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          Wayne Shorter TenorSax            
          Speak No Evil     1965/1999Blue Note  
          in>JBC80 JKC80 JKR><BC80 JBC85f JKB80N JB>BC85f 3r        
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  E       Earl Hines Piano  
  Here Comes     1966/2006BMG . Bass-Richard Davis, Drums-Elvin Jones  
          JBF71S- JFB77S JB74S- JFB>FC71yS- JCK71Y- JCK74YS- JB71S-        
          Eddie Allen Quintet Trumpet  
  Remembrance     1994Venus[Japan] . Sax-Donald Harrison(5Compose), Piano-Kenny Barron  
          回想 〜リメンバランス                                 Bass-Rufus Reid(4,8Compose), Drums-Carl Allen  
          JFC80y JKB80 JRF80 JKR80 JCB77y JBR80S JCF77y JBR80 JCB77y in>JCB75fy  
          Eddie Costa Piano  
  Vinnie Burke Trio     1956/2011Jubilee . Piano&Vibraphone(3)-Eddie Costa  
                                           Bass-Vinnie Burke(2Compose), Drums-Nick Stabulas  
          JCB67S- JCB69f- JFB74S JBF74fS- JCB69YS- JCF67fy- JK67S- JCF67YS- JFB71S-    
  The House Of Blue Lights   1959/2003MCA . Bass-Wendell Marshall, Drums-Paul Motian  
          in>JCK71S JBK><KC69S JFC><FB71S JFB77 JBN>B69S JB>CB74fy          
          Eddie Daniels Clarinet & Flute  
  Real Time       1994Chesky . Guitar-Chuck Loeb, Bass-Ned Mann, Drums-Adam Nussbaum  
          BK67 JBK71S JFB69yS JBK67 JBK74S KB67 JFC71yS JKB74NS JFB71yS JBF67S  
  Beautiful Love     1997Shanachie . Flute-Lawrence Feldman, BassClarinet-Ron Odrich, Piano-Bob James  
                        Guitar-Chuck Loeb, Bass-David Finck, Tim LeFebvre, Drums-Wolfgang Haffner, etc  
          JBF71ls IKB61S IBR75ls JBF75 JB>BF75 IBR77 IBF71f JKR77Ns IRF74 IKB65  
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Gomez Bass  
    Street Smart
    Street Smart     1989Sony . Keyboard-Richard Tee, Kenny Werner, Sax-Dick Oatts  
            Trombone-Barry Rogers, Guitar-Hugh McRacken, Drums-Steve Gadd, etc  
          CB65dY KR77 CB69fb KR80hN JBC69 FB71b KR80hN C69y IK61s    
  Next Future     1993Stretch/GRP . Sax-Rick Margitza, Flute-Jaremy Steig  
                  Piano-James Williams, Chick Corea, Drums-Lenny White,   
          KBN>JBC74 JBC75s JCB74 JKB69 JKR>FB75S JCF75y JK75N JCB74 JK75whN    
  Uptown Music     1998King[Japan] . Piano-Stefan Karlsson, Drums-Jimmy Cobb, Flute-Jeremy Steig  
          JBC69! JFC71!y JKB74NS JBF75f! JB65S JKB65N JCB55S! JKB71NS JKR80N CR45!  
  Dedication       1998Evidence/King . Flute-Jeremy Steig, Piano-Stefan Karlsson, Drums-Jimmy Cobb  
          JBC74!f JCF71!S JK85NS JBC80f! JBR77Ncs JKR85S JB80fS JCB74S JCK65    
          Eddie Green Piano  
  This One's For You     1995/2006M&I[Japan] . Bass-Tyron Brown, Drums-Jim Miller  
          ジス・ワンズ・フォー・ユー                                           Jacket Design 2 Type  
          JCB80fy JKR85N JCF80Y JB77fS JCB85fYS JBK77S JBC>CB80fyq        
          Eddie Harris Trio Sax & Trumpet & Piano & Vocal  
  Eddie Who ?     1986TimelessHolland . Bass&Vocal-Ralphe Armstrong, Drums&Vocals-Sherman Ferguson,   
          BC61Mfq JBK67q JCB57mfd JBC59MfdS JCB>CF65 JCF74 JKC55MS JBK><CK69 JBC74q    
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Henderson Trumpet  
      Oasis [from UK] [Import]
  Oasis       2001Sirocco . Piano-Kevin Hays, Vibraphone-Joe Locke, Bass-Ed Howerd  
                              Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JBC71 JCR65N JCF74Y JCR><BC77S JCR59N JCR><BR69S JBC69S JKB71NS JCR><C61Y    
          Eddie Henderson Quintet Trumpet  
    Manhattan In Blue     1994Key'stone/Videoarts[Japan] . Piano-Kevin Hays, Vibraphone-Joe Locke, Bass-Ed Howard  
          黄昏色のマンハッタン      Drums-Lewis Nash, SopranoSax-Grover Washington Jr(4), Producer: 木全信(Kimata Makoto)  
          JBF85S JKR85NS JCB75yS JBC80yS JBR85Ncs JKC65S JB85S JBR95NS JCB80yS    
  Dreams Of Gershwin     1998Key'stone/Videoarts[Japan] . Piano-Kevin Hays, Vibraphone-Joe Rocke  
          ドリームス・オブ・ガーシュイン            Drums-Billy Drummond  
          JCK75S JKR85NS JKC71S JBR85NS JKR85NS JKC74N JK><KR71N        
          Eddie Heywood Piano  
  Heywood's Bounce     1995EmArcy/2002Universal[Japan] . Bass-Wendell Marshall, Drums-Jimmy Crawford  
          JBR80S JBR80S JBC77S JKR80NS JKR80N JBF77S/ JB77S JBF77S/ JB77 JRF77  
          JBF77S JBF80fS                  
          Eddie Higgins Piano  
