edouard Ferlet / Paul Beynet Piano-Edouard Ferlet , Piano-Paul Beynet  
  Pentagramme      2017 1001Note . Piano Duo Album  
          IC>CF45ls IR55ls ICK61yls ICK55ls ICR55ls// ICK61Yls in IK59Nls><Y IK59Nls in  
          IRK61Nls ICF65fyls                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Ed Thigpen's Young Men & Olds Drums  
          B'Way 1989Alfa[Japan]  
          JCF69fS JKB65NS JKC65S JKR75S JFB71 JBF65q JFB65a CB74f JKR77NS    
          Ed Thigpen  - Trio Supreme - Drums-Ed Thigpen  
          エド・シグペン - トリオ・シュープリーム    
    Three Impact     1997Meldac[Japan] , Piano-Monty Alexander(3Compose), Bass-Christian Mcbride  
          JCK65yS! JK>CK67S JKC71! JBR>FB80yS! JBF80S! JCB>CF74yS IB65 JBR85NS JCB74yS JCB74s  
          Eduardo Blanco Trumpet  
  Childhood Memories 2018Carbopsa . Piano-Dirk Balthaus, Bass-Jean Louis Rassinfosse  
                Drums-Rene De Hilster  
          JBC74 JKB>FB74S JBF75 JCB74 JKR74N JBC71q JKN>KC74S        
          Edward Simon Piano  
    Edward Simon     1995Kokopelli . Sax-Mark Tuner, Bass-Larry Grenadier, Drums-Adam Cruz   
              Percussion-Milton Cardona  
          JCB65 JKC59NS JRF>CK71S JK69NS JRK>CB65f JCF>CC57Y JKB>KC65 JBC71      
    Simplicitas       2005CrissCross . Bass-Avishai Cohen, Drums-Adam Cruz  
            Vocal-Luciana Souza(7)(3Compose), Guitar-Adam Rogers(6), Percussion-Pernell Saturnino  
          in in>JC><CF71Y JBC><BK77 JB80S JKR80N JCB>CF74dy JCR65w 6JCF74dy JBC>B74fS JRK74NS  
  The Process     2008CrissCross . Bass-John Patitucci(2Compose), Drums-Eric Harland  
          JCB><CF74y JBC71 JBK77 JBC77fq JCB>CF75fyS IK74 JCK74S JCF><BC71S JBC63f    
  Sorrows And Triumphs 2018SunnySide . Sax-David Binney, Bass-Scott Colley, Drums-Brian Blade  
            Vocal-Gretchen Parlato, Guitar-Adam Rogers, Oboe-Toyin Spellman, etc  
          JBC69wfy ICR>JCK65>Y JCR69W JCK><CF67 JRC65W JCB65Y JCK61>W>Y JRC61WN JKC>CB65    
          Edward Simon Trio Piano  
  Poesia       2009CamCine . Bass-John Patitucci(2,5Compose), Drums-Brian Blade  
          IRK80N JKC><CB77y JBC69fyS JCB74fdy JRC>RK69 JCB><CF80Y JCK74y JC74dy>Y 1rIRK80N    
          Edward Simon & David Binney Piano-Edward Simon,  Sax&Flute-David Binney  
  Fiestas De Agosto     2009RED . Flute&Clarinet-Donny McCaslin  
          JB74f JC>CF67y JCR>RB59 JRK65 JB65>BC55y JBK>BC65w in JCR57/ JB75S JRC61  
          JCC>BC55 JKR65 end                
          Edward Simon / Stephen Keogh / Philip Donkin Piano-Edward Simon , Drums-Stephen Keogh , Bass-Philip Donkin(5,6Compose)  
  Danny Boy   2010Keogh . Piano Trio  
          JKR80NS JKC><CK77yS JK77NS JBC74fyqS JRK74 JCB77fy JBR80S JRCN>BC71S      
          Edward Simon / Scott Colley / Brian Blade    
            Piano-Edward Simon , Bass-Scott Colley , Drums-Brian Blade  
  Steel House     2017ArtistShare . Vocal-Genevieve Artadi(2)  
          in>JRK65 JBC>CB69wf JKC><CB61q JBF>CB67f JBC><CB69 JBC>CB74 JRK74N ICR>CB>CF65      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Edwin Berg Piano  
  Perpetuum     mp3 2008AxolotlJazz . Bass-Eric Surmenian(10Compose), Drums-Fred Jeanne(2,4Compose)  
          JRB80 JBF90 JCK80Yls JB80! JRK85N JCF80fy JBR85S JBK>BC80fyS! JKR85cs JCK80  
          JK77N JKR85N                  
  Volume II     mp3 2011AxolotlJazz . Bass-Eric Surmenian(8,10Compose), Drums-Fred Jeanne(5Compose)  
        JRK77N JCB75! in>JBF75fS! JK80S JFB85 JKR77NS JBC><B77yS! JCR><KC69 JCK><CF74 JBC65!  
