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          Wayne Shorter TenorSax            
          Speak No Evil     1965/1999Blue Note  
          in>JBC80 JKC80 JKR><BC80 JBC85f JKB80N JB>BC85f 3r        
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  C       Caesar Frazier Organ  
  Closer To The Truth 2019Savant . Sax-Lyle Link, Guitar-Jacques Lesure, Drums-Leo Joyce Jr  
          in JCK69qS JBC69qS JKC74qS JCK65q JCK74fyS JBC74qS JCK65qS/ JCK74qS JBC74qS  
          Caili O'Doherty Piano  
  Quarantine Dream 2022PosiTone . Bass-Tamir Shmerling, Drums&&Percussion-Cory Cox  
              Sax-Nicole Glover(3,4,6-10)  
          JBF75fS JB75 JCB65 JCF65 JB75 JBF75S JKB65 JBC>CB65 JBC65fy JBK><CB65  
          Caixa Cubo Piano Trio  
  Angela 2020Heavenly . ElectricPiano-Henrique Gomide, Bass-Noa Stroeter, Drums-Joao Fideles  
          in JCK74fd BC65Mb JKC67 JCK><CB65 JKR69N JCF67dY        
          Calle Loiza Jazz Project Group  
  There Will Never Be Another You 2019CdBaby . Trumpet-Melvin Jones, Gordon Vernick, Guitar-Andre Avelino, etc  
            Piano-Mark Monts de Oca, Bass-Tony Batista, Drums-Jimmy Rivera, Conga-Javier Oquendo  
          JFC71dYS JBR>BF69mbS JCK71fbS JBC>CB69fbS JBK74S JCK74fbS JCB69fyS JFB>FC71bS      
          Calle Stenman Quintet Trumpet  
  Mr. Sands Is In The Dressing Room 2019AmpMusic . Sax&Clarinet-Martin Wiren, Piano-Anton Dromberg, Bass-Arvid Jullander  
  mp3             Drums-Filip Olofsson  
        IRF67 JFC69YY- JCF69f- JK65N- JK65N- JCB67fYq- JCF65fy- JBK65-      
          Calvin Keys Guitar  
  Blue Keys 2022WideHive . Sax-Gary Bartz, Doug Rowan, Trombone-Steve Turre, Mike Rinta  
              Guitar-Gregory Howe, Keyboard-Mike Blankenship, etc  
          in>JCB75dy JKC74q JCK74 JJKC75 JKC74q JJCK74q JJBC71q JKC71q JJCK74q    
          Cameron Graves Piano  
  Planetary Prince     2017MackAvenue . Sax-Kamasi Washington, Trumpet-Philip Dizack  
            Trombone-Ryan Porter, Bass-Stephen Bruner, Drums-Ronald Bruner Jr  
          in>JC74dy JC74dy JC74dY JBR>BC74d JCB74fdy JCK74f>Y JBC74fd in>JC69d      
          Camilla George Alto Sax  
  People Could Fly 2018UbuntuMusic . Bass&ElectricBass–Daniel Casimir, Drums–Femi Koleoso, Winston Clifford  
            Guitar– Shirley Tetteh, ElectricPiano–Sarah Tandy, Vocal–Cherise Adams Burnett(1,4), etc  
          C61wdy JBC69fy CB69fdy JKR69W JCB74 JCF74fy JK74q BC67Mfds      
          Camille Thurman Tenor Sax & Vocal  
  Inside The Moment    2017Chesky . Guitar-Mark Whitfield, Bass-Ben Allison, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JFB74LS JFC69WLS JBC74yqLS JKR74WqLS JKC65qLS JBC69fLS JBC61WqLS        
          Cannonball Adderley Alto Sax . Julian "Cannonball" Adderley  
  Presenting Cannonball   1955/1996Savoy . Jacket Design 2 Type . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Hank Jones,   
          プレゼンティング・キャノンボール   6-11: BonusTrack                                             Bass-Paul Chambers, Drums-Kenny Clarke, etc  
          JBC69fq JB74q JFB75y JKC67 JKR80S JFC71Y- JBC>FB67f JCK75fyS- 6rJFC67Y- ^ >3rJFB77y  
  Julian "Cannonball" Adderley   1955/2003EmArcy . Cornet-Nat Adderley, TenorSax&Flute-Jerome Richardson, etc  
            Trombone-J. J. Johnson, Jimmy Cleveland, Composer-Quincy Jones(2,6,9Compose), etc  
          JFB77y- JBF75f- JBC74fq- JBR75S- JFB77S- JFB75y- JBR77S- JBF75fS- JBK74q- JKF75S-  
  Sophisticated Swing     1957/2002Universal .  Cornet-Nat Adderley(1,4,5,6Compose), Piano-Junior Mance  
          ソフィスティケイテッド・スイング     Bass-•Sam Jones(5,6Compose), Drums-Jimmy Cobb, Composer-Gene Wright(2,8,9)  
          JCF74fY- JB>BC69q- JBR80S JCB77Y JFC80Y JFB75 JKR74NS JB>BC74q JFC77Y-    
  Cannonball Enroute     1958/2002Universal .  Cornet-Nat Adderley(2,3,4Compose), Piano-Junior Mance  
          キャノンボール・アンルート               Bass-•Sam Jones, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JBF80fS JFC80YY JFB77 JBC63q JBK75S JFC75YYS- JFB75- JFC77YS-      
  Cannonball’s Sharpshooters <US> [ Type 1 ] 1958/2009Mercury . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Junior Mance, Bass-Sam Jones  
                                             Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JFC75yS- JCB75f- JBK75S- JBC71qS- JFC75YS- JBC74qS- JFC77YS- 6r      
          Our Delight Jubilation What's New Straight, No Chaser If I Love Again Fuller Bop Man Stay on It Fuller Bop Man[alternate take]       
  Cannonball’s Sharpshooters <Japan > [ Type 2 ] 1958/2012Mercury  
          シャープシューターズ +2    
          JFC75yS- JCB75f- JBK75S- JBC71qS- JFC75YS- Bonus Track 8r JBC74qS-      