  By Request     1993SoloArt . Bass-Milt Hinton, Drums-Bobby Rosengarden  
Eddie Higgins / By Request 全曲点数評価
          in>JCBf>FC77YYS JBR80qS JKR77S JFC75yqS>Y JBR80NS JFB77q/ JBR77S JBR80S JBR80NS in>JFC77yS  
          JKR80NS JFC75y JBR77NS JKC>FC75Yxs JBC77qS JFC77YS/          
  Sweet Lorraine     1980/2004Toshiba-EMI[Japan] . Bass-河内修, Drums-ジミー・竹内  
Eddie Higgins / Sweet Lorraine 全曲点数評価
          JB77fS JB77S JBR77NS JFB77S JKR>B77cs JBF>FB77S JBF77S JBF>FB77S JB75S JBF77S  
          JFB>FC77S JKR75NS                  
  In Chicago       1995SoloArtRecords . Bass-John Bany, Drums-Marshall Thompson  
Eddie Higgins / In Chicago 全曲点数評価
          JBR80S/ JKB><CB><BF77S JBF><BR80S JKR85N JKR80NS in>JCB><RK><BF74cs JBR85S AKR77ls JKR80S JRK77S  
          IBK80S JKB><FB><KC75SS                  
      Portrait in Black and White [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Portrait in Black and White   1996Sunnyside/2000Venus[Japan] . Bass-Don Wilner, Drums-James Martin  
Eddie Higgins / Portrait in Black and White 全曲点数評価
          黒と白の肖像   (Paper Jacket)                
          JKC74S JKR77S in>JCB75yS JBK><BR77S JKB77bs JKR>KB><KC75ls JBF75yS JKB75S JKR>BR80bs JBR80S  
      Speaking of Jobim [from US] [Import]
  Speaking Of Jobim     2000SunnySideCommunications . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Terry Clarke  
          JBC65bs JRK80Nbs JBF85fbs JKB71Nbs JBF74fybs JBKN>BK71bs JFB85bs JKB><B69S JBK><RF75bs JRF80bs  
          JBR80bs JRK80Nbs/                  
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          Eddie Higgins with Strings Piano  
  Moonlight Becomes You 2003Venus[Japan] . Vibes-Joe Locke, Guitar-Joe Cohn, Bass-Jay Leonhart  
Eddie Higgins with Strings / Moonlight Becomes You ムーンライト・ビカムズ・ユー 全曲点数評価
          ムーンライト・ビカムズ・ユー (PaperJacket) (PaperJacket) Drums-Joe Ascione, Conductor-Dick Lieb . Producer: Tetsuo Hara & Todd Barkan  
          JBR80hS JB80hS JBR80hS JBC77hS JBC77hS JBF77hS JBR80hS JKR80hS JBF77hS JBR77  
          Eddie Higgins Trio Piano  
    Soulero       1965/2012Atlantic . Bass-Richard Evans(4,5Compose), Drums-Marshall Thompson  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Soulero 全曲点数評価
          in>JBC75q>Y JBR>FC77S JRF77S JB>BF><FC71 JBC74fy JK><KC71S in>JBF74fS JKR><Y><FC74S      
    I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 1990/2005SunnySideCommunications/Venus[Japan]  
Eddie Higgins Trio / I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 恋のためいき 全曲点数評価
          恋のためいき         Guitar-Kevin Eubanks(4compose), Bass-Rufus Reid  
          in>JBF74yS JKB77S JBF77 IBR77 JFC75yS IKR77S JBC71q IBR74 JFC77yS IBC75  
          JFB77S JBR80b                  
    Haunted Heart     1997Venus[Japan] . Bass-Ray Drummond, Drums-Ben Riley  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Haunted Heart 魅せられし心 全曲点数評価
          魅せられし心   紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JK69S JKR>BR85S JKC74S JBR><FB85S JKR85S JKR85S JBF85S JBK85S JBR85NS    
    Again       1999Venus[Japan] . Bass-Ray Drummond, Drums-Ben Riley  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Again アゲイン 全曲点数評価
          アゲイン 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JB85s JK74bs IKRs><JCK69 JRF85S JBR85NS JBF85fS JBR85S JKB77S JK75S JBR85NS  
          JBF85fS JFC77y                  
  Speaking of Love "Music of Jobim"   1999Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Terry Clarke  
          愛の語らい〜ジョビン作品集 紙ジャケ\1500盤    
          JBC75fybs JBR80bs JFB85bs JBK77bs JBF85fbs JKB75bs JBF85fbs JKB75bs in>JB85bs JB80bs  
          JKR85bs JRK80bs                  
    Don't Smoke In Bed     2000Venus[Japan] . Guitar-John Pizzarelli, Bass-Jay Leonhart  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Don't Smoke In Bed ベッドで煙草はよくないわ 全曲点数評価
          ベッドで煙草はよくないわ 紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JKC75S JBR77S JKR77NS JFB77S JKR85NS JBF75!S JBR77NS JBR><BF75 JBC75S JCK74yS  
          JCK71S JFB77!S                  
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Bewiched       2001Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Bewiched 魅惑のとりこ 全曲点数評価
          魅惑のとりこ   紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JB77fS! JBR85S JRF77S JK><BK69S JCK69YS JBR77cs JKB><KR69S JBF77 JKC77fS JK69S  
          JKC>CB71fyS JKR80NS JCK75fyS!                