          Eero Koivistoinen & Umo Jazz Orchestra Tenor Sax  
  Arctic Blues   2016Svart . Sax&Flute-Jouni Jarvela, Mikko Makinen, Teemu Salminen, Manuel Dunkel  
            Clarinet-Pertti Paivinen, Trumpet-Teemu Mattson, Timo Paasonen, Mikko Pettinen, etc  
          JJCK74y JJKC><CK74 JJB>CB71q JJBK71S JJCK74y JJCK67 JJBK71N JJCB74 JJCR><CB65 JJKC69q  
          JJCK>CB67qS JJKC69q JJBK71 in>JJFB74 JJCB74 JJK><CK74 JJCK74 JJBC>CB61      
          Egil Kapstad Piano  
  Cherokee     mp3 1988Gemini . Bass-Terje Venaas, Drums-Egil Johansen  
        JBF77S JBC74qS JKR77NS JFB80yS JKR80NS JBR>RF80S JBC74yS JBR77NS JBF75fq JBK><CF75S  
          Egberto Gismonti Guitar & Piano  
  Solo     1979ECM . Solo Guitar(1,4) & Solo Piano(2,3,5)  
          ICR><CK59! JBR74 JBF>CB><RF74 IBK65m HRC>IRB><CK69            
          Ehud Asherie Piano  
    Lockout       2007Posi-Tone . Sax-Grant Stewart, Bass-Joel Forbes, Drums-Phil Stewart  
               Trumpet-Ryan Kisor(3,5,8,9)  
          JFC85y JBC80fyq JCF77fYYS JBR85S JFC85y JBC77f JBC80fyS JBF80S JBF80qS    
  Swing Set       2008Posi-Tone . Bass-Neal Miner, Drums-Phil Stewart  
          JFC85yS JB80S JBF85fb JBC80fy JB77qS in>JB80S JCF77Y JBF80S JBC77qS JBR80S  
          Ehud Asherie featuring Harry Allen Piano  
      Modern Life
  Modern Life     2010Posi-ToneRecords . Sax-Harry Allen, Bass-Joel Forbes, Drums-Chuck Riggs  
          JBF85S JFC77y in>JFB80yS JKR85NS JFB80S JB74q JBK><B75S JB85bS in>JFB85S JKR77NS  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Einar Iversen Piano  
  Seaview       2000HazelJazz . Bass-Tine Asmundsen, Drums-Svein Christiansen  
        JKR80S JFB80S JKB77 JRF71// JCB75S JBR80S JFB80 JBR80S JBK77fS JCF77fS  
          JB77 JRF75S JBR80                
          Eishin Nose (野瀬栄進) Piano  
  Here Now Hear 2001Acmusic[Japan] . Bass-井上陽介, Drums-Matt Wilson  
                         Harmonica-Gregoire Maret(1,2,5,6,7,9)  
          JFB>CK71y JKB><BC71 JCF69Y JKB71N JBK>BC69 JFB74y JB74 JB80 JBF71fy JKR>B75  
  Burning Blue 2006Acmusic[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          JB75 JB>BC77 JBK77 JBK><BF75 JB><BC74 JRK>BC71 JKB75N JCC30y JKB71N JRK75N  
  Inside out Dream     2009EishinNose[Japan] . Bass-Dave Ambrosio  