          Our Delight Jubilation What's New Straight, No Chaser If I Love Again I'll Remember April  Fuller Bop Man Fuller Bop Man Stay on It    
          Cannonball’s Sharpshooters [ Type 3 ]    
          JFC75yS- JBK75S- JBC74qS- JCB75f- JFC77YS- JFC75YS- JBC71qS- Bonus Track      
          Our Delight What's New Fuller Bop Man Jubilation Stay on It If I Love Again Straight, No Chaser I'll Remember April       
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  Somethin' Else     1958/1999BlueNote . Trumpet-Miles Davis(3compose), Piano-Hank Jones(6compose)  
          サムシン・エルス +1              Bass-Sam Jones, Drums-Art Blakey .  06-BonusTrack  
          in>JBK75S JBC><BF75fS JBF>CB74y JBC75S JBR80fS JFB77          
  Alto Giant       (1969Recording)/1996NipponCrown[Japan] . Trumpet-Nat Adderley  
                                        Piano-Joe Zawinul(1,6Compose), Bass-Victor Gaskin, Drums-Louis Hayes            
          JCF65fyL- JB65qL- JB63LSS- JCB77fyLS JBKN>KC65LS BC74fdyL/          
  Cannonball Takes Charge   1959/Riverside . Piano-Wynton Kelly, Bass-Paul Chambers(1-4), Percy Heath(5-9)  
          テイクス・チャージ        Drums-Jimmy Cobb(1-4), Albert Heath(5-9)  
          JFB85yS JKR80S JBF85S JFB85yS JBF80q JBF85S JFB80yS 5rJBF80q 7rJFB85yS    
    Them Dirty Blues <US>     1960/2000BlueNote . Cornet-Nat Adderley(1Compose),  Bass-Sam Jones(6Compose)  
                  Piano-Barry Harris(1-4), Bobby Timmons(5-9)(5Compose), Drums-Louis Hayes  
          JCK85f JBC85fS JBR80S JBC77q JKC80 JFB85y JBF80qS 1r 5r    
          Work Song Jeannine Easy Living Them Dirty Blues Dat Dere Del Sasser Soon Work Song Dat Dere    
  Them Dirty Blues <Japan>   1960/2000BlueNote . Cornet-Nat Adderley(1Compose),  Bass-Sam Jones(4Compose)  
          ゼム・ダーティ・ブルース     Piano-Barry Harris(1,3,5,7), Bobby Timmons(2,4,6)(2Compose), Drums-Louis Hayes  
          JCK85f JKC80 JBR80S JFB85y JBC85fS JBF80qS JBC77q        
          Work Song Dat Dere Easy Living Del Sasser  Jeannine Soon Them Dirty Blues        
  Cannonball Adderley And The Poll Winners 1961/1999Riverside .Guitar-Wes Montgomery, Piano&Vibraphone-Victor Feldman(1,3Compose)  
                                        Bass-Ray Brown, Drums-Louis Hayes  
          JBC77fq JCK>BC77fyS JFB85 JFB80S JB80S JCF80fS 4rJFB80S        
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  Live Session!     1964/2004Capitol . Blues Vocal Album . Vocal-Ernie Andrews, Piano-Joe Zawinul  
            Cornet-Nat Adderley(12Compose)Bass-Sam Jones, Drums-Louis Hayes  
          ~ BC74MqLs BC74MqLs>~ KR74MqLs BC74MfdYqLs BF71MqLs CB74MqLs KR74MqLs B74MqLs JFB74MqLS  
          BC74MqLs KC>CB77MqL BC74MfqLs                
  Domination     1965/2005Capitol . Conducter-Oliver Nelson, Cornet&Trumpet-Nat Adderley(2Compose), etc  
            Trombone-Jay Jay Johnson(5Compose), etc, Piano-Joe Zawinul(6,9Compose), etc  
          in>JJCF71fy JJBC65q JJFB80b JJBC69bS JJFC77y JJBR85b JJKR74S JJFC77yS in>JJCF74fy
  Money in the Pocket     (1966Recording)/2005Capitol . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Joe Zawinul(1,5Compose)  
                                 Bass-Herbie Lewis, Drums-Roy McCurdy  
          JFC74qL JBR77LS JFB77ybL JBC71qL>~ JRC><CK67L JCB74fdLS~ JFC77yqL JFB>FC77YLS      
  Radio Nights     (1968Recording)/1991NightRecords . Cornet-Nat Adderley(1,5Compose), Drums-Louis Hayes  
                Piano-Joe Zawinul(2Compose), Sax-Charles Lloyd(5,6,7)(6Compose), Bass-Sam Jones(7Compose)  
          JB>FB71L JBR>RF69L JBR77LS JFC74YS in>JCB>CF77YL JBR77L JFC75yqL ~ JB65MqL>~      
  Phenix       1975/1999Fantasy . Cornet-Nat Adderley(2,4Compose), Keyboards-George Duke, etc  
            Bass-Sam Jones, drums-Louis Hayes, eyc, Composer-Joe Zawinul(9,10Compose)  
          BF69S JCK77fy JBC69q JBC67 JBC67qS JB>BF74S in>JBC65fd JCF><CB67 JBC65fq B67q  
          JBR75S BF>B67qS                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cannonball Adderley Quintet Alto Sax  
    In San Francisco     1959Riverside . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Bobby Timmons(1Compose), Bass-Sam Jones  
          イン・サン・フランシスコ+1 06-BonusTrack  .  Drums-Louis Hayes  
          ~ >JFC77L JFB77L JBF75LS JCF77YL JCF77YYLS JBC74fYLS          
  At the Lighthouse [ Type 1 ]   1960/2001Riverside . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Victor Feldman(4,5Compose)  
                      Bass-Sam Jones, Drums-Louis Hayes  
          JCB><FC74fyqL JCF80LS JB80LS JFB80yL JCF77fyL JCF77yLS JCF80fYLS        
          Sack O' Woe Big "P" Blue Daniel Azule Serape Exodus What Is This Thing Called Love Our Delight        
  At the Lighthouse [ Type 2 ]   1960/2001Riverside . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Victor Feldman(2,6Compose)  