    Dear Old Stockholm     2002Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Dear Old Stockholm 懐かしのストックホルム 全曲点数評価
          懐かしのストックホルム 紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JBR85S JBK>KR><BR80S JBC><CB85S JKR80cs JKC77S JKR80S JBK><CK80S JBR85S JBF80fS JBR><KR85S  
          JBF><FB85S JKR85S JKR>BF80yS JKR85S              
    Tenderly : The Bset Of Eddie Higgins   2003Venus[Japan] . Selection Album . 7,9,13-New Song  
          テンダリー : ザ・ベスト・オブ・エディ・ヒギンズ                
          JKR80cs JB77fS! JKR80S JBR85S JKR80NS JKR77NS JKR80S JB85s JKR><BF80S JK75S  
          JK><KR67S JKR85S JK74NS                
  You Don't Know What Love Is   2003Venus[Japan] . Solo Piano  
Eddie Higgins Trio / You Don't Know What Love Is あなたは恋を知らない 全曲点数評価
          あなたは恋を知らない 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JK74NS JKR77NS                  
  If Dreams Come True     2004Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Trio / If Dreams Come True 全曲点数評価
          イフ・ドリームス・カム・トゥルー 紙ジャケ\1500盤      
          JKR>B77S JK><CK74S JKC75fS JBK80bS JCK74S JK>KC74S JBF77S IKR80NS JCB><FC71y>YS in>JBK74  
          JFB77S JBK71tS JCB><FC74yS JBF77cs              
  Christmas Songs [ X'mas Album ]   2004Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Christmas Songs クリスマス・ソングス 全曲点数評価
          クリスマス・ソングス 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JFB77xs JBR77Nxs JBR80xs JKB71xs JFB80xs JKR75xs JKR77xs JRF80xs JBR80xs JBF80xs  
          JBR75xs in>JFB77xs                  
           Amor       2006Venus[Japan] . Bass-Sean Smith, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Amor アモール 全曲点数評価
          アモール   紙ジャケ\1500盤      
          JBR80S JKC74S JKB75S JBF77S JKB74S JBC><BR74S JBR77S JBR80S JRF77S JCK75S  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Christmas Songs II     2006Venus[Japan] . Bass-George Mraz, Drums-Ben Riley  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Christmas Songs II 全曲点数評価
          クリスマス・ソングス II 紙ジャケ\1500盤         Sax-Scott Hamilton(11,12)  
          JBF80xs JBR85xs JB85xs JBK80xs JB80xs JCK80xs JBF85xs JBF85xs JB80 JB80xs  
          JBR80xs JBF90xs                  
    A Fine Romance     2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Mark Taylor  
Eddie Higgins Trio / A Fine Romance 素敵なロマンス 全曲点数評価
          素敵なロマンス 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JRF85S JB80S JBF85S JB80S JBF85S JBK80S JFC80S JKR85S JB85S JBF85fS  
          JB80S JFB85S JB80S                
    A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Mark Taylor  
Eddie Higgins Trio / A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 恋に過ごせし宵 全曲点数評価
          恋に過ごせし宵 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JBF95S! JBR85S JBF85S JKR80S JBF85S JB80S JBF90S JKR80S JFB80S JB80S  
          JFB85S! JBR85NS JBF85fS                
    You Are Too Beautiful   2007Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Mark Taylor  
Eddie Higgins Trio / You Are Too Beautiful 美しすぎるあなた 全曲点数評価
          美しすぎるあなた 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JKR85NS in>JBC85fS JKR85NS JB85S JBK80S JBF85S JKR80NS JBF90fS JKR80NS JKC80fS  
          JKR85S JRF85S                  
  Portraits Of Love     2009Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Trio / Portraits Of Love 全曲点数評価
          ポートレイト・オブ・ラブ 紙ジャケ\1500盤         All Original Song  
          JB85q! JB80 JBF85 JKR85N JBF80 JKR85 JBR85 JKB80 JB85 JKB80  
          JK77 JK80 JFB80y                
          Eddie Higgins Quartet Piano  
    When Your Lover Has Gone ( = Zoot's Hymns ) 1994/2005SunnySideCommunications/Venus[Japan] . Sax-John Doughten(1,3,5,7,9,11)  
Eddie Higgins Quartet / When Your Lover Has Gone 恋去りしとき 全曲点数評価
          恋去りしとき           Bass-Phil Flannigan, Drums-Danny Burger  
          JBF80fS JB80S JKC74 JBK75bs JB75qS JKR77 JB77fS JBF77S JKR77S JFC75bs!  
  My Funny Valentine ( featuring Scott Hamilton ) 2005Venus[Japan] . TenorSax-Scott Hamilton, Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Quartet / My Funny Valentine 全曲点数評価
          マイ・ファニー・バレンタイン 紙ジャケ\1500盤      
          JBK><KC77S JK77S JKR80S JKC77S JK75NS JCK77fS! JKR77S JB77S JK75S JBF77S  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Higgins Quintet (featuring Scott Hamilton, Ken Peplowski) Piano-Eddie Higgins  
          エディ・ヒギンズ&スコット・ハミルトン&ケン・ペプロフスキー                       TenorSax-Scott Hamilton,  Clarinet&Sax-Ken Peplowski  
    It's Magic       2006Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
Eddie Higgins Quintet / It's Magic イッツ・マジック 全曲点数評価
          イッツ・マジック 紙ジャケット   Web Site            
          JBR95S JBR95S JBR95S JBR90S JFB95S JBR90S JCB85S JBR85S JBF90S 7rJKF85S!  