          Inside out Dream                   Drums-Eliot Zigmund(2,6,7,8,11), 武石聡(1,3,4,5,9,10)  
          JB>BC80 JRC80 JCR><CK>CF75 JBC61q JK65N/ JKC77 JCR55/ JCC55 JB57>K65N in  
  Heaven's Dream 2017Acmusic[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          JRK75N JK77N JKR80NL JC61Y/ JC61Y// JRC69N JCR65// JRK71N IRC69N JCR67/  
          JKR75N JCC61/ HCR61 JBR75Nls JBF77L JRK65N          
          Eldar ( Eldar Djangirov ) Piano  
  Eldar     2005RCA Red Seal . Sax-Michael Brecker(4), Bass-John Patitucci, Drums-Todd Strait  
          JFC85YYS JK75NS JBC80S JCB85fy JRBN><B80 JRB80N JCF85fYS JK75NS in>JBF75S CB75dY  
      Eldar Live at the Blue Note
  Eldar Live at the Blue Note   2006SonyClassical . Bass-Marco Panascia, Drums-Todd Strait  
          デイリー・リビング〜ライヴ・アット・ザ・ブルーノート         Trumpet-Chris Botti(3), Roy Hargrove(7)  
  Re-imagination     2007Sony . Bass-James Genus, Carlos Henriquez, ElectricBass-Marco Panascia  
            FenderRhodes-David Lai(4), Turntables-DJ Logic(2,3,9,11), Guitars-Mike Moreno, etc  
          FB80y in CF><CB77 JRK69NS in CB>CF77 JFC75YS JRK74N in>JCF77fYY JRB69N  
  Virture       2009Sony .Bass-Armando Gola(8Compose), Drums-Ludwing Afonso, Trumpet-Nicholas Payton(7)  
          ヴァーチュー(美徳)     Sax-Joshua Redman(1), Felipe Lamoglia(3), Blackjack&LongPassage(11), Vocal-Ashley Brown  
          JCF69Y JCR>BC80 JCB><CF67y JRC67N in>JCF75y>Y JCR80 JCF74wY JCB>CF74fdy JK71NS in>JFB><CF77f  
  Three Stories     2011SonyClass . Solo Piano  
               Jacket Design 2 Type  
          JB>FC77yS ACF77ls IRK71S JBC>CF71S IK75Nls JBC>CF71qS IRC>CK74 JB74S JBR77S IK74N  
          IRC71ls ICK71 AB><CB><FC67S JCB71fS              
          Eldar Djangirov Trio Piano  
  Breakthrough     2013MotemaMusic . Bass&ElectricBass-Armando Gola, Drums-Ludwig Afonso  
                    Sax-Chris Potter(3), Vibraphone-Joe Locke(10)  
          JCF80y><Y JBF><FB85S JCF77fy>YY JKR80NS JCB>CF80Ys JCF><CB85y JKC77qS JRF80 JCB85Y JC>CF80Y  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eliane Elias Piano & Vocal  
  Plays Jobim       1990BlueNote . Bass-Eddie Gomez, Drums-Jack Dejohnette, Percussion-Nana Vasconcelos  
          風はジョビンのように     Album Title <US>≠<Japan>  
          JRF>CB75ybs JK69NS JCK71yS JBK80NS JBF75fS JBK80NS JBC>CF80ybs JKRN>KC75S JKB71Nbs/ JBF74ybs!  