                      Bass-Sam Jones, Drums-Louis Hayes  
          JCB><FC74fyqL JFB80yL JCF80fYLS JCF80LS JB80LS JCF77fyL JCF77yLS        
          Sack O' Woe Azule Serape Our Delight Big "P" Blue Daniel Exodus What Is This Thing Called Love        
  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 1966/1995Capitol . Cornet-Nat Adderley(1,2compose), Piano-Joe Zawinul(3,5compose)  
          マーシー・マーシー・マーシー           Bass-Victor Gaskin, Drums-Roy McCurdy  
          JCF75YL JCF75fyL JBC75L JFC80YL JCF75fyL JCFfy><BC75L          
  Why Am I Treated So Bad!   1967/2006Capitol .Cornet-Nat Adderley(7,8Compose), Piano&Key-Joe Zawinul(5,6,8Compose)  
          ホワイ・アム・アイ・トリーテッド・ソー・バッド! 9,10-BonusTrack .  Bass-Victor Gaskin, Drums-Roy McCurdy, Composer-Nat Adderley Jr(3)  
          ^ JFC74dYYLS>~ ~ >JCB77dYL>~ ~ >JBC71dqLS JFC75dL JRB74NL/ ~ >JCF77fdL JCB77fdL~ JBC74fdyqLS JBR><BF80LS  
  Country Preacher     1969/1994Capitol . Cornet-Nat Adderley(3-6Compose), Bass-Walter Booker  
          カントリー・プリーチャー            Keyboard-Joe Zawinul(1,2,5,6Compose), Drums-Roy McCurdy                   
          ^ >JCF75fdL ~>JKRN><BC71L JCK71dYL JBC65MqL~ ~ >JCR><BCfd
~ >JFC65dL~//          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cannonball Adderley Quintet  AltoSax-Cannonball Adderley(3Compose),  TenorSax-John Coltrane(4,6Compose)  
          ( Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane Quintet )    
    In Chicago       1959Mercury/2002Universal . Piano-Wynton Kelly, Bass-Paul Chambers, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          イン・シカゴ       C.A=Cannonball Adderley . J.C=John Coltrane  
          JFC90YS JBR85S! JBF85f JCF80 JB85S! JBC80f          
          C.A / J.C C.A J.C / C.A J.C / C.A J.C C.A / J.C          
          Cannonball Adderley Sextet Alto Sax  
  In New York     1962Riverside . Cornet-Nat Adderley, Sax&Flute-Yusef Lateef(3,5Compose)  
          イン・ニューヨーク     Piano-Joe Zawinul(6Compose), Bass-Sam Jones(7Compose), Drums-Louis Hayes  
          ~ JBC><CF80LS JCF77YL JFB80YLS JCR61L JFB77yqL JCB77fyL~        
          Cannonball Adderley With The Bossa Rio Sextet Of Brazil AltoSax-Cannonball Adderley  
      Cannonball's Bossa Nova
  Cannonball's Bossa Nova   1962BlueNote . Guitar-Durval Ferreira(1,4,5,8,10Compose,), Piano-Sergio Mendes(6Compose)  
          キャノンボールズ・ボサ・ノヴァ   Sax-Paulo Moura, Trumpet-Pedro Paulo, Bass-Octavio Bailly Jr, Drums-Dom Um Romao  
          JRF80b JFB80bs JBK80bs JFB80b JRF80b JCB77b JKB85bs JFC80yb JBK80bs 1rJRF85b  
          Cannonball Adderley Quintet With Strings AltoSax-Cannonball Adderley  
  Great Love Themes     1966Capitol/2011EMI[Japan] . Trumpet-Nat Adderley, Piano-Joe Zawinul, Bass-Herbie Lewis  
          枯葉(グレイト・ラヴ・テーマ)                      Drums-Roy McCurdy, + Ray Ellis Strings  
          JBR80hcs JBR>FB80hS JBK80hS JBK77hS in>JFB80hS JBR85hS JKB77hbs JB74hS JCK80hS    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cannonball Adderley & His Orchestra   AltoSax-Cannonball Adderley  
  African Waltz     1961Riverside . Sax-George Dorsey, Jerome Richardson, Oliver Nelson, Arthur Clarke  
          アフリカン・ワルツ+2     Trumpet-Nat Adderley(7Compose), Clark Terry, Piano-Wynton Kelly(8Compose), etc  
          JJCF77 JJBC75fq JBR80S JJCB75f/ JJBF80f JJBF69b/ JJBC74fq JKC69q JJCB71/ JJBF80S  
          JJCB75fS JJBC67fq/                  
          Cannonball Adderley With Milt Jackson AltoSax-Cannonball Adderley  
  Things Are Getting Better <US>   1958/1988Riverside . Vibraphone-Milt Jackson(1Compose), Piano-Wynton Kelly  
                           Bass-Percy Heath, Drums-Art Blakey  
          JKC71 JBF77q JK71NS 3rJK71NS JFB77S JBF75fS 6rJBF74S JB67q JCF77fyS    
          Blues Oriental Things Are Getting Better Serves Me Right Serves Me Right Groovin' High The Sidewalks Of New York The Sidewalks Of New York Sounds For Sid Just One Of Those Things    
  Things Are Getting Better <Japan>   1958/1988Riverside . Vibraphone-Milt Jackson(1Compose), Piano-Wynton Kelly  
          シングス・アー・ゲッティング・ベター+2                                       Bass-Percy Heath, Drums-Art Blakey  
          JKC71 JBF77q JK71NS JFB77S JBF75fS JB67q JCF77fyS 3rJK71NS 5rJBF74S    
          Blues Oriental Things Are Getting Better Serves Me Right Groovin' High The Sidewalks Of New York Sounds For Sid Just One Of Those Things Serves Me Right The Sidewalks Of New York    
          Cannonball Adderley / Bill Evans AltoSax-Cannonball Adderley, Piano-Bill Evans(1,9Compose)  
          キャノンボール・アダレイ / ビル・エヴァンス    
  Know What I Mean? [ Type 1 ]   1961/1990Riverside . Bass-Percy Heath, Drums-Connie Kay  