          It's Magic Ghost Of A Chance I Got It Bad Mood Indigo I Never Knew A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square Autumn Leaves I I'll Never Be The Same The Touch Of Your Lips Autumn Leaves II  
    It's Magic (完全盤) Vol.1     2006/2010Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック Vol.1   LP vol.1  ( 紙ジャケット仕様。  3曲追加して、Vol. 1とVol. 2に分けたアルバム。  水色文字が追加曲 )  
          JBR95S JBR95S JBR95S JBR90S JFB95S JCB85S JBF90        
          It's Magic Ghost Of A Chance I Got It Bad Mood Indigo I Never Knew Autumn Leaves I Suddenly        
    It's Magic (完全盤) Vol.2     2006/2010Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック Vol.2   LP vol.2  ( 紙ジャケット仕様。  3曲追加して、Vol. 1とVol. 2に分けたアルバム。  水色文字が追加曲 )  
          JBR90S JBR85S JBF90S rJKF85S! JK80S JBF85fS          
          A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square I'll Never Be The Same The Touch Of Your Lips Autumn Leaves II Round Midnight I'll Close My Eyes          
    It's Magic  Vol.1& Vol.2 [ Disc 1 ]   2006/2013Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Ben Riley  
          イッツ・マジック Vol.1 & Vol.2  ( Vol. 1 と Vol. 2 が 普通サイズのプラスチック・ケースに収められています。 )  
          JBR95S JBR95S JBR95S JBR90S JFB95S JCB85S JBF90        
            [ Disc 2 ]      
          JBR90S JBR85S JBF90S rJKF85S! JK80S JBF85fS          
    A Handful Of Stars     2009Venus[Japan] . Bass-Jay Leonhart, Drums-Joe Ascione  
Eddie Higgins Quintet / A Handful Of Stars ハンドフル・オブ・スターズ 全曲点数評価
          ハンドフル・オブ・スターズ 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JBR85S JRF85S JBR85S JB80S JBK80 JBF95S JKR85NS JB90S JKR85NS JKC80S  
          Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton (Eddie Higgins Quartet featuaring Scott Hamilton)  
          エディ・ヒギンズ & スコット・ハミルトン        Piano-Eddie Higgins,  TenorSax-Scott Hamilton  
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes   2002Venus[Japan] . Bass-Steve Gilmore, Drums-Bill Goodwin  
Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 煙が目にしみる 全曲点数評価
          煙が目にしみる 紙ジャケ\1500盤 (SACD)            
          JBR75S JKC67S JK><KR67S JBF74S JKR80S JCK69S JBK74S JFB77S JKR74Ncs JB80S  
    My Foolish Heart     2003Venus[Japan] . Bass-Steve Gilmore, Drums-Bill Goodwin  
Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton / My Foolish Heart 全曲点数評価
          マイ・フーリッシュ・ハート 紙ジャケ\1500盤              
          JKR85NS JCK><CB67fyS! JBR80S JFC77yS JKR80S! JBF80S! JB80S! JBF77fS JKR77S JBF75S  
          JFC80yS JB80S                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eddie Mendenhall Piano  
  Cosine Meets Tangent     2011MilesHigh . Vibraphone-Mark Sherman(8Compose), Bass-John Schifflett  
              Drums-Akira Tana  
          JFB77 JB77 JBF80 JBC77fy JBR80S JCF77fy JBR>B75f JCB75fy JKR74N JCF59  
          Eddie Palmieri Piano  
  Listen Here     2005Concord . Trumpet-Blian Lynch, Trombone-Conrad Herwig, Doug Beavers  
          リッスン・ヒア     Sax-Donald Harrison, Michael Brecker, Bass-John Benitez, Congas-Giovanni Hidalgo, etc  
          JJCB75fY JBC>CB74fyt in>JJCB75Y JB><BF74 JJKC74yS JJCB74fS JK71 JJBC77fYS in>JCK74 in>JJCF74fy  
  Sabiduria   2017Ropeadope . Violin-Alfredo De La Fe:(1,4), Conga-Little Johnny Rivero  
            Bongo-Anthony Carrillo, Sax-Jeremy Powell, Ronnie Cuber, Tumpet-Jonathan Walsh, etc  
          JCB69fyb in>JCB67fyb JCB65fy JBF65b JBC>CB59fb JK61! JBC71bs JJBF69fyb JBC61Mfyb JBC59fyb  
          JCB65fb IKC>JKC61q                  
          Eddie Thompson Piano  
  Piano Mood     1971/2011Universal . Bass-Tony Archer, Drums-Terry Jenkins  
          JFC80YS JBC71q JRF>BF77yqS JFC80YS JFC85YYS JBK74S in>JBF69fyS JB><FC77yS      
          Eddie Thompson Trio Piano  
      Ain't She Sweet
  Ain't She Sweet     1978/1998HepJazz . Bass-Len Skeat, Drums-Martin Drew  
          JBC74fqS JFC75S JB75qS JBK><BC77qS JBF75qS in>JBF80S JKR85NS JB80S JFC80yS JKR77S  
          JKR80bs JCK67S JRF77S                
      Memories of You: Eddie Thompson Plays Ellington, Monk, Garner & Blake [from UK] [Import]
  Memories Of You     1983/1995SoundHill[Japan] . Bass-Len Skeat, Drums-Jim Hall  
          JB85S JBF85fS JKR95S JBR80fS JFC80yqS JKC67S JBR95S JFC77yS 3rJKB85fS 6rJKC67S  
          Eddy Louiss [ France ] . Organ & Keyboard  