  Fantasia       1992BlueNote . Bass-Eddie Gomez, Marc Johnson, Drums-Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine  
          私の中の風と海と空     Album Title <US>≠<Japan>  .  Percussion-Nana Vasconcelos, Vocal-Ivan Lins  
          JB77bs JBF80bs IBRW>JBF>CF74>Wss JKR80bs JBC77wfbs JKR77N/ JFB80bs JBR>B77mbss      
  The Three Americas     1997BlueNote . Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums-Satoshi Takeishi, Percussion-Manolo Badrena  
                  Guitar-Oscar Castro Neves, Flute-Dave Valentin, Vocal-Amanda Elias Brecker, etc  
          JBF69vb JCF><CB63mbY JBF75wb JKC63t JBK>BR74Wbs JBK>CR67b JB69Wbs/ JKB65N JKR74Ns JCB67wfb  
          KB65WNb/ JCB74y                  
  Sings Jobim       1998BluNote . Vocal&Piano-Eliane Elias, Bass-Marc Johnson, Sax-Michael Brecker  
          海風とジョビンの午後     Album Title <US>≠<Japan> . 17-JapanBounasTrack  .  Guitar-Oscar Castro Neves, etc  
          JBR74Wbs JKR77WNbs BF71Vfbs/ RF75Wbs BR77Wbs RF80Wbs BK77WNbs RF77Wbs#' BF74Wvbs K69WNbs  
          JBK74Wbs JKR77Nbs KR74Wbs#' JKR77Wbs JK69WNbs/ JKR74Wbs JBF75Wbs        
  Everything I Love     2000BlueNote. Guitar-Rodney Jones, Bass-Marc Johnson, Christian McBride  
          エヴリシング・アイ・ラヴ                        Drums-Jack DeJohnette, Carl Allen  
          JCB><FC74fy JBC71fS JBF74WS/ JKR75WNS JFB75yS JBC><CF74S JBR80WS JBF><FC80yS JBR85 JKRN>BC74S  
          JCF><BC75fyS JBR77WS JKR>KC><CB74S                
  The Best of Eliane Elias, Vol. 1: Originals 2001BlueNote  
          JCB74wfb CB>FC67w BF74vf BF>CF74vfb JBF75wb BF75vb JKR77N/ JBF>CF85fb JBR><RF77 JCF><CB63mbY  
          JBR85 JCB><FC74fy JCB><B71f BF75wfb              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Brazilian Classics [Best Of]   2003BlueNote. Compilation of Eliane's Blue Note years  
          JBC><CB69ybs JBK>BR74Wbs JFB77ybs JB74Wbs IBRW>JBF>CF74>Wss JRF>CB75ybs JBF74ybs! JBK>CR67b BF71Vfbs/ JRF80bs  
          BR75Vbs JBF77vbs JBF80bs in>JKB><CK69bs JKRN>KC75S ACB65yls/          
  Kissed By Nature     2002RCA . Vocal&Piano-Eliane Elias, Sax-Rick Margitza, Trumpet-Randy Brecker  
          キスト・バイ・ネイチャー                   Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums&Percussion-Paul Braga, Joey Baron  
          BC77W B75Wwb BF77Wfb JBR80Wb BF75Wwb JBR77b BC71W BF74Wb JBC67w JBF75w  
          JB74 1rCB75Wd 7rDCB71Wf                
  Dreamer       2004BluebirdRCA . Vocal&Piano-Eliane Elias, Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums-Paulinho Braga  
          夢そよぐ風       Album Title <US>≠<Japan> . 12-JapanBonusTrack  .  Sax-Michael Brecker, etc  
          JBR80Whbs JRF85Whbs JBR85Whbs JKB74Wvh JBR80Whbs JBR85WNhbs JBR85Whbs JBR85Whbs in>JBR85WhN JBF77Wfbs  