          in>JBF80 JK><BK75S JFB85S JB77S JFB85S JBK80S JKR80S JKR><BC75 3r 8r  
          Waltz for Debby Goodbye Who Cares? Venice Toy Elsa Nancy Know What II 〜 Who Cares? Know What I 〜  
    Know What I Mean? [ Type 2 ]   1961/1990Riverside . Bass-Percy Heath, Drums-Connie Kay  
          in>JBF80 JK><BK75S JFB85S 3r JB77S JFB85S JBK80S JKR80S JKR><BC75 9r  
          Waltz for Debby Goodbye Who Cares? Who Cares? Venice Toy Elsa Nancy Know What I 〜 Know What I 〜  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Caribbean Jazz Project Group  
    The Gathering     2002Concord . Vibraphone-Dave Samuels(1,4,8Compose), Flute-Dave Valentin(3Compose)  
            Bass-Ruben Rodriguez(6Compose), Drums&Timbales-Dafnis Prieto(7,9Compose), etc  
          JCF74Y JKC><CB74S JFC69yb JBC><CF69fyb JBC69fYS JKC>CK69b JFC69Yb JCK71fy JCF65fYb    
          Carla Bley Piano  ( &  Organ , Sax )  
  European Tour 1977   1978WattWorks/ECM . Organ&TenorSax-Carla Bley, Trumpet-Michael Mantler  
            AltoSax-Elton Dean, TenorSax-Gary Windo, Trombone-Roswell Rudd, Piano-Terry Adams, etc  
          in>JJCF><KB80 in>JJCB69Y JJBC67q JJKCq>CB
  4×4       2000WATT Works . Sax-Andy Sheppard, Wolfgang Puschnig, Trumpet-Lew Soloff  
            Trombone-Gary Valente, Organ-Larry Goldings, Bass-Steve Swallow, Drums-Victor Lewis  
          JFC59fq JBF61 CF>RC>CR55 CF49f K61            
          Carla Bley / Andy Sheppard / Steve Swallow Piano-Carla Bley,  Sax-Andy Sheppard,  Bass-Steve Swallow  
  Songs With Legs     1995Watt  
          JC40L JKR74L JBF69fL JB65L JC55fL JBR77L          
          Carla Bley / Steve Swallow / Andy Sheppard Piano-Carla Bley, Bass-Steve Swallow, Sax-Andy Sheppard  
  Life Goes On 2020ECM  
          JBK59q JKB61Nq JBC65 JBK61 JCR55N JK61N JKC61 JK61N in JKC59  
          Carl Allen Drums  
  The Pursuer     1994Atlantic . Sax-Vincent Herring, George Coleman, Teodross Avery(7Compose)  
            Trumpet-Marcus Printup, Trombone-Steve Turre, Piano-Ed Simon, Bass-Ben Wolfe  
          JCK80fy JBC65q JCF77YS JK67N JCF77Y JKC71q JBC74fq JCR61 JFB75S    
          Carl Allen & Manhattan Projects Drums  
      Piccadilly Square [from US] [Import]
  Piccadilly Square     1990Alfa[Japan] . Sax-Vincent Herring, Trumpet-Freddie Hubbard, Roy Hargrove  
          ピカデリー・スクウェア     Jacket Design <Japan>≠<US>   . Piano-Donald Brown, Bass-Ira Coleman  
          JCB71 JCB75yS JKC69S JB77S JRC65 JCF69y JBF75 JKR80S JCF74fYS JCF71Y  
  The Dark Side of Dewey   1992Alfa/2003M&I[Japan] . Trumpet-Nicholas Payton, Sax-Vincent Herring  
          イントロデューシング・ニコラス・ペイトン   Jacket Design & Album Title <Japan>≠<US> .  Piano-Mulgrew Miller, Bass-Dwayne Bruno  
          JCF85y JB77S JK80S JB80 JCF85y JKC71S JBF85S JCB75y      
          Manhattan Projects Group . Drums&Leader-Carl Allen  
  Dream Boat     1989Alfa[Japan] . Sax-Kenny Garrett, Trumpet-Roy Hargrove, Piano-Donald Brown  
          ドリーム・ボート          Bass-Ira Coleman . Jacket Design <Japan>≠<US>  
          JB77! JCB55 JKR><B80S JCF77f! JKB80S JCB65Y JBF77S! JBK75S JCF75Y!    
      Echoes of Our Heroes [from US] [Import]
  Echoes of Our Heroes     1993Alfa[Japan] . AltoSax-Vincent Herring, Trumpet-Nicholas Payton, TenorSax-Mark Turner  
          エコー・オブ・ヒーローズ     Jacket Design <Japan>≠<US> .  Piano-Kenny Drew Jr, Bass-Christopher Thomas  
          JCF74YS JFC85S JBR80fS JB85f JCF65YS JK63 JKR69NS JBF69 JCB71yS    
      We Remember Cannon Ball
  We Remember Cannonball   1994Alfa[Japan] . AltoSax-Vincent Herring, Trumpet-Nicholas Payton, Cornet-Nat Adderley  
          ウイ・リメンバー・キャノンボール        TenorSax-Mark Turner, Piano-Xavier Davis, Bass-Ben Wolfe  
          JFC85S JBC74S JBF75fS JBR85yS JKC69S JCB71S JFB85S JBF85S JCF80yS    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Carla Marcotulli [ Italy ]  
  Love Is The Sound Of Surprise 2018ParcoDellaMusica  
          JJBC74Wfy JBK71W JCF71Wf JBK61W JKR>FB71WS JBF71Wb JKB69W JKR71WNs JBR69W JKB69W//  
          JKR71W JCB65W                  
          Carlo Bernardinello Drums  
  Artist's Dreams   mp3 2009CarloBernardinello .Piano-Lars Jansson(5,6Compose), Bass-Fabio De March(7Compose)  
            Sax&Flute-Wally Allifranchini(1,5,6,8-10), Trumpet-Alberto Mandarini(3-6,8-10), etc  
          JFB85b JBR90 JBR85S JBF80S! JBR80 JBF85! JKR85 JBK80S JBC77fqS JCB75  
          Carlo Morena / Joe Fonda / Felix Lecaros Herrera     
            Piano-Carlo Morena , Bass-Joe Fonda , Drums-Felix Lecaros Herrera  
  Step In: Voila La Tendresse 2021NotTwo . Piano Trio  
          JBC>CF74fy! JB><RF75 JKC>CB69fy in>JCK>CB69 JBC><CB69f JRK74S JRB>FB75        