  Recit Proche     2001DreyfusJazz[France] . Bass–Julio Rakotonanahary, Guitar–Jean Marie Ecay   
            Drums-Paco Sery, TenorSax&Flute–Xavier Cobo, AltoSax–Daniel Huck   
          IBR69 in>CK69d>Y in>BC74Y JRF77 JCK74y JKC69fyq JK69NS in>IKC69 IBC61Wfb    
          Ed Kroger Quintett Trombone  
  In The Moment     2017Laika . Sax-Ignaz Dinne, Piano-VIncent Bourgeys, Bass-Tom Berkmann  
              Drums-Rick Hollander  
          JB74 JCB74fy JKR71N JFC69 JKB65 JBF69fy JB61Nq JCF61f      
          Edouard Ferlet Piano  
    Fligrane     2009MelisseMusic . Trumpet&Vocal-Arielle Besson(8Compose) . 13-BonusTrack  
  Disk         Sax&Vocal-Alexandra Grimal(9Compose), Drums&Vocal-Fabrice Moreau(12Compose)  
  Union       Ivv>JRC69 ICR65 JBC63f IKC>RC>JBC65 JRC67 IBC>CR65 in>JCB74Y IRB65 IRC65 ICR>CK59  
          IKC>CR65 IKM>JRC65 3rIBC61                
  Think Bach     2012RueStendhal . Solo Piano  
          JBC74ls JBK74Nls ABK74ls JCB69Yls ARK69Nls HRC65Nls ARC><JCB69ls JCB65Yls ARK65ls ACB71fyls  
          AKB67Nls ABR74ls AK67Nls                
          Edouard Ferlet / Paul Beynet Piano-Edouard Ferlet , Piano-Paul Beynet  
  Pentagramme      2017 1001Note . Piano Duo Album  
          IC>CF45ls IR55ls ICK61yls ICK55ls ICR55ls// ICK61Yls in IK59Nls><Y IK59Nls in  
          IRK61Nls ICF65fyls                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Ed Thigpen's Young Men & Olds Drums  
          B'Way 1989Alfa[Japan]  
          JCF69fS JKB65NS JKC65S JKR75S JFB71 JBF65q JFB65a CB74f JKR77NS    
          Ed Thigpen  - Trio Supreme - Drums-Ed Thigpen  
          エド・シグペン - トリオ・シュープリーム    
    Three Impact     1997Meldac[Japan] , Piano-Monty Alexander(3Compose), Bass-Christian Mcbride  
          JCK65yS! JK>CK67S JKC71! JBR>FB80yS! JBF80S! JCB>CF74yS IB65 JBR85NS JCB74yS JCB74s  
          Edward Simon Piano  
    Edward Simon     1995Kokopelli . Sax-Mark Tuner, Bass-Larry Grenadier, Drums-Adam Cruz   
              Percussion-Milton Cardona  
          JCB65 JKC59NS JRF>CK71S JK69NS JRK>CB65f JCF>CC57Y JKB>KC65 JBC71      
    Simplicitas       2005CrissCross . Bass-Avishai Cohen, Drums-Adam Cruz  
            Vocal-Luciana Souza(7)(3Compose), Guitar-Adam Rogers(6), Percussion-Pernell Saturnino  
          in in>JC><CF71Y JBC><BK77 JB80S JKR80N JCB>CF74dy JCR65w 6JCF74dy JBC>B74fS JRK74NS  
  The Process     2008CrissCross . Bass-John Patitucci(2Compose), Drums-Eric Harland  
          JCB><CF74y JBC71 JBK77 JBC77fq JCB>CF75fyS IK74 JCK74S JCF><BC71S JBC63f    
          Edward Simon Trio Piano  
  Poesia       2009CamCine . Bass-John Patitucci(2,5Compose), Drums-Brian Blade  
          IRK80N JKC><CB77y JBC69fyS JCB74fdy JRC>RK69 JCB><CF80Y JCK74y JC74dy>Y 1rIRK80N    
          Edward Simon & David Binney Piano-Edward Simon,  Sax&Flute-David Binney  
  Fiestas De Agosto     2009RED . Flute&Clarinet-Donny McCaslin  
          JB74f JC>CF67y JCR>RB59 JRK65 JB65>BC55y JBK>BC65w in JCR57/ JB75S JRC61  
          JCC>BC55 JKR65 end                
          Edward Simon / Stephen Keogh / Philip Donkin Piano-Edward Simon , Drums-Stephen Keogh , Bass-Philip Donkin(5,6Compose)  
  Danny Boy   2010Keogh . Piano Trio  
          JKR80NS JKC><CK77yS JK77NS JBC74fyqS JRK74 JCB77fy JBR80S JRCN>BC71S      
          Edward Simon / Scott Colley / Brian Blade    
            Piano-Edward Simon , Bass-Scott Colley , Drums-Brian Blade  
  Steel House     2017ArtistShare . Vocal-Genevieve Artadi(2)  
          in>JRK65 JBC>CB69wf JKC><CB61q JBF>CB67f JBC><CB69 JBC>CB74 JRK74N ICR>CB>CF65      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Edwin Berg Piano  
  Perpetuum     mp3 2008AxolotlJazz . Bass-Eric Surmenian(10Compose), Drums-Fred Jeanne(2,4Compose)  
          JRB80 JBF90 JCK80Yls JB80! JRK85N JCF80fy JBR85S JBK>BC80fyS! JKR85cs JCK80  
          JK77N JKR85N                  
  Volume II     mp3 2011AxolotlJazz . Bass-Eric Surmenian(8,10Compose), Drums-Fred Jeanne(5Compose)  
        JRK77N JCB75! in>JBF75fS! JK80S JFB85 JKR77NS JBC><B77yS! JCR><KC69 JCK><CF74 JBC65!  
          Eero Koivistoinen & Umo Jazz Orchestra Tenor Sax  
  Arctic Blues   2016Svart . Sax&Flute-Jouni Jarvela, Mikko Makinen, Teemu Salminen, Manuel Dunkel  
            Clarinet-Pertti Paivinen, Trumpet-Teemu Mattson, Timo Paasonen, Mikko Pettinen, etc  