          JBR95hS JBF80Wb                  
  Around The City     2006SonyBMG . 14-JapanBonusTrack . Guitar-Oscar castro Neves, Andres Levin, etc  
          アラウンド・ザ・シティ     Bass-Marc Johnson, Trumpet-Randy Brecker(2,4,7), Flute-Dave Valentin(2), etc  
          BC77Wf BC75Wfbs BC74Wf CB74Wmdys KR75W BF75W BC74Ws KC75Wmb FB77Wbs BK75WNs  
          FB75Wbs B75Ws KR77w/ BR80WS              
      Something for You: Elaine Elias Sings & Plays Bill Evans
  Something for You     2007Somethin'Else/EMI MusicJapan[Japan] . Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums-Joey Baron  
          JKR80WS JBR85NS JBR85NS JB80S JBC77fS JKR85N JBF75->BWS JB85S      
  Bossa Nova Stories     2008BlueNote  
          JRF80Wbs JBC>BF77Wfbs JRF80WS JBR80WS JBF85Wfbs JKB77Wbs JFB80WbS JKR85Wbs JBR85WbS JB80Ws  
          JBF80Wbs JFB85Wbs JCB77Wfbs JKR80WS              
  Light My Fire     2011Concord . 13-JapanBonusTrack .   
          ライト・マイ・ファイアー     Vocal-Eliane Elias, Gilberto Gil(3,7,8Compose), Amanda Brecker(7)  
          JB>RF80Wbs JBC80W(S) JBC77Vf JKB77WNs JRF>BF80Wbs BR80Ws JBC75Vfby JBC80Wbs JBR85W JBF75Vfb  
          JKC74wNS JB85Wb JB80WS                
          Music From "Man Of La Mancha" 2018Concord . Composer-Mitch Leigh, Bass-Marc Johnson, Eddie Gomez  
            8曲目YouTubeプロモーション Drums-Satoshi Takeshi, Jack DeJohnette, Percussion-Manolo Badrena  
          JFC85y JBR85 JRF85 JBF><FC80 JBC77fy><Y JCB80! JCK77y JBF>FB90 JFC80Y    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elias Haslanger Tenor Sax  
  Standards       1994HeartMusic . Piano-James Polk, Bass-Jeff Haley, Drums-Steve Schwelling  
          JFB77S JKB><KF77S JBC77fyS JFB77yS JBR80S JFB85S JFB85S JBK77S JKR77NS JFC77qS  
  Dream Story     2006Cherrywood . Piano-Andy Langham, Bass-Hamilton Price, Drums-J.J. Johnson  
                Trumpet&Congas-Pete Rodriguez(3,4,8), Trombone-Randy Zimmerman(6)  
          JBC71y JBF65 JB65 JCB65fy JB65 JBC65 JKC><BC65 JCK63 JBK65 JBC><CB69f  
          Eli Degibri Tenor&SopranoSax  
  Israeli Song     2010AnzicRecords . Piano-Brad Mehldau(1Compose), Bass-Ron Carter(9Compose)  
          イスラエリ・ソング            Drums-Al Foster(8Compose)  
          JBK><KF><CB77y JB77 JFC85y JKB77><y JB75q JCB>CF74S JBK>CF75 JCB77dy JBC74fy JKR75cs  
          Eliot Zigmund  Drums  
  Time Was     2017SteepleChase . Sax-Chris Cheek(1,2,4,6,8), Piano-Mike Eckroth  
                   Bass-Morrie Louden(1Compose)  
          JKB74N JKC74qS JBR77NS JCB>CF74yS JKB74Nbs JFB75S JBK75S JK74NS      
          Elio Villafranca Piano  
    Source In Between:  Feat.eric Alexander
    Source In Between     2008ElioVillafranca . TenorSax-Eric Alexander, Bass-Jeff Carney, Drums-Dafnis Prieto  