          Carlo Uboldi / Felice Clemente [ Italy ] . Piano-Carlo Uboldi , Soprano Sax-Felice Clemente  
  Introspective 2018MusicCenter . Duo Album  
          in>JBF74f JBR>BF77cs JKC75fy JK75 JBR74S JBF75f in>JB74S JRF75s      
          Carolina Calvache Piano  
  Vida Profunda 2020Sunnyside . Vocal-Marta Gomez(1), Sofia Ribeiro(2), Ruben Blades(3)  
            Vocal-Claudia Acuna(4), Sara Serpa(5), Aubrey Johnson(6), Haydee Milanes(7), etc  
          JBR75Wh JBK75W JBK75MN JK74Wh in^>JBF75Wfy JKB77W JKB75W JBK>BC77Wh JKR77W JKB75Wh  
          Caroline Davis Alto Sax  
  Heart Tonic 2018Sunnyside . Trumpet-Marquis Hill, Piano&Fender Rhodes-Julian Shore  
                  Bass-Tamir Shmerling, Drums-Jay Sawyer  
          JBC59q JBC75 JCK><CF65 JKC>CK65 JCF59/ JBC65qS JCK61q JCR61 JCB61    
          Caroline Davis / Rob Clearfield Alto Sax-Caroline Davis , Piano-Rob Clearfield  
  Anthems 2019Sunnyside . Bass-Sam Weber, Drums-Jay Sawyer  
          JCB65 JBK65N JCF59fy/ JCF59yS>Y IBK61N JB65 JC59y JK61N JBC>CF61    
          Caroline Scott Drums  
  Khoalesce 2018CarolineScott . Sax-Duncan Eagles, Piano-John Turville, Bass-Kevin Glasgow  
        JC77dy JRK77N JCF77dy JCF80dy JBC74fd/ JKC74q JKB77 JC77dY// JCF80y JB80  
          Carol Sudhalter BaritoneSax / Flute / Vocal  
  Live At Saint Peter'S Church 2018AlfaMusicStudio . Piano–Patrick Poladian(7Compose), Bass-Kevin Hailey  
                       Drums–Mike Campenni  
          JBF65LS JK65LS JKB65NLS JKC65fLS JKB61WL- JRF65LS JCB65fyL JKB59NLS JKB74NLbs    
          Carl Orrje Trio Piano  
  La Campanella     2001PonyCanyon[Japan] . Bass-井上陽介, Drums-Rudy Petschauer  
          ラ・カンパネラ                      Producer: 木全 信  
          in>JCK67ls JKB85Nls in>JCK74Yls in>JB80ls JCK71ls JBF77ls JBF><CK80ls JRF><BK74ls IKR><JBR74ls JBR85ls  
  Fugue       2003M&I[Japan] . Bass-井上陽介, Drums-Eliot Zigmund  
          薔薇色のフーガ         Producer: 木全 信  
          JBF>FB77ls JCB75y JKC71S JCB77fyls JRK71Nls JFC74bls JKB75ls in>JBC74fls JKR77ls JBR77ls  
          Carlos McKinney Piano & Keyboards  
  Up-Front       1997SiroccoJazz . Bass-Buster Williams, Drums-Ralph Penland  
                 TenorSax-Antoine Roney(2,4,6,8,9)  
          JCF80YS JKC>CB69y JBK><BC74S JCF63S JRK75N JBK74 JCF74y JKR><CR71 JCF67Y    
          Carlos Nino Percussion & Soundscapes  
  Chicago Waves 2020InternationalAnthem . Violin & Effects-Miguel Atwood Ferguson  
          HR65 HRF61 HRF61 HCR55 HBR61 HR65 HCR55 HCR55>~ HR65 HR65>~  
  More Energy Fields, Current 2021International Anthem . Sax-Sam Gendel, Piano-Jamael Dean, etc  
          IRK61 HCR61 HRC65 ICR55 ICR55N IBC45 HCR55N HRK61 HRC55^ IRK61  
          Carmen Sandim Piano  
  Play-Doh 2019PathwaysToJazz . Sax-Bruce Williamson, Trumpet-Gabriel Mervine, Drums-Dru Heller  
            Trombone-Alex Heitlinger, Guitar-Khabu Doug Young, Bass-Bill McCrossen  
          JJCB65 JBR>RF75 JCK57q IBR74 JJBK69 JCB69y JB67 JJBC61 JKR>RF74    
          Carmen Staaf Trio Piano  
  Eye To Eye       2011CarmenStaaf . Bass-Kendall Eddy, Drums-Austin Mcmahon  
          JKC67L JKB>KF75LS in>JCK61><55
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Carolyn Breuer Alto Sax . [ Netherlands(オランダ)] . ( Woman Sax Player )  
          キャロリン・ブロイアー Web Site    
      Fate Smiles
  Fate Smiles     2000Notnowmom/GatsProduction[Japan] . Jacket Design 2 Type .  Piano-Edwin Berg  
          フェイト・スマイルズ     Bass-Bart Tarenskeen, Drums-Joost Patocka, Trombone-Hermann Breuer(2,3,5)  
          JCF71fyL JKRN>BF77L BFy><BC77 JB85L JBF><CF71fy JB80fL 06>JCB74y        
  Night Moves     2002Notnowmom/GatsProduction[Japan] . Guitar-Martijn Van Lterson, Piano-Rob Van Bavel  
          ナイト・ムーヴス                                                              Bass-Frans Van Geest, Drums-Joost Patocka  
          JKB80bs JKR80cs JBR90S JBK75S JB85fS JKRN>BF77 JKR77S JBK80 JBF74y    
  Amour Fou     2005Notnowmom . Piano-Rob van Bavel, Herman Breuer(7), Bass-Marc Abrams  
          恋の炎          Drums-Joost Patocka  
          JFC77y in>JBC>FB74 JB80 JCB74y JKR77N JBC77f JFC77y        
          Carsten Dahl Trio Piano  
  Message From Bud   1999Storyville . Bass-Lennard Ginmann, Drums-Frands Rifbjerg  
          JFC77Y JBF74S JBC71fq JBF74S JFC74YS JK75NS! JFB74S! JBF74S JBF74S JBF74q  
  Minor Meeting     2001M&I[Japan] . Bass-Jesper Bodilsen, Drums-Ed Thigpen  
          JCB77yS JK>JCK74yS JKR77NS JCB71yS JCB69YS! in>JKR75S JK71NS JCB74fyS! JKR75NS JBK75S  
  Blue Train     2005MarshmallowExport[Japan] . Bass-Lennart Ginman, Drums-Frands Rifbjerg  
          JFB74yS! JBK74S! JFB77S! JBK75S! JFC75YYS! JKC71qS! JKC74fqS! JKB75S! JCB71fyq! JKC71qS!  
          JKB71qS! JBF74qS!                  