          JJCK74y JJKC><CK74 JJB>CB71q JJBK71S JJCK74y JJCK67 JJBK71N JJCB74 JJCR><CB65 JJKC69q  
          JJCK>CB67qS JJKC69q JJBK71 in>JJFB74 JJCB74 JJK><CK74 JJCK74 JJBC>CB61      
          Egil Kapstad Piano  
  Cherokee     mp3 1988Gemini . Bass-Terje Venaas, Drums-Egil Johansen  
        JBF77S JBC74qS JKR77NS JFB80yS JKR80NS JBR>RF80S JBC74yS JBR77NS JBF75fq JBK><CF75S  
          Egberto Gismonti Guitar & Piano  
  Solo     1979ECM . Solo Guitar(1,4) & Solo Piano(2,3,5)  
          ICR><CK59! JBR74 JBF>CB><RF74 IBK65m HRC>IRB><CK69            
          Ehud Asherie Piano  
    Lockout       2007Posi-Tone . Sax-Grant Stewart, Bass-Joel Forbes, Drums-Phil Stewart  
               Trumpet-Ryan Kisor(3,5,8,9)  
          JFC85y JBC80fyq JCF77fYYS JBR85S JFC85y JBC77f JBC80fyS JBF80S JBF80qS    
  Swing Set       2008Posi-Tone . Bass-Neal Miner, Drums-Phil Stewart  
          JFC85yS JB80S JBF85fb JBC80fy JB77qS in>JB80S JCF77Y JBF80S JBC77qS JBR80S  
          Ehud Asherie featuring Harry Allen Piano  
      Modern Life
  Modern Life     2010Posi-ToneRecords . Sax-Harry Allen, Bass-Joel Forbes, Drums-Chuck Riggs  
          JBF85S JFC77y in>JFB80yS JKR85NS JFB80S JB74q JBK><B75S JB85bS in>JFB85S JKR77NS  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Einar Iversen Piano  
  Seaview       2000HazelJazz . Bass-Tine Asmundsen, Drums-Svein Christiansen  
        JKR80S JFB80S JKB77 JRF71// JCB75S JBR80S JFB80 JBR80S JBK77fS JCF77fS  
          JB77 JRF75S JBR80                
          Eishin Nose (野瀬栄進) Piano  
  Here Now Hear 2001Acmusic[Japan] . Bass-井上陽介, Drums-Matt Wilson  
                         Harmonica-Gregoire Maret(1,2,5,6,7,9)  
          JFB>CK71y JKB><BC71 JCF69Y JKB71N JBK>BC69 JFB74y JB74 JB80 JBF71fy JKR>B75  
  Burning Blue 2006Acmusic[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          JB75 JB>BC77 JBK77 JBK><BF75 JB><BC74 JRK>BC71 JKB75N JCC30y JKB71N JRK75N  
  Inside out Dream     2009EishinNose[Japan] . Bass-Dave Ambrosio  
          Inside out Dream                   Drums-Eliot Zigmund(2,6,7,8,11), 武石聡(1,3,4,5,9,10)  
          JB>BC80 JRC80 JCR><CK>CF75 JBC61q JK65N/ JKC77 JCR55/ JCC55 JB57>K65N in  
  Heaven's Dream 2017Acmusic[Japan] . Solo Piano  
          JRK75N JK77N JKR80NL JC61Y/ JC61Y// JRC69N JCR65// JRK71N IRC69N JCR67/  
          JKR75N JCC61/ HCR61 JBR75Nls JBF77L JRK65N          
          Eldar ( Eldar Djangirov ) Piano  
  Eldar     2005RCA Red Seal . Sax-Michael Brecker(4), Bass-John Patitucci, Drums-Todd Strait  
          JFC85YYS JK75NS JBC80S JCB85fy JRBN><B80 JRB80N JCF85fYS JK75NS in>JBF75S CB75dY  
      Eldar Live at the Blue Note
  Eldar Live at the Blue Note   2006SonyClassical . Bass-Marco Panascia, Drums-Todd Strait  
          デイリー・リビング〜ライヴ・アット・ザ・ブルーノート         Trumpet-Chris Botti(3), Roy Hargrove(7)  
  Re-imagination     2007Sony . Bass-James Genus, Carlos Henriquez, ElectricBass-Marco Panascia  
            FenderRhodes-David Lai(4), Turntables-DJ Logic(2,3,9,11), Guitars-Mike Moreno, etc  
          FB80y in CF><CB77 JRK69NS in CB>CF77 JFC75YS JRK74N in>JCF77fYY JRB69N  
  Virture       2009Sony .Bass-Armando Gola(8Compose), Drums-Ludwing Afonso, Trumpet-Nicholas Payton(7)  
          ヴァーチュー(美徳)     Sax-Joshua Redman(1), Felipe Lamoglia(3), Blackjack&LongPassage(11), Vocal-Ashley Brown  
          JCF69Y JCR>BC80 JCB><CF67y JRC67N in>JCF75y>Y JCR80 JCF74wY JCB>CF74fdy JK71NS in>JFB><CF77f  
  Three Stories     2011SonyClass . Solo Piano  
               Jacket Design 2 Type  
          JB>FC77yS ACF77ls IRK71S JBC>CF71S IK75Nls JBC>CF71qS IRC>CK74 JB74S JBR77S IK74N  
          IRC71ls ICK71 AB><CB><FC67S JCB71fS              
          Eldar Djangirov Trio Piano  
  Breakthrough     2013MotemaMusic . Bass&ElectricBass-Armando Gola, Drums-Ludwig Afonso  
                    Sax-Chris Potter(3), Vibraphone-Joe Locke(10)  
          JCF80y><Y JBF><FB85S JCF77fy>YY JKR80NS JCB>CF80Ys JCF><CB85y JKC77qS JRF80 JCB85Y JC>CF80Y  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Eliane Elias Piano & Vocal  
  Plays Jobim       1990BlueNote . Bass-Eddie Gomez, Drums-Jack Dejohnette, Percussion-Nana Vasconcelos  
          風はジョビンのように     Album Title <US>≠<Japan>  
          JRF>CB75ybs JK69NS JCK71yS JBK80NS JBF75fS JBK80NS JBC>CF80ybs JKRN>KC75S JKB71Nbs/ JBF74ybs!  