                        Alto&SopranoSax-Yosvany Terry  
          JCF77YY JB74 JKB><BC><CF61Y JCF71fy JRK75N JBC><CB74f in>JBC67 JCF71y JK67N JCF69fYY  
          Elisabetta Serio [ Italy ] . Piano  
  Sedici     2017ViaVenetoJazz[Italy] . Bass-Marco de Tilla, Drums-Leonardo de Lorenzo  
            Vocal-Sarah Jane Morris(1), Trumpet-Fulvio Sigurtà(1,2,4,7,9), Sax-Jerry Popolo(3,5,6)  
          B>BC69Mm>Y JRK74 JKB80q JBK80N CK75dy JK74q JRK74N JRK77 JKC>CK75>Y    
          Elise Einarsdotter & Olle Steinholtz Piano-Elise Einarsdotter , Bass-Olle Steinholtz  
    Sketches Of Roses     1998Touche . Duo Album  
          JB85 JBK80S JCB75yS JB71/ JKC45/ JBF55/ JKB74N/ JKF75S JCK65y JCR45N/  
          JKC45NS JKC71S JCB71S IRF80f IFB80 JKR95N JBR95N JK77NS      
          Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble Med Lena Willemark Piano-Elise Einarsdotter,  Vocal-Lena Willemark  
    Senses       1993CapriceRecords . Sax-Jonas Knutsson, Bass-Olle Steinholtz, Drums-Martin Lofgren  
          JCR71w BC77wfy in!>IBR74wS'# JRC69WS BC74wfy JB77W in JB74W JBC><CF55W! CB61wdy  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elliot Galvin Piano  
  Influencing Machine 2017Edition . Bass-Tom McCredie, Drums-Corrie Dick  
          JRC>DC63 in BC63vq HRB65 DCC55 JCF><CB>CR59 DCC59 JRK>KB61 in>C45d HCR45N//  
          Elliot Steger Piano  
  Making Time     2002CdBaby . Bass-Josh Davis, Drums-Jon Nazilla  
          in>JBR77f JRF80 JBF80 JBK><BC74q JBF85f JBF75y JB77 JFB80b JBR80 JCF77fYq  
          Ellis Larkins Piano  
  A Smooth One     1977/2000Black&Blue . Bass-George Duvivier, Drums-J.C. Heard  
          JBF77S! JBN>BF74fq JBK69qS JBF77qS JB74qS JBF74fqS JBR75NS JKR75NS      
          Ellis Marsalis Piano  
  Heart Of Gold     1992Sony . Producer-Delfeayo Marsalis(3,7Compose), Bass-Ray Brown, Reginald Veal  
                           Drums-Billy Higgins, Herlin Riley, Jason Marsalis  
          JB>FB80S JKR80NS JBR85 JFB77S JKR80NS JRF80 JBK80 JFB75S JBR80NS JBF80S  
          JRF75S JCB80fS JBC74qS JBC71q JKR77S            
          Ellis Marsalis &小曽根真 Piano- Ellis Marsalis , Piano- 小曽根真  
          エリス・マルサリス & Makoto Ozone    
  Pure Pleasure for The Piano   2012Universal[Japan] . Duo Album  
          ピュア・プレジャー・フォー・ザ・ピアノ             Sax-Branford Marsalis(8)  
          JBF74fq JKR74NqS JBC74fYqS JKR77 JBR80S JK69N JBK>CK74YS JBF80      
          Elmar Brass Trio Piano  
      Night Dreamer
  Night Dreamer     2010Sawano[Japan] Bass-Markus Schieferdecker, Drums-Guido May  
          JBF85S JB85S JFC77yS JKR80NS JBC85fyS JB><BC77qS JBF85S JBC80qS JKB77s JBF77S  
          JRK80NS JBF80fyS                  
  Spellbound     2013Sawano[Japan] Bass-Martin Gjakonovski, Drums-Nicola Angelucci  