          Carsten Dahl Trinity Piano-Carsten Dahl  
  Painting Music 2019ACT . Bass-Nils Bo Davidsen, Drums-Stefan Pasborg  
          JK65! JCK61yS! JRK65NS JK65S JCB61y! JFC59YS! JRK61S! JCF61YS JBK61NS! JCK61yS  
  Mirrors Within 2021Storyville . Bass-Nils Bosse Davidsen, Drums-Stefan Pasborg  
          JKC>CK67t! JCB>CF61! JBF61f! JBF59fy! JCR59 JCF59y>Y JRC55N JBC55q JRK65 JCB>CF57fy!  
          Carsten Dahl / Mads Vinding / Alex Riel Piano-Carsten Dahl,  Bass-Mads Vinding,  Drums-Alex Riel  
  In Our Own Sweet Way     2009StoryvilleRecords  
          JBF80yLS JK69NLS JBF85fLS JKRN><B85LS JCF80YYLS JRK80NLS in>JFC77LS'#        
          Carsten Dahl / Tim Hagans / etc Piano-Carsten Dahl , Trumpet-Tim Hagans  
  A Beautiful Blue Moment 2022Storyville . Bass-Johnny Aman, Drums-Jukkis Uotila  
          JCF69Y JRC69 JC61fy JCC55Y JCR61 JBC61fq JCRN>CB59y JC>CF65y JRK61    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cascino Trio Piano-Datrick Cascino  
  From The Inside Out 2019BinauralProduction . Bass-Charly Tomas, Drums-Luca Scalambrino  
          JCK80 JCK>CF75y JKB80 JK77N JCB><CF77y JCK><CF77t JKB>CB80y JKC><CB74 JKB80 IBC59fy  
          Cathlene Pineda Piano  
  Rainbow Baby 2020Orenda . Trumpet–Kris Tiner, Bass–David Tranchina, Drums–Tina Raymond   
        JB>CK>CF65 JB><CR65q JB><BC65 JB65 JBK>KC65 JKC65 JCR61N JBC65 JBC67f    
          Cecilia Coleman Piano  
  Pearl       2006M&I[Japan] . Bass-Tim Givens, Drums-Jeff Brillinger  
          JB>BF80 JBF77f JB77S JB80S JB>BF77S JB77 JBC75fS JBR77S JBC75fyS JB75S  
          JFC77 JBF77S                  
          Cecilie Grundt Sax  
  Contemporary Old School 2019AmpMusic . Trumpet-Oyvind Mathisen, Piano-Havard Aufles, Bass-Morten Stai  
  mp3             Drums-Asmund Smidt  
        JBC><CF65f JBK61N JKC><CF65 JKB65N JB><CB74 in>JBK>CB65 JBK71N JRK><BC65q      
          Cecil Taylor Piano  
  Love For Sale     1959/1998Liverty . Sax-Bill Barron(4,5,6), Trumpet-Ted Curson(4,5,6), Bass-Buell Neidlinger  
          ラヴ・フォー・セール           Drums-Dennis Charles  
          JBK>CB59yS JBC59YS JBC>CB57yS JCB55fy JBC59q JBC><CB55fy          
  Conquistador     1966/1990BlueNote . Sax-Jimmy Lyons, Trumpet-Bill Dixon, Bass-Henry Grimes, Alan Silva  
          コンキスタドール     03-BonusTrack        Drums-Andrew Cyrille  
          JCC>Y><CR45 JCR><CC45Y 2r                
          17:54 19:19                  
  Unit Structures [ Type 1 ]   1966/1995BlueNote . 03-BonusTrack . Trumpet-Eddie Gale Stevens Jr, Sax-Jimmy Lyons  
                Sax&Clarinet-Ken McIntyre, Bass-Henry Grimes, Alan Silva, Drums-Andrew Cyrille  
          BC>CC45>YY BK>CC>RC45 2rRC><CR35 CC25><YY CC><CR35>Y            
  Unit Structures [ Type 2 ]   1966/1995BlueNote  
          BC>CC45>YY BK>CC>RC45 CC25><YY CC><CR35>Y              
  Indent     1973/1989AristaFreedom . Solo Piano  
          JCC35><YL JCC35>YL JJCC35>YL                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cedar Walton  Piano  
  Cedar     1967/1991Prestige . Trumpet-Kenny Dorham(1,2,3-5), Sax-Junior Cook(1,5-7)  
          シダー             Bass-Leroy Vinnegar, Drums-Billy Higgins  
          JCK75fy JBC74f JB75S JBF75fq JCB77fy JRF75S JFB75S        
  Eastern Rebellion     1976/2000Timeless . Sax-George Coleman,(3Compose) Bass-Sam Jones(4Compose)  
          イースタン・リベリオン              Drums-Billy Higgins  
          JFB77y JBF77fS in>JCB75fy JFC75y JFB77            
  Plays Featuring Ron Carter and Billy Higgins 1986Delos . Bass-Ron Carter, Drums-Billy Higgins, AltoSax-Kenny Garrett  
            BaritoneSax-Charles Davis, Trombone-Steve Turre, Trumpet-Don Sickler  
          JBK71qS JFC74YS JFB75 JBN>CK75S JB>BF75 JB>KC74S JFC74yS JB>BC>BF74f      
      At Goodday Club
  The Good Day Club     1989/1993TDK[Japan] . Bass-David Williams, Drums-Billy Higgins  
          JBF80L JF85YYL JBK85LS JFB74yLS JCB>B71LS            
  Composer       1996AstorPlace . Sax-Vincent herring, Trumpet-Roy Hargrove, Bass-Christian Mcbride  
          JBF80f JBF80f JFB77 JKC><CB69 JBC74y JBR75N JBF80fb JBC74 JCF74fy    
  Roots       1999AstorPlace . Bass-Ron Carter, Drums-Lewis Nash  
            Sax-Joshua Redman, Trumpet-Terence Blanchard, Guitar-Mark Whitfield, etc  
          JFB77 JCF69 JB80f JKR77 JFB75 JFC75 JFB85 JCB74 JFC74y    
          Cedar Walton Trio Piano  
  Midnight Waltz     2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-David Williams, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JBF85 JBK80 JFB80y JBF80 in>JBC80y JBF85b JB80 JBF80 JBF80fy JFB90y  
  Plays Billy Strayhorn     2009JazzBall . Bass-Andy Simpkins, Drums-Billy Higgins  