  Fantasia       1992BlueNote . Bass-Eddie Gomez, Marc Johnson, Drums-Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine  
          私の中の風と海と空     Album Title <US>≠<Japan>  .  Percussion-Nana Vasconcelos, Vocal-Ivan Lins  
          JB77bs JBF80bs IBRW>JBF>CF74>Wss JKR80bs JBC77wfbs JKR77N/ JFB80bs JBR>B77mbss      
  The Three Americas     1997BlueNote . Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums-Satoshi Takeishi, Percussion-Manolo Badrena  
                  Guitar-Oscar Castro Neves, Flute-Dave Valentin, Vocal-Amanda Elias Brecker, etc  
          JBF69vb JCF><CB63mbY JBF75wb JKC63t JBK>BR74Wbs JBK>CR67b JB69Wbs/ JKB65N JKR74Ns JCB67wfb  
          KB65WNb/ JCB74y                  
  Sings Jobim       1998BluNote . Vocal&Piano-Eliane Elias, Bass-Marc Johnson, Sax-Michael Brecker  
          海風とジョビンの午後     Album Title <US>≠<Japan> . 17-JapanBounasTrack  .  Guitar-Oscar Castro Neves, etc  
          JBR74Wbs JKR77WNbs BF71Vfbs/ RF75Wbs BR77Wbs RF80Wbs BK77WNbs RF77Wbs#' BF74Wvbs K69WNbs  
          JBK74Wbs JKR77Nbs KR74Wbs#' JKR77Wbs JK69WNbs/ JKR74Wbs JBF75Wbs        
  Everything I Love     2000BlueNote. Guitar-Rodney Jones, Bass-Marc Johnson, Christian McBride  
          エヴリシング・アイ・ラヴ                        Drums-Jack DeJohnette, Carl Allen  
          JCB><FC74fy JBC71fS JBF74WS/ JKR75WNS JFB75yS JBC><CF74S JBR80WS JBF><FC80yS JBR85 JKRN>BC74S  
          JCF><BC75fyS JBR77WS JKR>KC><CB74S                
  The Best of Eliane Elias, Vol. 1: Originals 2001BlueNote  
          JCB74wfb CB>FC67w BF74vf BF>CF74vfb JBF75wb BF75vb JKR77N/ JBF>CF85fb JBR><RF77 JCF><CB63mbY  
          JBR85 JCB><FC74fy JCB><B71f BF75wfb              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Brazilian Classics [Best Of]   2003BlueNote. Compilation of Eliane's Blue Note years  
          JBC><CB69ybs JBK>BR74Wbs JFB77ybs JB74Wbs IBRW>JBF>CF74>Wss JRF>CB75ybs JBF74ybs! JBK>CR67b BF71Vfbs/ JRF80bs  
          BR75Vbs JBF77vbs JBF80bs in>JKB><CK69bs JKRN>KC75S ACB65yls/          
  Kissed By Nature     2002RCA . Vocal&Piano-Eliane Elias, Sax-Rick Margitza, Trumpet-Randy Brecker  
          キスト・バイ・ネイチャー                   Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums&Percussion-Paul Braga, Joey Baron  
          BC77W B75Wwb BF77Wfb JBR80Wb BF75Wwb JBR77b BC71W BF74Wb JBC67w JBF75w  
          JB74 1rCB75Wd 7rDCB71Wf                
  Dreamer       2004BluebirdRCA . Vocal&Piano-Eliane Elias, Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums-Paulinho Braga  
          夢そよぐ風       Album Title <US>≠<Japan> . 12-JapanBonusTrack  .  Sax-Michael Brecker, etc  
          JBR80Whbs JRF85Whbs JBR85Whbs JKB74Wvh JBR80Whbs JBR85WNhbs JBR85Whbs JBR85Whbs in>JBR85WhN JBF77Wfbs  
          JBR95hS JBF80Wb                  
  Around The City     2006SonyBMG . 14-JapanBonusTrack . Guitar-Oscar castro Neves, Andres Levin, etc  
          アラウンド・ザ・シティ     Bass-Marc Johnson, Trumpet-Randy Brecker(2,4,7), Flute-Dave Valentin(2), etc  
          BC77Wf BC75Wfbs BC74Wf CB74Wmdys KR75W BF75W BC74Ws KC75Wmb FB77Wbs BK75WNs  
          FB75Wbs B75Ws KR77w/ BR80WS              
      Something for You: Elaine Elias Sings & Plays Bill Evans
  Something for You     2007Somethin'Else/EMI MusicJapan[Japan] . Bass-Marc Johnson, Drums-Joey Baron  
          JKR80WS JBR85NS JBR85NS JB80S JBC77fS JKR85N JBF75->BWS JB85S      
  Bossa Nova Stories     2008BlueNote  
          JRF80Wbs JBC>BF77Wfbs JRF80WS JBR80WS JBF85Wfbs JKB77Wbs JFB80WbS JKR85Wbs JBR85WbS JB80Ws  
          JBF80Wbs JFB85Wbs JCB77Wfbs JKR80WS              
  Light My Fire     2011Concord . 13-JapanBonusTrack .   
          ライト・マイ・ファイアー     Vocal-Eliane Elias, Gilberto Gil(3,7,8Compose), Amanda Brecker(7)  
          JB>RF80Wbs JBC80W(S) JBC77Vf JKB77WNs JRF>BF80Wbs BR80Ws JBC75Vfby JBC80Wbs JBR85W JBF75Vfb  
          JKC74wNS JB85Wb JB80WS                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elias Haslanger Tenor Sax  
  Standards       1994HeartMusic . Piano-James Polk, Bass-Jeff Haley, Drums-Steve Schwelling  
          JFB77S JKB><KF77S JBC77fyS JFB77yS JBR80S JFB85S JFB85S JBK77S JKR77NS JFC77qS  
  Dream Story     2006Cherrywood . Piano-Andy Langham, Bass-Hamilton Price, Drums-J.J. Johnson  
                Trumpet&Congas-Pete Rodriguez(3,4,8), Trombone-Randy Zimmerman(6)  
          JBC71y JBF65 JB65 JCB65fy JB65 JBC65 JKC><BC65 JCK63 JBK65 JBC><CB69f  
          Eli Degibri Tenor&SopranoSax  
  Israeli Song     2010AnzicRecords . Piano-Brad Mehldau(1Compose), Bass-Ron Carter(9Compose)  
          イスラエリ・ソング            Drums-Al Foster(8Compose)  
          JBK><KF><CB77y JB77 JFC85y JKB77><y JB75q JCB>CF74S JBK>CF75 JCB77dy JBC74fy JKR75cs  