          JCB80YS JBC77q JRK80S JBC67>75fyS JRF74S JRB85NS JFC80yS JBC74S JBR80bs JBF74S  
  Nachtmusik   2015Sawano[Japan] Bass-Phil Donkin, Drums-Martijn Vink  
          JFB80S JKC77S JCB77fy JBR80S JFC80S JBK85NS JKR90S JBC75qS JFC80S JKC77f  
  Straight Ahead   2017Sawano[Japan] Bass-Martin Gjakonovski, Drums-Christian Schoenefeldt  
          JBF80fS JBF80S JFB85S JKC74qS JBR85NS JFC80yq JKB80NS JBF80fyS JBK80NS JB80S  
  Brassabi 2017Sawano[Japan] Bass-Martin Gjakonovski  
              Drums-Christian Schoenefeldt  
          JFC77YS JFB80S JBC75q JCB77yS JCB77f JBR80NS JCB75fdq JBF80fS JBF80fS JB77qS  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elmo Hope Piano  
  Here's Hope   1961/1992Celebrity . Bass-Paul Chambers, Drums-Philly Joe Jones  
          JCF75Y- JKC74q- in>JFC75- JFB75- JFC77Y- JCK69q-          
          Elmo Hope Trio     Piano            
  Introducing the Elmo Hope Trio   1953/2000BlueNote . Bass-Percy Heath, Drums-Philly Joe Jones  
          JFC71Y- JBR71S- JBF75- JCB74Y- JKC65- JFC74y- JCF74f- JB75S-      
  Elmo Hope Trio     1960Hifijazz . Bass-Jimmy Bond, Drums-Frank Butler  
          JFC77y JBR77N JKR77N JCF75fy JCB75Y JKR75NS JCF74Y JBK69N      
          B's A Plenty Barfly Eejah Boa Something For Kenny Like Someone In Love Minor Bertha Tranquility      
          Elmo Hope Quintet     Piano            
  Elmo Hope Quintet     1954/2000BlueNote . Trumpet-Freeman Lee, Sax-Frank Foster, Bass-Percy Heath  
          エルモ・ホープ・クインテット Vol.2            Drums-Art Blakey  
          JCF69fy JCF74f JFB74y JFC77y JBF74f JFB75          
          Elvin Jones Drums  
  Puttin' It Together     1968/1990BlueNote . Sax&Flute-Joe Farrell(5Compose), Bass-Jimmy Garrison(2Compose)  
          プッティン・イット・トゥゲザー              Sax & Bass & Drums Trio  
          JCB77y><YS JB61q in>JFC>CB65Y JCF77fyS JCF74Y JRC67S JCF71fS        
  Live At The Lighthouse [ Disc 1 ] 1973BlueNote . Sax-Steve Grossman, Sax&Flute-Dave Liebman(3,4,Disc2-5Compose)  
              Bass-Gene Perla(5,8,Disc2-2Compose)  
          ~ JCB63yLS JCB59fL JKR63NL JFB>FC67bL JBRN>BC67LS JFC65YLS JCR65>~      
            Fancy Free New Breed Small One Sambra My Ship Taurus People For All Those〜      
              [ Disc 2 ]    
          ~ JCK>CB65YL in>JK><C65LS JBC61yqLs in>JCB61fyL JK>FB>CF59L          
          intro Sweet Mama I'm a Fool to〜 The Children〜 Brite Piece The Children's Merry          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Emanuele Cisi Quartet Tenor  Sax ( & Soprano Sax )  
    Homage To Sonny Rollins   2000Philology . Guitar-Sandro Gibellini, Bass-Dario Deidda, Drums-Luigi Bonafede  
          JFB77S ~ >JB>BF77LS JCF77yLS>Y JBR80LS JFC75bLS! JFB77LS JBC75fqLS JCF77yLS>Y      