                               Sax-Clifford Jordan(11,12)  
          JB>BC80fS JBK75S JFB77S JB>BF80S JBC><BF80fyS JKR77NS JFB><FC80S JBF75LS- JRF>BC74YLS- JFB>FC74LS-  
          JBK74S JBC67fS                  
  Song Of Delilah  -Music Of Victor Young- 2010Venus[Japan] . Bass-Buster Williams, Drums-Willie Jones III  
          ソング・オブ・デライラ 〜ミュージック・オブ・ヴィクター・ヤング〜    
          JKC77S JKB77S JKC77S JB75S JBF77S JKR77S JB85S JB80S      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cedric Caillaud Bass  
  With Respect To A. C. Jobim 2020FreshSound . Guitar-Gilles Rea, Flute-Herve Meschinet  
          JRF74bs JRF75bs JK74Nbs JBK74bs JK69Nbs JBK>RF74bs JK65Nbs/ JRF74bs JBR75Nbs JRF75bs  
          Cedric Gysler / Evaristo Perez / Raphael Nick Bass-Cedric Gysler  
            Piano-Evaristo Perez, Drums-Raphael Nick  
  Mountain Walk     2017Unit . Piano Trio  
          JRK74 JBC74 JBC74fq JKC74S JCR59/ JBC74S JKB74N JCR45N JCK75 JBF><CB74qS  
          Cees Slinger Piano  
  Sling Shot       1990Timeless . Sax-Clifford Jordan, Bass-Isla Eckinger, Drums-Philly Joe Jones  
          JBF69fq JKB71 JCB>CF65fy JBC67fy JB71S JBC65fyq          
          Celine Bonacina Baritone Sax & Soprano Sax  
  Crystal Rain     2016Cristal . Piano–Gwilym Simcock,(8Compose)  
              Bass–Chris Jennings(10Compose), Drums–Asaf Sirkis  
          JKC>CK61q JC59>Y/ JB>BC61 JCR45N JCR>CF55 JC><CF57Y JCF61y JC65fy JCF61fy JCR59N  
          Cengiz Yaltkaya Trio Piano  
  A.K. Steps Out   2010CengizYaltkaya . Bass-Jiro Plutschow, Drums-Marco Piali  
          JCB67y JKC65 JCB74f JK69N JBC65f JKC75f JKC80 JBK77N JCF74 JBK74  
          Chad Lawson Trio Piano  
  Chad Lawson Trio     1998Chad Lawson . Bass-Rick Dior, Drums-Ron Brendle  
                CD Baby            
          JKR85 JCK80y JB80 JFC85/ JKC80 JKR85N          
          Dear Dorothy : The Oz Session   2002SummitRecords . Bass-Zack page, Drums-Al Sergel  
          JBR85Ncs JFB80cs in>JBR80cs JRF80cs JKC69cs JBF75qcs JFB80cs JKR80Ncs JBR85 JB77cs  
          JB74q JBC74fcs                  
  Unforeseen     2004SummitRecords .  Bass-Zack Page, Drums-Al Sergel  
          JB80d JB80s JBR80 JBK80s JKB77S JBR85NS JB77 JBR77s JBF80S JKB77S  
          Chad Lefkowitz-Brown Tenor Sax  
  Onward 2017ChadLefkowitzBrown . Piano-Steven Feifke, Bass-Raviv Markovitz  
              Drums-Jimmy MacBride, Trumpet-Randy Brecker(3,7)  
          JCB>CF77y JBF75fs JBC>CB77 JCB77YS JKR75NS JCF77y JCB77fy JCK77fy JFB75yS    
          Chad Mccullough Trumpet  
  Forward 2020OutsideInMusic . Piano-Rob Clearfield, Bass-Matt Ulery, Drums-Jon Deitemyer  
          in>JBC74 JBK74 JKC><CK74 JK67N JCB75 JRF74          
          Champian Fulton Piano  
  Speechless   2017PosiTone . Bass-Adi Meyerson, Drums-Ben Zweig  
          JB69q JCB74yq JFC74YS JKR74N JBF77f JBC75fq JKR74Nq JCF75y JBF75f JCF74fY  
          Champian Fulton Trio Piano  
  Blue And Sentimental 2022Venus[Japan] .  Bass-Hans Buckenroth, Drums-Christian Less  
          JBF80qS JKC77qS JBF>FC77yS JBF80S JBR><BF80S JBF80fS JCB80fS JBR80S JCB77S JBF80S  
          JCF77YS JKR80S                  
    Champian Fulton Trio Vocal & Piano  
          チャンピアン・フルトン・トリオ <<  Please Look [ Jazz Vocal ]  >>  
          Chano Dominguez Piano  
  Hecho A Mano     1996Nuba . Bass-Javier Colina, Drums-Guillermo McGill, Vocal-Chonchi Heredia(12)  
            Percussion&Drums-Tino Di Geraldo, Guitar-Tomatito,Antonio Toledo,Nono Garcia,Tito Alcedo  
          IB>JBF75Yf ICF71Yt ICK>JCB71y JB75S JBF74a IKC35>JKC69 JCB74y JKB74f JCB71y JBC77y  
          JFC63 CF61Wt                  
  Acercate Mas     2006Nuba . Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Guillermo McGil  
          JKC77S JBR80bS in>JFC77yS JB80S JFB>FC77yS in>JBC>CB75fyS JBR77NS JCB74Yt      
  Over The Rainbow   2017Sunnyside . Solo Piano  
          AKN>JKC74S JBR>RF74s JB71fLS JRKN>CB65Ls JK65NLs JCK>CB69Ls JCB65 JRKN>BF69L JBC65fqS JR65NLS  
          Chano Dominguez Trio Piano  
  Con Alma       2004Venus[Japan] . Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Jeff Ballard  
          JCB75Y>yS JBR><RF80S JBF80fS JRF80S JB><BF80S JBK>BF><CB75S in>JFB77yS JRKN><BK77S JB>FB77ybs JFB80S  
          Chano Dominguez / Javier Colina  Piano-Chano Dominguez , Bass-Javier Colina   
  Chano & Colina 2018Sunnyside . Duo Live Album  
          JRB>B>BC80L in>JCK77LS JBR77L! in>JB75LS JCK77yL JRK>K>CK75LS JKB75LS JKB74L JK>CK75YLS JFB75yLS  
          Chao Maior Group  
  Drawing Circle 2021Revolve . Trumpet-Yaw Tem, Trumpet-Joao Almeida,  trombone-Yuri Antunes  