          Eliot Zigmund  Drums  
  Time Was     2017SteepleChase . Sax-Chris Cheek(1,2,4,6,8), Piano-Mike Eckroth  
                   Bass-Morrie Louden(1Compose)  
          JKB74N JKC74qS JBR77NS JCB>CF74yS JKB74Nbs JFB75S JBK75S JK74NS      
          Elio Villafranca Piano  
    Source In Between:  Feat.eric Alexander
    Source In Between     2008ElioVillafranca . TenorSax-Eric Alexander, Bass-Jeff Carney, Drums-Dafnis Prieto  
                        Alto&SopranoSax-Yosvany Terry  
          JCF77YY JB74 JKB><BC><CF61Y JCF71fy JRK75N JBC><CB74f in>JBC67 JCF71y JK67N JCF69fYY  
          Elisabetta Serio [ Italy ] . Piano  
  Sedici     2017ViaVenetoJazz[Italy] . Bass-Marco de Tilla, Drums-Leonardo de Lorenzo  
            Vocal-Sarah Jane Morris(1), Trumpet-Fulvio Sigurtà(1,2,4,7,9), Sax-Jerry Popolo(3,5,6)  
          B>BC69Mm>Y JRK74 JKB80q JBK80N CK75dy JK74q JRK74N JRK77 JKC>CK75>Y    
          Elise Einarsdotter & Olle Steinholtz Piano-Elise Einarsdotter , Bass-Olle Steinholtz  
    Sketches Of Roses     1998Touche . Duo Album  
          JB85 JBK80S JCB75yS JB71/ JKC45/ JBF55/ JKB74N/ JKF75S JCK65y JCR45N/  
          JKC45NS JKC71S JCB71S IRF80f IFB80 JKR95N JBR95N JK77NS      
          Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble Med Lena Willemark Piano-Elise Einarsdotter,  Vocal-Lena Willemark  
    Senses       1993CapriceRecords . Sax-Jonas Knutsson, Bass-Olle Steinholtz, Drums-Martin Lofgren  
          JCR71w BC77wfy in!>IBR74wS'# JRC69WS BC74wfy JB77W in JB74W JBC><CF55W! CB61wdy  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elliot Steger Piano  
  Making Time     2002CdBaby . Bass-Josh Davis, Drums-Jon Nazilla  
          in>JBR77f JRF80 JBF80 JBK><BC74q JBF85f JBF75y JB77 JFB80b JBR80 JCF77fYq  
          Ellis Larkins Piano  
  A Smooth One     1977/2000Black&Blue . Bass-George Duvivier, Drums-J.C. Heard  
          JBF77S! JBN>BF74fq JBK69qS JBF77qS JB74qS JBF74fqS JBR75NS JKR75NS      
          Ellis Marsalis Piano  
  Heart Of Gold     1992Sony . Producer-Delfeayo Marsalis(3,7Compose), Bass-Ray Brown, Reginald Veal  
                           Drums-Billy Higgins, Herlin Riley, Jason Marsalis  
          JB>FB80S JKR80NS JBR85 JFB77S JKR80NS JRF80 JBK80 JFB75S JBR80NS JBF80S  
          JRF75S JCB80fS JBC74qS JBC71q JKR77S            
          Ellis Marsalis &小曽根真 Piano- Ellis Marsalis , Piano- 小曽根真  
          エリス・マルサリス & Makoto Ozone    
  Pure Pleasure for The Piano   2012Universal[Japan] . Duo Album  
          ピュア・プレジャー・フォー・ザ・ピアノ             Sax-Branford Marsalis(8)  
          JBF74fq JKR74NqS JBC74fYqS JKR77 JBR80S JK69N JBK>CK74YS JBF80      
          Elmar Brass Trio Piano  
      Night Dreamer
  Night Dreamer     2010Sawano[Japan] Bass-Markus Schieferdecker, Drums-Guido May  
          JBF85S JB85S JFC77yS JKR80NS JBC85fyS JB><BC77qS JBF85S JBC80qS JKB77s JBF77S  
          JRK80NS JBF80fyS                  
  Spellbound     2013Sawano[Japan] Bass-Martin Gjakonovski, Drums-Nicola Angelucci  
          JCB80YS JBC77q JRK80S JBC67>75fyS JRF74S JRB85NS JFC80yS JBC74S JBR80bs JBF74S  
  Nachtmusik   2015Sawano[Japan] Bass-Phil Donkin, Drums-Martijn Vink  
          JFB80S JKC77S JCB77fy JBR80S JFC80S JBK85NS JKR90S JBC75qS JFC80S JKC77f  
  Straight Ahead   2017Sawano[Japan] Bass-Martin Gjakonovski, Drums-Christian Schoenefeldt  
          JBF80fS JBF80S JFB85S JKC74qS JBR85NS JFC80yq JKB80NS JBF80fyS JBK80NS JB80S  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elmo Hope Piano  
  Here's Hope   1961/1992Celebrity . Bass-Paul Chambers, Drums-Philly Joe Jones  
          JCF75Y- JKC74q- in>JFC75- JFB75- JFC77Y- JCK69q-          
          Elmo Hope Trio     Piano            
  Introducing the Elmo Hope Trio   1953/2000BlueNote . Bass-Percy Heath, Drums-Philly Joe Jones  
          JFC71Y- JBR71S- JBF75- JCB74Y- JKC65- JFC74y- JCF74f- JB75S-      
  Elmo Hope Trio     1960Hifijazz . Bass-Jimmy Bond, Drums-Frank Butler  
          JFC77y JBR77N JKR77N JCF75fy JCB75Y JKR75NS JCF74Y JBK69N      
          B's A Plenty Barfly Eejah Boa Something For Kenny Like Someone In Love Minor Bertha Tranquility      
          Elmo Hope Quintet     Piano            
  Elmo Hope Quintet     1954/2000BlueNote . Trumpet-Freeman Lee, Sax-Frank Foster, Bass-Percy Heath  
          エルモ・ホープ・クインテット Vol.2            Drums-Art Blakey  
          JCF69fy JCF74f JFB74y JFC77y JBF74f JFB75          
          Elvin Jones Drums  
  Puttin' It Together     1968/1990BlueNote . Sax&Flute-Joe Farrell(5Compose), Bass-Jimmy Garrison(2Compose)  
          プッティン・イット・トゥゲザー              Sax & Bass & Drums Trio  
          JCB77y><YS JB61q in>JFC>CB65Y JCF77fyS JCF74Y JRC67S JCF71fS