  L' Ange Cache     2000Pygmalion . Piano-Nathalie Loriers, Bass-Remy Vignolo, Drums-Aldo Romano  
              Trumpet-Paolo Fresu(3,6,12)  
          JBF75f JK67N//> JK67N JCB65f JCR59/ JFB74 JRC61/ JBF74 JRK61/ JCF67fY  
          JB65 JKF67                  
          Emanuele Sartoris / Marco Bellafiore Piano-Emanuele Satoris , Bass-Marco Bellafiore  
  I Suoni Del Male   2017Dodicilune[Italy] . Duo Album  
          in>JCK75y JKC74 JK>KB77 JCK75y JK77N JKC>CK75 JK75N JK>KC77      
          Emie R. Roussel Trio Piano  
  Quantum     2015Effendi . Bass-Nicolas Bedard, Drums-Dominic Cloutier  
          JBC77q JCB74g>end KC><BC74>end JCB><CF77y JBC><CF77 JBC><CFY>RK75 JKB75N>CF JBC75>end BC75fdyq    
  Intersections     2017Effendi . Bass-Nicolas Bedard, Drums-Dominic Cloutier  
  mp3           Trumpet-Lex French(5), Vocal-Malika Tirolien(3)  
        JCK67>dY JRK65 in>BC74Wd JCB71dy JKC>CK65 JRC>CF65>Y JCK69 JCB69 JCK67><d JCK65fd  
          Emiko Minakuchi Trio (水口恵美子トリオ) Piano  
  Kokolo       2005MusicaGuild . Bass-Hugo Cechosz, Drums-Francesco Pastacaldi  
          in>JBF80y! JRK77N! JRF><BF85! JKR85! JRKN><BC74S! JRF85! JKR77N JCF><BC65y! JRB80!    
  Mei       2008MusicaGuild/DiskUnion[Japan] . Bass-Hugo Cechosz, Drums-Elie Duris  
          JR80 JB>CF85fy! JC75Y><CR55 JFC80YY! JCRN>C>CFY!><BR>RK71 JCB><FC80fy! JBF77><CK67><CF74Y JR77      
          Emilio Marinelli Trio [ Italy ] . Piano  
  Clouds Digger     2011Dodicilune[Italy] . Bass-Amin Zarrinchang, Drums-Matteo Fraboni  
        JKC><CB80s JB80s JKB74Ns/ 3rJBF77fs/ 3rJBF77fs JKR77Ns JBC45M><KC71s JCBY><KC><CF71s JBK74Ns in>JKB74  
          ~ >JBR80                    
          Emil Brandqvist Trio Drums (Percussion, Glockenspiel, Synth)  
  Within A Dream     2018Skip . Piano&Celesta–Tuomas Turunen, Bass-Max Thornberg  
              Flute&Clarinet–Martin Brandqvist(8)  
          IRK74N JCK77fy JB80 JCB80Y ICB69fy/ JCR67 JCK>KC80f JKB80N JCB80f JB75q  
          IK77N IRK69N/                  
          Emilio Solla Y La Inestable De Brooklyn Piano-Emilio Solla  
  Second Half     2014EmilioSollaMusic . Sax&Flute-John Ellis, Tim Armacost, Trumpet-Alex Norris  
            Trombone-Ryan Keberle, Violin-Meg Okura, Accordion-Victor Prieto, Bass-Jorge Roeder  
          JJBC80fy JJBC>CB77fyt JBR77 IBF>JCB
JBC74 IBF>JFB75 JJBCf><KR74t JBR77      
          Emil Viklicky Trio Piano  
  Ballads and More   2008Arta . Bass-Frantisek Uhlir, Drums-Laco Tropp  
          JKB80S JK80S JBR85S in>JBF77f JBK80S JBK77S JKB77S JKB75S JKR77S JBR80NS  
          JKB77S JFB80S JBR80cs                
  Sinfonietta       2009Venus[Japan] . Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Lewis Nash, Laco Tropp(12)