               ,Guitar- Norberto Lobo, Drums-Ricardo Martins  
          JJBK59w JJBC59w RK>JKC59w JBC>CC55w ICR>CC45>Y JJBC57w          
          Charged Particles Group  
  Live at the Baked Potato: Music of Michael Brecker 2021Summit . Sax-Tod Dickow, Keyboard-Murray Low, ElectricBass-Aaron Germain  
  mp3           Drums-Jon Krosnick, Congas-Omar Ledezma  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Charles Fambrough Bass  
  The Proper Angle     1991CTI/Polydor . Piano&Keyboard-Kenny Kirkland, Trumpet-Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis  
          ドンキ・ホーテ                                   Sax-Joe Ford, Drums-Jeff Watts, Percussion-Mino Cinelu, etc  
          KB>B77S BC74y JFC55 FC75f JCF61YY KR80 JCF85f RF85 JB80f JFC85  
  The Charmer     1992CTI/Polydor . Trumpet-Roy Hargrove, Sax-Grover Washington Jr  
                (UK) Piano-Abdullah Ibrahim, Kenny Kirkland, Steven Scott, Bill O'Connell, Drums-Jeff Watts, etc  
          JBC75 KR80N JKR95 JCB80f JRF85 JCF75y JCF74Y        
      Blues at Bradleys [from US] [Import]
  Blues At Bradley's     1993CTI . Trombone-Steve Turre, AltoSax-Donald Harrison, SopranoSax-Joe Ford  
            Guitar-Bobby Broom, Piano-Bill O'Connell, Drums-Ricky Sebastian  
          CB55yL JBC65L JRB77wL#' JBC65L JFC69YL            
      City Tribes [from US] [Import]
  City Tribes       1996Evidence . Sax-Craig Handy, Keyboard-Bill O'connell, Drums-Ricky Sebastian  
              Flute-Dave Valentin, etc  
          BC45Mma CB63! B75 CF75S BF80 JBR95 KR80 BF80 CF74    
          Charles Lloyd Tenor Sax ( & Flute )  
  The Water Is Wide     2000ECM . Piano-Brad Mehldau, Guitar-John Abercrombie  
                          Bass-Larry Grenadier, Darek Oles(12), Drums-Billy Higgins  
          JKB77!S JBK77!S JKR80S JK71N JB71 JBF77!S JCR59 JRK77NS JKR85 JB74S  
          IBF63 IKB63N                  
  Kindred Spirits 2020BlueNote . Piano-Gerald Clayton, Guitar-Julian Lage, Bass-Reuben Rogers  
              Drums-Eric Harland, Organ-Booker T. Jones  
          JCR>CF65L JK65NL in>JK65NLS JCK><CF61qL              
  Tone Poems 2021BlueNote . Guitar-Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, Bass-Reuben Rogers, Drums-Eric Harland  
          JBC59qS JCB61fS JBK65NS JBC65 JBC57q JBK65NS JBK69NS in>JCB74S JK65N    
  Trios : Chapel 2022BlueNote . Guitar-Bill Frisell, Bass-Thomas Morgan  
          JK67NS JBK69N JK69S JRK65 JRK>B69            
          Charles Lloyd Quartet Tenor & Alto Sax  
  Mirror       2010ECM . Piano-Jason Moran, Bass-Reuben Rogers, Drums-Eric Harland  
          JKB74S JKB67S JKR77 JK69S JBC69s JBK75S JBR80 JKR77S JB77S JBR>B74S  
          JRK><BC71 HRBN~>JBC69                  
          Charles Lloyd New Quartet Sax & Flute - Charles Lloyd  
  Passin' Thru     2017BlueNote . Piano-Jason Moran, Bass-Reuben Rogers, Drums-Eric Harland  
          JCK>BF><CB69L JBK><BC67L JBC65fL JBR74NL JBC67fL JCB>FC61L>Y JRC>CR61L        
          Charles Lloyd & The Marvels Tenor Sax & Flute-Charles Lloyd  
          チャールス・ロイド & ザ・マーヴェルズ     
  I Long To See You   2016BlueNote . Guitar-Bill Frisell, Steel Guitar-Greg Leisz, Bass-Reuben Rogers  
            Drums-Eric Harland, Vocal–Willie Nelson(7), Norah Jones(9)  
          JKC65qs JBF65f JKB65NqS JKR69NS JKC>CK61q JKR69qS BK69Mqs JBK65NS/ KR69WNqs JKN>KC65q  
  Vanished Gardens 2018BlueNote . Guitar-Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, Bass-Reuben Rogers  
              Drums-Eric Harland, Vocal-Lucinda Williams(2,4,6,8,10)  
          JRK>BK65 BK65Wo BK>BC61 BK65Wo IBK65NS BK65Wqo JBC69q CK65Wo IKR65NS BK65Wqos  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Charles Loos Trio Piano  
  En Public Au Travers     1987/2004Igloo . Bass-Philippe Aerts, Drums-Felix Simtaine  
              再発盤     Jacket Design 2 Type  
          JBC74q JBC><FC77fyS JKR><CB77S JB>BC77><Y JBR><B>BK>BC80L in>JBF>FC74fYL          
  Lust for Jazz     1997LyraeRecords/GatsProduction[Japan] . Bass-Sebastiaan Cooymans(1,2,3,7compose)  
          ラスト・フォー・ジャズ                         Drums-Dre Pallemaerts  
          in>JBF77f JBF74f JKR75N JBC77f JBF75 JKB75NS JBF75f JBF75S      
  French kiss     2003LyraeRecords/GatsProduction[Japan] . Bass-Bas Cooijmans, Drums-Bruno Castellucci  
          JBK>KC80s JBF85s JKB77s JBK77s JB80s JRF80s JFB85s JK77s JBF85s JBF80fys  
          Charles McPherson Alto Sax  
  Bebop Revisited     1964/1992Prestige . Trumpet-Carmell Jones, Piano-Barry Harris, Bass-Nelson Boyd  
          ビバップ・リヴィジテッド     07-BonusTrack       Drums-Albert Heath  
          JCB75fyS JFB80S JFB80S JFC77yS JBR77S JFB77yS JKR77S